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June 28, 2024

(I won’t be commentating on Thursday night’s presidential debate due to the time of day it occurred. Each day’s GH15 must be recorded the afternoon/evening before, meaning that when this post was recorded, the debate had not yet occurred. I’ll comment on it next week.)

“They Have The Book”

President Ronald Reagan, whom we spoke of yesterday, proclaimed 1983 as the Year of the Bible. In the law, he stated that the Bible “has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people” and that, quoting President Andrew Jackson, the Bible is “the rock on which our Republic rests.” The declaration also acknowledged a “national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.” “Can we resolve to reach, learn, and try to heed the greatest message ever written, God’s Word, and the Holy Bible?” Reagan asked. “Inside its pages lie all the answers to all the problems that man has ever known.”


Since much focus has been on Supreme Court decisions of late, I thought I would share some thoughts from our first Chief Justice, John Jay, appointed by George Washington. Jay was a strong believer and lover of God’s Word. “He was a Founding Father, a member of the First and Second Continental Congresses, and even served as the President of the Continental Congress. He was very instrumental in causing the Constitution to be ratified by writing the Federalist Papers, along with James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. In 1777, John Jay helped to write the Constitution of New York, and from 1795-1801, held the position of Governor of the State of New York.

“John Jay negotiated the peace treaty to end the War with England (along with John Adams and Benjamin Franklin). He was Secretary of Foreign Affairs under the Articles of Confederation and minister to Spain. In 1794, he authored the Jay Treaty, which prevented the United States from getting involved in the war between France and England.

“On October 12, 1816, John Jay admonished:

‘Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.’(1)

“In addition to being appointed by President George Washington as the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Jay was also elected president of the Westchester Bible Society in 1818 and president of the American Bible Society in 1821.

“On May 13, 1824, serving as its president, John Jay gave an address to the American Bible Society:

‘By conveying the Bible to people thus circumstanced, we certainly do them a most interesting kindness. We thereby enable them to learn that man was originally created and placed in a state of happiness, but, becoming disobedient, was subjected to the degradation and evils which he and his posterity have since experienced.

‘The Bible will also inform them that our gracious Creator has provided for us a Redeemer, in whom all the nations of the earth shall be blessed; that this Redeemer has made atonement “for the sins of the whole world,” and thereby reconciling the Divine justice with the Divine mercy has opened a way for our redemption and salvation; and that these inestimable benefits are of the free gift and grace of God, not of our deserving, nor in our power to deserve.’(2)

“John Jay stated:

‘In forming and settling my belief relative to the doctrines of Christianity, I adopted no articles from creeds but such only as, on careful examination, I found to be confirmed by the Bible....At a party in Paris, once, the question fell on religious matters. In the course of it, one of them asked me if I believed in Christ? I answered that I did, and that I thanked God that I did.’(3)

“In 1826, John Jay was sent a letter from the corporation of the City of New York, asking him to join with them in the celebration of America’s fiftieth anniversary. John Jay replied, expressing his:

‘Earnest hope that the peace, happiness, and prosperity enjoyed by our beloved country may induce those who direct her national counsels to recommend a general and public return of praise to Him from whose goodness these blessings descend.’(4)

“In his Last Will and Testament, John Jay wrote:

‘Unto Him who is the author and giver of all good, I render sincere and humble thanks for His merciful and unmerited blessings, and especially for our redemption and salvation by His beloved Son.’(5)

“On May 17, 1829, John Jay was drawing near death after a life of serving his country. As recorded by his son, Judge William Jay, John Jay was asked if he had any final words for his children, to which he responded:

‘They have the Book.’”(6)

There is no need to wonder why America became the greatest nation in history - it was built upon “the rock” of God’s Word, as stated by Jackson and reiterated by Reagan. Jesus said those who do so, which would certainly include nations, will survive the winds, rains, and floods that life’s storms send their way (Matthew 7:24-25). When wars rage and evil despots are on the march, “They have the Book.” When stock markets crash and droughts devastate, they survive because “They have the Book.” Heaven and earth will pass away, but not the Book.

We find ourselves now as a nation in the valley of decision: will we continue to build on the Book? Or will we abandon the Book and its Author? Many fools in Washington have voted to reject the rock, the Book, including one entire political party, as have many atheistic and humanistic educators. Some lie and state that we were never anchored on the rock, that the Book was never our foundation.

Though there are indeed many of these deceived opponents of truth in America, I believe the foundation remains. I am convinced that God is awakening a people of faith; a multitude of Americans are being roused from their slumber and will make their stand for truth and the Book.

He whose vesture is dipped in blood, and whose name is called the Word of God is coming to awaken and save (Revelation 19:13). And Americans, including Supreme Court “Chiefs,” will once again say, “We have the Book.”

Pray with me:

Father, reintroduce America to the Book, including many in the church who no longer believe in its inerrancy and infallibility. Release the Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, with another outpouring of life and sanity. Give us leaders in our nation like Jay and Reagan, Finney and Edwards. May we be like Jeremiah, who said Your words burned like fire in his bones (Jeremiah 20:9).

Restore America’s foundations as before, including for Presidents, Legislators, and Judges. Clear the ideological debris and filth off of the Rock on which we were built. Reveal its existence, its great strength, and, as Reagan said, its answers for all of life. As our Lord’s great prayer model states, “Deliver us from evil,” the evil of apostasy.

We thank You for mercy and grace. Thank You for our Savior, Yeshua. Thank You for Holy Spirit. Many thousands of us across our land now agree together for this restoration, knowing that we will receive the answer. Arise and scatter Your enemies! In Jesus’ name!

Our decree:

We decree that the Book will be honored again in America.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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We have the BOOK and it will be honored in America again 🇺🇸


Thank you for sharing these testimonies of how and why we know our nation was founded on the Rock: The Book/Jesus Christ!


Amen and amen! We decree that The Book will be honored again in America.

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