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May 6, 2018

Passing His History Forward

“A young girl who attended those (the secret slave) prayer meetings (see May 2, 2018) was set free from slavery. This teenaged girl…saw fit to pass down the cast iron kettle because she knew that she and all those born after her were standing on the sacrifice of others’ devotion to Christ. She was careful to preserve and pass on both the kettle and its history. She passed it to Harriet Locket, who passed it to Nora Locket, who passed it to William Ford, Jr., who gave it to me, William Ford, III.” (Will Ford in The Dream King)1

“I will speak of ancient mysteries—things that we have heard about, things that we have known, things which our ancestors declared to us again and again. We will not keep these things secret from their children; rather, we will tell the coming generation all about the praise that is due to the Eternal One. We will tell them all about His strength, power, and wonders.” (Psalm 78:2b-4; VOICE)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. There are powerful things God has done in our personal histories, family histories and in our national history that are stories that must be told for the sake of others. Ask God for the revealing of historical facts currently hidden or buried.

  2. Thank God for the preserving of Will’s family history. We’ll soon learn about his friend Matt Lockett’s family history and how it intertwined with his.

  3. Ask God to unlock historical and spiritual secrets preserved in our city’s, region’s, state’s and nation’s history. This is part of what we call “spiritual mapping.”

  4. Call for the revealing of God’s plans, purposes, and ways of dealing with demonic strongholds that may be locked in history’s stories so that we and our generations to follow us have reason to worship Him!

A prayer you can pray:

Father, reveal historical facts in our families, regions, and in the nation that can help us move forward culturally in America. We thank you for showing Will and Matt how their family histories can help us know how to move the United States forward today. Unlock the mysteries yet to be revealed. Don’t let us go down rabbit holes or get distracted, but show us what needs to be revealed in this timeframe. Unlock, unlock, unlock, and connect the dots for us, Holy Spirit! Give us stories to tell our kids and grandkids. Lead us to worship You, generation to generation, for great things You have done! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s decree:

We will tell the coming generation all about the praise that is due to the Eternal One!

1 Will Ford and Matt Lockett. The Dream King. New Type Publishing, 2018. Pg. 27.

Purchase “The Dream King” here.


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