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June 17, 2021

Turn It Up

My brother, Tim, released a strong word that I believe is in the flow of what God is saying to us this week. It is an encouragement to rise up with boldness and be the church God intends us to be. Tim says:

“In Matthew 16:13-19, Jesus asked his disciples two questions: ‘Who do people say I am?’ And ‘Who do YOU say I am?’

“Power and authority are given to those who know and say who God really is. What we say is very important. As I was praying about this truth and seeking God for His present word I heard Him state, ‘The American government and the culture it promotes is a cake not turned.’

“I knew Holy Spirit was referencing a statement made in Hosea. In Hosea, chapter 7, we see the nation of Israel following the evil ways of the tribe of Ephraim. Holy Spirit was using their actions to speak to me about America. In Hosea, God said Israel had turned to other gods. At that point in their history, only a remnant was serving Him.

“The following indictments from the 7th and 8th chapters of Hosea, taken from a blending of The Message and The Ampified Bibles, include:

  • The nation has permitted religious whorehouses, prostituting My words. They are compromising, changing and distorting what I say.

  • Every time the slate is wiped clean, it is filled up with new sins. The nation is two-faced and double-tongued, not taking into account that God knows the crimes and exposes them.

  • Some of your leaders entertain in an evil circus with acrobatic lies, twisting the truth. They lead overheated adulterers, like wood stoves red hot with a lust for power.

  • They mingle with pagans; they are a cake not turned. They are losing their awareness for reality. They turn here and there like weather vanes, but refuse to turn to Me.

“God promises He is going to change this vacillating confusion and anti-God distortion of who He is. A cake not turned references something that is half-baked. For example, if you’re making pancakes and don’t turn them, one side will be burnt and the other won’t be cooked. This phrase reminded me of all the half-baked ideas our government had fed to this nation over the years, ideas coming from the burnt, clouded minds of feckless leaders. They are ruinous ideas of socialism, communism, liberalism, demonism and paganism.

“Recently, we had our first American president who espoused a National Day of Prayer, while failing to mention God even once. What kind of a half-baked idea is that? It will burn this nation if the Ekklesia doesn’t rise and stop this nonsense. Some sins are simply sins of omission, and omitting God is a big one!

“In reference to Matthew 16’s question, Who do many in our nation say Christ is?’ a large number pay Him no attention; others consider Him to be only a prophet in history, likening him to Muhammad. Many actually think it’s offensive to say Jesus is the only way to heaven. There is a vicious effort to tear down the foundation of Christianity in America.

“Recently, Holy Spirit gave me the following vision: I saw an aerial view of our church building, which I knew represented the entire Ekklesia. In four different sections were huge speaker towers, much like you would see at an outdoor concert. The amps powering the speakers were massive in size, each one having its own generator. Suddenly, I became aware that each speaker tower was actually a section of angels - angels of communication - wearing royal blue sashes or tunics. These types of angels assist Holy Spirit’s communication. They help communicate Holy’s Spirit’s plans regarding outpourings, revival strategies, and other messages to the heirs of Christ.

“These angels were generating power and amplifying the message of the Holy Spirit. They were also helping amplify the message of the King’s Ekklesia, blasting it forth like a massive, supernatural PA system. They were amping up the volume. In the vision, I felt a wind beginning to blow, unusual in the fact that it was blowing both clockwise and counter clockwise. When this happened, the entire roof of the building became one large mouth. I heard Holy Spirit say:

“‘Behold, the proclamation of the King’s Ekklesia. Their voice is being amplified to proclaim who He is and what He says. Proclamations will be carried in all directions by the winds of a new Pentecost. Their voice of revelation will roar into the nation with ultra vibrations of energy. It will roar through the nations of the world. Power from heaven is generating a new voice of authority, louder than the voice of hell’s government. It is louder than ridicule, mocking and demon voices.

“‘I am pouring out My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. My angel armies are amping up with My Ekklesia. The voice of my Kingdom Ekklesias will blast forth truth, carried by fresh winds of Pentecost, assisted by angels of fire. For my true church is moving into “a new era Pentecost,” in which Holy Spirit will turn up the volume. A thundering voice of authority will now rise from my Ekklesia. A thundering voice of power will reverberate throughout the cultures. A trumpeted alarm will sound exposing pagan government, which I will cut down. High sounding proclamations from the mouth of My Ekklesia will bring definition as to who I am. They will also define who My church really is - clear identity will be sounded. This will be amplified by my kingdom generators, the holy angels. Michael, Gabriel and the angel armies are involved.

“‘As My Ekklesia sees their volume turned up and proclaims the definition of Who I Am, they will also see the amplification of miracles. Miracles, signs, wonders and healings will begin to be turned up. The raising voice of My Ekklesia sounding forth into the land will open and close doors with commanding, bold authority.

“‘Reverberating proclamations of who their King really is will clear the air of circling vultures. It will remove barriers of demon princes, powers and dominions. Words of My purpose, declared by My Ekklesia, will break and destroy demonic structures. My angels will assist. My Ekklesias will rise in power and destroy the religious prostitution of Who I am. They will bring down the religious whorehouses that openly defy My Word, changing it to embrace evil.

“‘They will turn up the volume of their voice of authority against iniquity, evil laws, demon philosophies, doctrines of devils, feckless government, covenant breaking, blasphemies and the arrogant mocking of My ways. The voice of My Ekklesia will now thunder under the anointing of the Holy Spirit as a new Pentecost outpouring begins to activate. It will resound through the darkness piercing it with words of light, truth and revelation.

“‘It is time for the thundering voice of the true Ekklesia. It is time for the amplified sounds of power proclamations assisted by angel armies. It is time for the mouth of My Ekklesia to align with Mine, declaring answers to the confusion with great, bold authority. It is time for My Ekklesia’s voice of triumph to begin answering the question of Who I am and what I stand for, who they are and what they stand for. The “new era Pentecost” is pouring forth, revival is beginning to surge, awakening is soaking the spirit of My heirs.

“‘The harvest has ripened. I have built My Ekklesia for these times and this era. I have built it to prevail. Raise a bold, loud voice louder than the voice of fools. Raise a voice like thunder and say Who I am. It will activate who YOU really are.’

“Who do you say He is? What are you verbalizing? Say it boldly!”

Pray with me:

Lord, pour out Your Spirit. Pour out a boldness on Your Ekklesia to become a mouth for Your kingdom that will be louder than the voice of demon doctrines. Let it be amplified! Come, angels of communication, amplify the voice and carry it into all the world. Carry it with boldness and authority. Carry it to say it just like the King says it.

We pray for the amplification of communication like this world has never seen upon Your church. Let us begin to see it. God, pour it out! Let the voice of the sons and daughters of God begin to thunder throughout this culture and nation. Thunder against demon powers. Let the voice of the Lord be heard throughout this planet through His sons and daughters - with no compromise. Reveal the real church across this land.

Let it roar!

Our Decree:

The voice of the Ekklesia is roaring with boldness, clarity and authority, declaring who Christ is!

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.

Click the link below to watch the video.


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