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November 24, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

[When we refer to kings and priests, or kingly and priestly functions, we are not talking about priests being those in full-time ministry, and kings as those in the workforce. That is a teaching that has circulated in the body of Christ that is not biblically accurate. We all, regardless of our vocation, move in the kingly and priestly anointings of the Lord.]

Priestly and Kingly Intercession – Both Are Needed

God us using our prayers and decrees, causing us to partner with Him for His will to be released in America. I am a teacher and therefore, feel it is extremely important that you have an understanding of why we pray AND decree.

As part of today’s GH15 devotional, I am sharing a teaching and a story from my book, Giants Will Fall. This will give you more understanding of how and why we are functioning as an Ekklesia.

“As I studied the spiritual functions of both kings and priests, it became clear that priests represent the needs of people to God, while kings represent the rule of God. Whether through prayers, petitions, or sacrifices to atone for sin, priests presented the needs and requests of humankind TO HEAVEN; while through laws, decrees, and righteous judgments, kings presented heaven’s rule TO EARTH.

“As Christ’s priestly intercessors, we represent the needs of people to God. In His name, we petition heaven on behalf of them, asking for God’s mercy, forgiveness, and provision. There are other times when we represent Christ in the Kingly, ambassadorial role. In these cases, we do not petition heaven, but command—for that is what the Greek text communicates in the Lord’s Prayer—Christ’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done (see Matthew 6:10).

“In 1980, I was asked to pray for a newborn baby with a fractured skull. During a difficult birth, the doctor had used forceps to deliver the baby, and in the process had inadvertently fractured his skull. As I began to pray, Holy Spirit led me to command healing into this infant’s skull. I decreed that in the powerful name of Jesus, the baby’s skull was being healed.

“It happened instantly! Through this miracle the mother was born-again, and at church the following Sunday I had the privilege of dedicating this baby to Jesus.

“That is kingly intercession.

“Priests request; kings command and decree. Priests pray; kings rule. Priests operate in humility, kings in boldness. We must function in both aspects of these callings, just as Christ does. David, though a great worshipper and intercessor, wasn’t modeling priestly activity when he faced Goliath; he was demonstrating kingly authority.

“And like David, we must take out the giants.

“There’s a new breed of warrior arising in the earth. Worshipping warriors. Priestly warriors, but warriors, nonetheless. They will know their authority as emissaries of the King, and as representatives of heaven’s kingdom on earth. These ambassadors will issue heaven’s commands over nations, people groups, and individuals. They will be Christ’s Ekklesia—liberators, deliverers, and enforcers.”

Rise up, Ekklesia, and represent Christ in His priestly AND kingly role in our nation!


  • Lord, teach me how to function in my priestly and kingly role. I want to be Your ambassador for America’s future!

  • I choose this day, to function in my priestly role bringing America before your throne. I pray for Your mercy to be upon our land.

  • I also will function in my kingly role, declaring Your will to be done in America! Holy Spirit, bring us a righteous leader who will defend the sanctity of life and honor You.

  • I will be part of the new breed of worshipping warriors enforcing your victory on the earth and in America!

  • Lord, I choose to partner with You and release YOUR will into America!


Thank you, Lord, for bringing me more understanding about my priestly and kingly role in prayer. When I know your will, I can now partner with You as your ambassador, declaring Your will into the earth.

Today I appeal to heaven for Your will to rule and reign in America. I decree that nothing will stop America’s reset! I declare that evil will turn on itself as Your light shines on the dark places. We command the powers of darkness that are covering and hiding evil to cease and desist as the light of truth shines upon them. We pray that the truth will shine forth as bright as the noonday light!

In Jesus’ name...Amen.


I decree that You are moving and operating behind the scenes to bring victory to America!


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