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June 20, 2023

When God Calls Your Name

In the midst of an onslaught of demonic activity, it is of paramount importance that we hear what heaven has to say! We discern satan’s schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11), but we listen to and follow God’s strategies. He tells us His plans in order to encourage us and to solicit our partnership with Him in the release of those plans. Prayer activates this partnership between God and His kids.

Today’s post from my brother, Tim Sheets, does both of these things. It will certainly encourage you, causing you to rejoice; it will also motivate you to pray. Holy Spirit’s message for us today is: “Keep your focus on what I’m saying and doing, not on what the enemy does. I have great plans for you! I have great plans for your children. I have great plans for America and the nations - and My plans will succeed! Rejoice in this! Put Your faith in My words! And let’s get it done!” Tim shares:

“Psalms 145:4 (MSG) makes the powerful statement that each generation tells stories of God’s mighty acts. While previous generations have seen amazing moves of God, the current and coming generations have only seen glimpses. However, I believe this is about to change. Holy Spirit gave me a word concerning this that is now coming into its moment.

“Holy Spirit said, ‘Doors to new history will soon open. A new movement will soon spring forth. A new stream from My Throne is now flowing, a pure stream of powerful Gospel. It will be preached by all generations, races, colors, and ethnicities. For the stream of My Gospel has been diverted and dammed up by those who wanted the benefits of “reservoired” blessings; but I will now blow up the dams, says the Lord. The religious dams, the cultural dams, and racial dams. I will discipline the spiritual hoarders. I will discipline the dividers. I will have a gospel that flows freely with My Spirit.

“‘My movement will move. It is built to move and it will move, empowered by fresh wind and soaked with fresh oil. My Kingdom’s river will flow without dams. Downpours of glory rains will fill it to overflowing and it will leap to flood stage. For I have prepared a pure Gospel voice, a glorious Ekklesia, lit with the fires of My cause; one that I can confirm with signs, with wonders, and with miracles; one that is not diluted with flesh, pride, immorality, racism, or greed; one that I can back with awesome Kingdom assets; one that I can marshal heaven’s army behind. A gospel of awesome power will now surge forward and the generations will synergize their efforts for the revival of ingathering.

“‘I am calling to My Gideons: “Come from your hiding places. Come from the ghettos. Come from the mountains. Come from the plains. Come from the projects. Come from the country. Come from the city and stop the raiding of My harvests. Yes, I have seen you, says the Lord, behind the winepress. I have seen your secret toil and I have heard your cry for relief. Now hear My cry. Now hear My voice. Rise and see the strong arm of the Lord. Now see My plans change your future. Yes, I have seen your heart and I will empower you. You will defeat the enemy, and you will enjoy the spoils of victory.” And you will say, “Our enemy has resourced us. Our enemy has stored abundance for us. We have more because of war.” Yes, dams are breaking and blessings, deliverance, and inheritance will flow.

“‘For a shift in leadership will soon come, says the Lord. A new breed of leaders will be revealed in My Kingdom. The obscure ones who have served faithfully will now receive promotion. Though man has not seen, I have seen, says the Lord, and it will be said, “Where did they come from? Who are they?

“‘And I will advocate for them, says the Lord. I will say,These are they who have come from My presence. These are they who would not compromise. They would not be muzzled. They would not bow to darkness. These are they who would not appease humanity with enticing words but have stood strong for My words.

“‘They did not flinch. They did not bend their knee to blended religion and doctrines of devils or doctrines of men. They did not tolerate the diluting of My message and the mocking of My ways. They have stood unashamed for Me; now I will stand unashamed for them. I will side with them, says the Lord. I have proclaimed their victory and I will oversee its completion.

“‘Multiplied graces will now flow. Bound souls will be set free. Captives in heart will be delivered. Those blinded by sin will be liberated from hell’s bondage as the revival of ingathering leaps forward.

“‘My Kingdom generations, in sync with My angel armies and soaked in the fresh rains of heaven, will now leap forward into great revival. They will move in power, passion and purity, and I will back them with manifestations of My mightiness. Notable miracles will leap forth. Notable victories will leap forth in their midst.

“‘For the revival in the womb of My intercessors is now leaping forth. The revival birthed in the womb of those in travail will now be proclaimed in the earth. It is time for the forerunners to run into destiny callings, declaring “Jesus is the way, He is the truth and He is the life.”’

“The closest friend of Jesus was John the Baptist, who was called a forerunner. As a young man around 30 years of age, he ministered a message that pointed to Jesus as the way, the Messiah and the Savior. You may remember that when John was just a babe in his mother’s womb, he leapt at the sound of Mary, Christ’s mother.

“In reference to the coming generation in this era, Holy Spirit said to me ‘Those born from the womb of My intercessors will leap into their destiny callings. They will be forerunners who run pointing the way to Jesus. They will be a different breed, converging with other remnant warrior generations to change history and present Christ the Messiah.’

“Recently, I attended my granddaughter’s college graduation at Lee University. The commencement ceremony was held outside in a large area surrounded by beautiful buildings. As I looked around during the reading of the names and giving of the diplomas, I noticed I could see Stone Chapel. This was one of the places, along with many other college campuses, where revival occurred for several weeks this past winter. Thousands of lives were touched by this outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

“As I was pondering and reflecting, watching young men and women in their caps and gowns, waiting for their name to be called, I heard Holy Spirit say, ‘Look at how many I have hidden behind the winepress.’ I knew exactly what He meant. Holy Spirit was referencing when Gideon hid behind a winepress to thresh wheat because the Midianite armies were stealing Israel’s harvest. Gideon was hiding in fear when His name was called. He was called out of that time of fear and vulnerability, to stop the raiding of Israel’s harvest. Gideon answered the call and he, along with his 300 remnant warriors, stopped the raiding, routed the enemy and restored the lost harvest.

“Holy Spirit then said, ‘I am calling their names. They will run with Me, pointing the way to Jesus. They will rout the enemies and stop the raiding, working alongside other generations. I am now calling out the names of young men and women of valor: “Come run with Me. Graduate into your place in the generations.” I will call out the names of multiplied thousands of Gideons. They will hear Me call their names, for I know their names. The raiding and stealing of harvest will stop and the reaping of harvest will begin. History will be changed.’

“When God calls your name, He is calling out your identity and purpose. He sees past any natural limitations and calls forth your destiny.

“What an amazing era that is unfolding. A new breed of leaders is being revealed in our kingdom. We must pray for this coming generation, called to be forerunners. We must mentor, assist, promote, support and run with them. We most certainly were born for such a time as this.”

Pray with me:

Lord, activate the generations to work together. Breathe the names of young men and women of valor, forerunners who will rise and partner with the older, remnant generation. We pray for the Gideons You have hidden behind the winepress. We pray for the Esthers who will save a nation. We pray for those who are experiencing hope deferred, asking that hope rise up in them. Lord, bring forth purpose and identity in all generations. Activate this prophetic word in apostolic hubs, on college campuses and in the lives of individuals. Activate leaders who have a heart for the coming generations. We declare Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; He has mighty plans for our times. And in His name, we pray, amen.

Our decree:

God is calling out names, and our sons and daughters will leap into their identity, destiny and purpose.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about him at


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