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March 8, 2020

The Horrifying Stories behind Louisiana’s Clinic Law – Part 3

“When the U.S. Supreme Court (convened) Wednesday morning, let’s hope they see these real victims of a ruthless, money-hungry abortion industry. The liberal media will scream that the Louisiana law before these nine justices is about shutting down clinics. It’s not. It’s about forcing an industry that claims to put women first to prove it. If businesses like Delta Women’s Health want to stay open, it’s up to them. They can abide by Act 620 that requires them to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital (which, based on these accounts, they need), or they can refuse to make the changes that protect mothers and close their doors.

“The Left will argue that this is about abortion access. But who wants access to an unsafe abortion? We don’t care if it’s ‘inconvenient’ for these businesses to file the paperwork for admitting privileges. We care that women don’t get hurt more. And everyone in this country — liberal or conservative — should too. There’s one casualty from every abortion already. There shouldn’t be two. ‘Look, I’d love it if the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade,’ Rep. Johnson said all those years ago. ‘That would be the greatest day of my life. But until we can do that, I accept the fact that they can perform abortions legally, and I just want them to do it under the same health and safety standards that any other medical professional has to adhere to.’ That’s what we said in 1999, when Mike (Johnson) and I fought for Louisiana first abortion clinic regulation law — and it’s what every justice should say now.

“To check out the amicus brief that FRC filed in the case, click here. Also, don’t miss my brand new Washington Times op-ed with that young attorney-turned-congressman, Mike Johnson, ‘Supreme Court should put a stop to the abortion industry getting a free pass.’” (Tony Perkins)1

“The exercise of justice is joy for the righteous, but is terror to the workers of iniquity.” (Proverbs 21:15; NASB)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Mike Johnson is an attorney, but he is also a Congressman representing Louisiana. Watch his comments on the SCOTUS case here and intercede for his good work for those he represents.

  2. Intercede for Tony Perkins, the President of Family Research Council. Bless him for his work to fight for the family, and every matter concerning that institution as God sees it.

  3. Pray for Delta Women’s Health. They can abide by Act 620 that requires them to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital (which, based on the accounts we showed you over the last few days, they need), or they can refuse to make the changes that protect mothers and close their doors.

  4. Intercede for those in the media who slant news to support abortion and make women think everything is okay for them to have abortions. It is not a safe procedure. Their baby is not “fetal tissue”. They will not be emotionally okay for a long time, if ever.

  5. Proclaim, “Let stories of truth regarding abortion be told!”

  6. Never stop believing and decreeing that there will be an ending of aboriton in America!

A prayer you can pray:

God, we cry out against the practice of abortion in America! We declare that it is never okay to kill a baby in the womb. Stories like the ones above show the heart of some of these abortionists. They are making money and do not care about the women. You care about the lives of every baby in the womb, but You also care about every mother. Reading these stories of how women are being treated in abortion clinics is frightening. No one should be treated like that, especially a woman in such a vulnerable position. We ask You to close those clinics where women are taken advantage of. And, we ask You again, Lord, to hear our cry, forgive our sin, and end abortion in America!

As we ready ourselves for that hopeful day when abortion will not stain our land, we ask for solutions. The Church needs to get ready. We need centers to counsel women, provide for them, and provide for the children. We need adoption agencies raised up, as well as couples and families willing to adopt these little lives. We say, “Every child will be a welcome child! God will provide a family for them!” We need changed hearts, changed laws, and changed culture. Thank You, Jesus, for making this dream a reality. Amen.

Today’s decree:

Justice over the abortion issue will bring joy for the righteous, and will undo all the plans of those working to maintain it.

1 “The Horrifying Stories Behind Louisiana’s Clinic Law,” by Tony Perkins posted on 3/3/2020. Used with permission.


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