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May 4, 2022

Roe versus Wade

The Give Him 15 posts must be written and recorded the afternoon or evening before the day of their release. This is why yesterday’s post did not deal with the Supreme Court decision on the Dobbs abortion case. I don’t need to explain what was leaked - I’m sure everyone has heard by now. I do have a few thoughts to share today regarding the developments, however.

Rejoice but Stay Focused

First, rejoice but stay focused. In Ezra 3 the Israelites were attempting to see Jerusalem restored. The first step was rebuilding the Temple. After the successful laying of the foundation, there was a great celebration - they poured a slab and threw a party. However, their enemies regrouped very quickly, organizing an intimidation and slander campaign, including the hiring of lobbyists. It wasn’t long before they succeeded in stopping the rebuilding process; the delay lasted 16 years. Their diabolical scheming had worked. God had to raise up two prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, to motivate the Israelites to restart the work. We must take a lesson from this. We’re deceiving ourselves if we think the enemies of Christ in America, backed by demonic powers, will give up in their attempt to take over this nation. Ultimate victory over their efforts will not occur until a great awakening turns the hearts of tens of millions of Americans. This will happen - America shall be saved.

Not only must we see revival, but there is still much work to be done on the practical side. Regarding the abortion issue: if this ruling holds, it will not make abortion illegal, but simply send the decision to the states to do as they choose. A few will completely outlaw the process, others will put strict limitations on it, and still others will continue to murder babies - some even after they are born. Sadly, many in America have seared consciences.

That being said, the reversing of Roe is absolutely critical to the turning of our nation; God holds nations accountable for the decisions of their leaders. America, as a whole, has fed Baal and Molech the blood of innocent babies for 50 years. That national curse can now be broken, if the decision stands. Please don’t forget that no decision is final until formally released by the Court.

This Was Planned

There is little doubt in my mind that this was all planned and coordinated by the left. I don’t believe for one minute that a single rebel secretly decided to do this, then late Monday night government officials on the left began scrambling to take advantage of it. Their prepared statements were ready and began coming forth immediately - some Monday night, others Tuesday morning. A number of government officials on the left actually used the same phrases, one of which was “we will fight like hell.” (Don’t use that phrase if you are a conservative, by the way. Your words will be twisted to mean you are promoting physical violence, and the Homeland Gestapo will pay you a visit.) This was a coordinated effort to re-engage the left, many of whom have lost faith in Biden and the Dems. They have felt the effects of runaway inflation, seen the pathetic state of affairs at the border, and are shocked at how quickly Biden is losing his cognitive abilities. Something drastic needed to happen to awaken the base before the November elections. Yes, the ruling would have likely happened anyway in June, but this leak gives them more time and the ability to get out in front of it. They will try to pass a national law legalizing abortion, and there will come attempts to pack the Supreme Court, all of which will re-energize their base.

Yes, it is a despicable breach of protocol to politicize the Court in this way, but the reality is that they politicized the Court a long time ago. And as far as leaks go, they had no problem leaking information from the Oval Office, the most powerful office in the world. In fact, they praised and lauded the leakers, calling them “whistleblowers.” If they would do that to the President, why would they not do it to the Supreme Court? It is certainly no more sacred an institution than the Presidency of the United States. These people know no shame. They are liars and are hell-bent on changing this nation into a globalist, antichrist nation.


My friend, Tom Schleuter, sent me an article he wrote yesterday morning regarding the biblical concept of Jubilee. (You can read the entire article here.) Here is a portion:

“Forty-nine! On the night of May 2, 2022, as I was falling asleep the Lord told me to remember the number forty-nine…As I woke up the next morning, the number was again prominent in my thoughts.

“The Lord took me back to a memory in February of 2001. I had just returned from a prayer assignment in Germany with my good friend, Beth Alves. During my preparation time for the next Sunday message the Lord said to me, ‘I want you to concentrate on the number forty-nine.’ I wasn't sure what He was talking about until He clarified and said, ‘I want you to preach this Sunday on Jubilee.’ I struggled a bit with His request because I knew that our church would be celebrating its 50th-year Jubilee a year later in 2002. But He persisted, so I began studying and reading the passages referring to Jubilee in Leviticus 25:8-22. [In short, all property was returned to its original owner, all debts were forgiven, and all who had sold themselves into slavery in order to pay debts were freed. This was all a prophetic picture of Christ our Jubilee - restoring and forgiving us.]

“By reading and meditating on the above verses one can see that there are many powerful blessings the Lord releases during the Jubilee season. And I use the word season because it literally takes place over a three-year period. In 2001 our congregation was entering its 49th year and the Lord was making it very clear to us that He was taking us into the process of Jubilee, so I preached on Jubilee that next Sunday. Within the next few weeks, there was a tremendous unexpected blessing poured out on our congregation. We received a gift of a grand piano; a woman sowed a significant financial gift and a $100,000 restoration was done to the interior of our building; other tremendous financial gifts come in. But perhaps most importantly, the Lord began to fine-tune our vision of being a strategic House of Prayer, to Arlington, TX, the state of Texas, and the nation.

“One powerful aspect of Leviticus 25 is that the Lord answers a question that had been asked by the people, ‘What are we to do if we cannot sow during the 49th year, which is also a Sabbath year?’ They were concerned. If they didn't sow in the 49th year, they would have nothing to eat in the 50th year. But the 50th year was set aside as a time of God’s providential and powerful blessing upon the people. They were not to work, plow, sow, or reap. The Lord would make sure there was enough reaped in the 49th year to sustain them in the 50th and 51st years!

“Why would God again bring up the number 49 to me? Because we are in the 49th year of Roe versus Wade. January of 2023 will be the 50th anniversary of the decision. The Lord began making it clear to me that it is time to press in for Jubilee, to prepare for Jubilee's deliverance and blessing. Just as with Israel, this is not a time to be fretful or worrisome about provision. It's a time to concentrate on Jubilee and on the tremendous providential blessings the Lord is about to bring upon America during the 50th year.

“We must continue to press in with prayer during this season. We must finish this race, and cross the finish line. We cannot give up in the last moments as we proceed toward victory. The curse that has been upon our nation for almost 50 years is about to be removed because of the blood of Christ and the faithful intercessions of God’s ekklesia. The work of many in prayer, legislation, fervent lobbying, and the constant calling forth for life for our nation is bringing about a great Jubilee blessing.

“But again, we must persevere. It has been prophesied by several that the next three years will be a season of great spiritual warfare, a time of great conflict regarding the issue of life and death, blessing and cursing. We must rise up as God's chosen people, sons and daughters of the Most High God, and continue to pray that life and Jubilee will be released over our nation. It's 49, and we are heading toward 50.”

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for the changes occurring in our land. Yet, we know we have much ground to retake. We ask You for supernatural help, and we know this is coming. Our greatest help will come through the revival You are sending. Changed hearts will change minds, which will bring about great societal change.

We ask You to cause every Justice voting to overturn Roe to hold fast. And we ask for an awakening of the conscience of our nation. May America fall in love with the babies again and protect life at all costs. We ask You once again to forgive us for this great evil. Heal those that have been touched by it, and give America a fresh Jubilee start. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Jubilee. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that Roe versus Wade will be overturned and America will experience the freedom of Jubilee.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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