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October 12, 2018

Give Him 15 is joining a 40-day national call to prayer before the 2018 Midterm Elections. Here is today’s Focus:

Day 15 – Congress and the Midterm Elections

“You prevail over all your enemies; your power is too great for those who hate you.” (Psalm 21:8; NET)

Watch out! The “Blue Wave” is coming!  Or, is it going to be a “Red Wave?” What we really need is a wave of winning candidates that hold to conservative biblical values, such as: the protection of life beginning at conception through natural death, the protection of religious freedoms, the enforcement of the rule of constitutional law as our Founders intended, an effective, just, and compassionate immigration systems, etc.

If you look strictly at the party platforms, you would find a sharp distinction between the two major party platforms, with most people feeling the Republican platform representing biblical values most closely.  However, we know every candidate does not always take the party line on all issues.

It is important for all voters to research their candidates’ positions.

Breaking down the numbers, there are 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Every two years, each seat comes up for reelection. Republicans have 42 Representatives retiring, a record number of retirements since 1930. The political analysts describe 66 of the 435 races as competitive. If all the races that are currently listed as lean Republican would go Republican and if the toss up races were split evenly, the Republicans would have 218 seats and remain in power by one vote.

Bottom line, this is a very tight race.

Points for Prayer:

  1. Pray that the candidates’ positions on issues would be evident and that voters would be knowledgeable about those positions.

  2. Pray that candidates with conservative values would have 218 seats.

  3. Pray for God’s ways to prevail in these elections.

By, Dave Kubal

President, Intercessors for America


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