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June 30, 2019

The Father is Leading Us to Worship in a New Way – Part 12 God Will Reveal HImself in New Ways as He Rearranges Our Worship

“Let’s look at a couple of times when God rearranged worship:

In the garden. He shows us there that work and worship are one. Consider this and realize how far we have fallen. Man was in total communion and worship while they tended the garden. God’s Spirit filled the atmosphere, the sphere, the domain that they were in. Into this, they heard another voice and went and aligned with it. So, God put a curse on what they had to work with. He didn’t curse man. He cursed the ground they were tending and stewarding. Now, there were briars where there were none before. Because they didn’t want to worship God’s way, they had to work with issues in the ground. They had to toil. God did curse the one that shifted them out of worship. He said to the cursed thing, ‘You will crawl on your belly. And, there will come a time that the seed of this woman will worship Me in such a way that their foot comes down on your head.’ Then, he killed an animal in the garden and clothed them in it. He showed us that how we worship reflects our identity.

Abraham – from Ur to Mount Moriah – God said, ‘Abraham, I need someone to come out from where they are, so they can come to know Who I am.’ So, He called Abram out of Ur of the Chaldees, where child sacrifice was the mode of worship. Abram comes into this incredible relationship with the Father, to the point that God changes his identity. God changed his name, as He changed Abram’s identity. However, Abraham never fully broke through until he looked at Him after God’s promises had manifested. When Isaac was 36 years old, the Lord said, ‘Abraham, I want you to bring this son (Isaac) up to Mount Moriah. I want you to give him to me. I want you both to come up here and worship.’ This was the greatest test in Abraham’s life.  Why? Because Isaac was Abraham’s promise from God. Isaac was everything connected to his future. 

Abraham didn’t just go haphazardly about this. He understood the gravity of what God was asking him to do to worship Him. The Bible says Abraham arranged the wood. Then, he bound Isaac, a 36 year-old man, and put him on the wood. Isaac had to submit to the form of worship that God was asking for. Isaac may have been thinking, ‘My Lord, has daddy gone all the way back to child sacrifice?’ But then, all of a sudden, God came down and He rearranged their worship! When we go about our worship, as the Father directs us, all of a sudden God comes down! God was saying, ‘You are not going back to that old worship! You are going to worship in a new way.’ Abraham trusted Him, and God showed up with a new way of worship. He provided the sacrifice and revealed Himself as Jehovan Jireh, Abraham’s Provider. He will do the same for you. You will always see what you need when you worship His way.” (Chuck Pierce)

“Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him, ‘Abraham!’ ‘Here I am,’ he replied. Then God said, ‘Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about.'” (Genesis 22:1-2; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. You can choose to stay in an old form of worship, or you can experience God in new ways.

  2. Ask the Lord what that new way is for you.

  3. If you are a pastor, worship leader or head of your household, ask the Lord how to lead those under your care into a new form of corporate worship.

  4. Ask the Father to reveal Himself to you with fresh revelation, as you worship in the new way He shows you.

  5. Expect Holy Spirit manifestations of glory as you worship in new ways.

  6. See your new source of provision as you worship His way.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we can stay in the desert in the old ways, eating the old food, wearing our old clothes. Or, we can choose to worship You in new ways, which You show us, and see You in new ways that You reveal to us. Break us free from wilderness worship. Rearrange our worship, Lord. Rearrange it! We are weary of the same old ways of worship. We sing the same songs in the same ways at the same times. We have fallen into rote and form, that age old enemy of the people of God. We expect You to do things a certain way when we worship a certain way, but You are coming to rearrange everything! Show us individually how You desire us to worship You. Show us corporately how to lead in new expressions of worship. Some won’t like it! We can’t care! We want to see new parts of You that we have not seen before. We need to see our way forward. We need to see our next sources of provision. We need to make You known to a new generation. God, come down as we worship You! In Jesus name, amen.

Today’s decree:

God is saying to the Church, “Let My people go, so they can worship Me in Spirit and in Truth!”

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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