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June 16, 2022

Heaven’s Healing Adjustment

Is Holy Spirit aligning the nations and the spiritual realm, preparing them for His coming outpouring? The prophetic vision and word given to Dr. Scott Reece a few days ago suggest that He is. I read Scott’s word the same day I received my brother, Tim Sheets’ word, which I read on yesterday’s post. Tim said a fresh Pentecostal outpouring of Holy Spirit has begun, assisted by a multitude of angels. He also spoke of the rumbling sound this was releasing in the spiritual realm, which he could “hear” with his spiritual ears (Revelation 3:22). Elijah spoke of hearing with his spiritual ears in I Kings 18:41: “I hear the sound of an abundance of rain.”

When Elijah said this, there was as yet no natural sound from a storm or rain. He was hearing prophetically. Prior to this, the prophet had heard from God that rain was coming (verse 1). He now sensed and discerned spiritually that this was imminent. Likewise, prophets today are hearing a sound, the sound of spiritual rain. Just before receiving Tim’s word, another prophet sent me a dream and word about “hearing” this sound of revival. As this person preached on the dream and word, the service was interrupted by a loud, explosive power surge. I will share this report with you on Monday’s post. I believe that hers, Tim’s, and the following word are all related.

Holy Spirit gave Scott Reece this prophetic word in the form of a fascinating allegory. (An example of a spiritual allegory would be C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia.) He uses the concept of spinal alignment to picture the earth being in or out of proper alignment with God. This is especially fascinating to me due to a biblical Greek word I have studied. Katartizo means to be properly aligned, positioned, and connected. It is the word for “mending” nets (Matthew 4:21), “restoring” fallen brothers and sisters (Galatians 6:1), or “setting” a broken bone. This would also be the word for resetting a dislocated joint. This allegorical picture of our planet’s dislocation and disconnection from God is biblical and powerful. Scott says:

“The Lord showed me the earth with a spine completely encircling it. Certain points of the spine were twisted, distorted, curved, and out of alignment. Out of those damaged places flowed toxicities, sin, and pollution of every kind.

“The earth’s spine was a gathering point and often a place of intense warfare. Around portions of the spine were different, strategic strongholds. These places were the source of global poverty, wars, rumors of wars, demonic strategies of bondage, perversions, slavery, abortion, crime, pornography, dominance, greed, corrupt politics, confusion, carnal religion, diseases, and death.

“Other places along the spine were in perfect order and alignment; these possessed God’s ruling, governmental authority. From them, the purposes and will of God were determined, decreed, and released throughout the earth. In those places, the sovereign reign and rule of God had been established by women and men of God, which brought spiritual order to the earth.

“This divine order was the result of obedience that manifested in a variety of ways: intercession, preaching the word, prophecy, evangelism, apostolic authority - all resulting in revival that brought divine alignment to that region of the spine. Also, in each of those “aligned” places, superior air authority had been established and the atmosphere over them had become secured airspace which the demonic was not allowed to enter. They became heavenly portals reaching completely from heaven to earth. Those aligned places were ‘vavs’ (a Hebrew word which, among other things, has the symbolic meaning of connecting heaven and earth) through which heavenly activity flowed freely. Demons avoided those places at all costs.

“Therefore, in the vision, the battle was for the spine. As went the spine, so went the earth. Whoever controlled it, controlled the physical and spiritual destinies of millions of people. Because of this, attempts were made to cause actions that produced either alignment or misalignment. The very first twisting and misalignment of the earthly spine occurred as a result of Adam’s betrayal in the garden of Eden.”

Scott then shares prophetically, “I’m hearing the Lord say that the earth belongs to Him and He is raising up an Ekklesia that will walk in a new level of understanding. This revelation of authority, anointing, and their assignment will enable the Ekklesia to bring alignment to the global spine.

“The earth is going through a major, spiritual chiropractic adjustment, bringing correction and alignment. As the spine comes into this order and alignment, the result will be a sustained global outpouring of Holy Spirit, a revival that cannot be quenched.

“Demonic entities are being dislodged and twisted theologies are being exposed. The revelation of the church as Christ’s Ekklesia is revealing the twisted lies of demonic religious teachings that were used to keep the spine out of alignment.”

Scott then continues relating the vision. “I also saw much intercession aimed at the spine. As the prayers and decrees were hurtling through the atmosphere, they were joined by other intercessory decrees being released, which caused them to pick up speed, power, and authority. As angels saw the rapid movement and increased momentum of this intercessory weapon, they released decrees from past ages that had been held for ‘such a time as this.’ This caused the release of a supernatural synchronization and synergy.

“As the decrees picked up speed, momentum, authority, and anointing, demonic sentinels attempted to sound a warning - but to no avail. As the empowered decrees hit regions of misalignment demons were dislodged, strongholds were broken, hiding places of evil were revealed, dens of iniquity were exposed and demonic entities were scattered into the outer regions of darkness. Demon princes who sat on thrones of deception, iniquities, and lies were cast down. The suddenness of the attack caught them off guard. Confusion disrupted and scattered the demonic powers that had ruled. Once they were dislodged from the earth’s atmosphere, they were not allowed back in.

“Immediately behind the intercessory missiles were warring angels, on the specific assignment of bringing order and alignment. They engaged in warfare against strong demons of resistance, but the battles were won swiftly because the demons were significantly outnumbered and outmatched.

“The last activity of this angelic host was a heavenly chiropractic correction of the earth’s spine. They gathered on both sides of the spine and began to push, empowered by the Ekklesia’s intercession. The spine was enormous and severely twisted, but as they pushed, the creative breath of Holy Spirit blew, bringing alignment and order to the spine.”

Scott concludes by saying, “Strategic alignment is now occurring around the globe. The Ekklesia is responding, order will be established and a sustained global awakening will occur - the result of proper spiritual alignment.”

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for the sound being released into the spiritual atmosphere of the earth. It is the sound of rain, the sound of angels’ wings, the sound of bones coming together, and the sound of great harvest.

We thank You for the great realignment with You that occurred through the Cross. We ask for the power of this to be released throughout the earth in a mighty way. Heal humanity’s crooked and misaligned “spine.” We believe this is happening through the power of Holy Spirit, the prayers of the church, and the work of angelic forces.

Send another great Pentecost wind of Holy Spirit to the world. Let it be the greatest and most powerful wind of Your Spirit the earth has ever experienced. We believe this is coming and we agree in prayer now for the manifestation, in Christ’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that Heaven’s healing adjustment is being made to the earth. Millions will be restored to Yahweh.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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