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March 18, 2020

A Message to the Praying Church – Conclusion

An encouraging dream was sent to me a few weeks back, which makes clear the significance of 2020:

Suddenly I was taken into a vision. In this vision, I saw you [Dutch Sheets] climbing a large, thick rope. You were wearing a “letterman” or “varsity” jacket, similar to those worn in the past by school athletes to identify them with the team for which they played. The “letter” on your jacket was “K”, and stood for/represented “Kingdom.”

The rope you were climbing was very long, and it had several knots tied in it. I noticed the knots were strategically placed for your climb, for it was at each of these knots where you would begin to look very tired and almost at the point of being unable to continue. At exactly those points, however, there would be one of the huge knots, giving you a place of rest and reprieve. You were able then to get a fresh grip on the rope and a “second wind” to continue the climb.

There were numbers on the knots, which represented years. One was 1978, another was 1985, then 1995…2004…2008…2010, 2016 and lastly 2019. I don’t know the exact significance of those specific years but I knew that at some point during each one, God had done something major and timely in or for you, strengthening and empowering you to continue the climb. [I, Dutch, know what each year represents.]

At the top of the rope was a large bell, which looked like the Liberty Bell. Written on it was “The United States of America” and “2020” was inscribed beneath those words.

Nearing the top of the rope you made a huge stretch and, with all the strength you had, reached for a string attached to the clapper of the bell. Just barely reaching it, you took the string with your fingertips and rang the bell. Though it seemed you barely rang it, the sound coming out of the bell was deafening! And I could see sound waves going out from it like ripples of water when a stone has been dropped into a lake.

At that point, it was as if I were “zoomed out” and my view widened, enabling me to see that the “sound waves” from the ringing bell were swiftly traveling all across America causing a “movement” in the land—not an earthquake, but a noticeable, tangible movement. I then heard a loud voice from heaven declaring: ”Now, I have gotten your attention! America, you have been SAVED by the bell!” That was the end of the vision.

When I awoke, I knew several things immediately regarding the vision: 1) The ringing of the bell was associated with prayer. 2) The phrase “saved by the bell” meant that something was stopped in just the nick of time. What COULD have happened and what was INTENDED by evil forces to happen, COULD NOT happen now because “the ringing of the bell” had stopped it. 3) I also understood that, although the bell was at the top of the rope, this wasn’t an ending! It was a transition into a “new era”! The climb got us here, the reach in prayer has caused movement, and now the movement will broaden. It is awakening!

Mature (“varsity”) intercessors have prevailed. Moving forward, the ekklesia’s finest hour will be seen. Satan’s carefully planned agenda will be stopped. The first ringing of the Liberty Bell in 1776 marked America’s birth; today’s “ringing” will mark our rebirth.

Listen for the sound; America shall be saved! Keep praying, Church!

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Have you felt weary in the place of intercession? Find a Hebrews 4 resting place in Him. Your intercession won’t stop, but it will be better led by the Holy Spirit than by emotion.

  2. You can read about the Battle of Trenton in 1776 here. That battle took place in the year the Liberty Bell was designed. General George Washington’s army felt tired and defeated. But, with one last ounce of strength, they won this key battle and the quest for a free America continued. Gear up to PUSH in intercession in this season!

  3. Has the Lord increased your understanding of and skill at intercession over the last few years? Thank Him for that! He has been training us for such a time as this.

  4. Turn off the news and declare the purposes of God into this nation. Command the CoVid-19 virus to stop in its tracks. Declare the healing of the Lord over the sick. (Here is a source.) Intercede for the vulnerable populations near you. Check on the elderly (by phone or other safe means) and meet their needs.

  5. Declare, “May the world see Jesus through the Church! We were created for this hour.”

A Prayer You Can Pray:

God, You are God. You have a plan to get us through this chaotic and challenging season, just like You always have. The battle may be hard, but the victory is assured as we press into it in prayer! Our founders didn’t establish this nation easily. It was really difficult. There were certainly times when they thought they were done. They thought they might have to just give up. But, then, there came help from heaven in response to their humble intercession! You came through with angelic assistance and battles were won! Ground was taken! Hope was restored! There was enough hope to go forward another season.

That’s where we are right now. Things are strange and different, but we are filled with faith. We will press in and reach for the next victory. You give us the faith to overcome. You give us the angelic assistance to win the round. The enemy doesn’t get to write the story of our nation’s future. You do! We will partner together with You, and pray and act, until we see Jesus manifest! May the world see You, Jesus, through the Church! We were created for this hour. Amen.

Today’s decree:

The Ekklesia will not stop praying! America shall be saved!

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