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June 13, 2023

[Yesterday, I intended to give thanks once again to those who provided last week's posts for me. I apologize for forgetting to do so. I heard and read many wonderful comments about how insightful and powerful they were, and I agree completely. I am blessed to have so many wonderful and gifted friends. Thank you so much! And the time away with our staff went very well.]

Prelude to today’s post:

Today, as a spiritual watchman for our nation, I’m beginning a series of important posts regarding what I see coming in America. Satan has planned for decades to oppose and destroy our destiny, and his plans will intensify. God, however, has other plans. We must discern satan’s schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11), while hearing and implementing God’s strategies.

Over the last several weeks, I have sensed that a very difficult season/shaking is coming to America this fall, and will continue into next year. If I am correct, it will require the Ekklesia, the praying church, to rise up in great strength and faithfulness in order to protect our nation and her God-given destiny.

The war for the soul of America will come to a head during this window of time. The shaking caused by our sin and rebellion, accentuated by a very ungodly government and America-hating players on the world stage, will intensify. They all see this window as critical to maintaining and strengthening their hold over the U.S., yet many in America are waking up. The enemies of our liberty and strength see this and know they must overcome this awakening NOW as well as make further advances. Their efforts - those in power and those from outside our nation - will be intense.

(Yes, this window of time includes the critical 2024 elections, during which these forces will stop at nothing, regardless of how sinister, in their attempt to hold onto power; they simply must stay in power, or they will fail. Still, the election is only part of the greater agenda of those who want to forever change America. There are and will continue to be many other aspects to their efforts.)

Do not allow these warnings to intimidate you. We have known that only God can save and restore our nation, and that this can only occur through the prayers of the church and a Third Great Awakening. As prophetic intercessors and leaders, we realize there is no other hope - that evil is too entrenched in America for natural remedies and human efforts alone to reverse it. However, we also know that God’s plan is to intervene, that salvation can and will occur - America shall be saved! And we know that God has raised up a faithful remnant capable of being His instrument, His voice, and His method in this hour.

Other trusted prophetic leaders have also been sensing this turbulent time and have sent me strong warning dreams and words. They, too, know the prayers of the Ekklesia must be mobilized and, if implemented faithfully, can and will prevail. Their words always include hope and encouragement.

For weeks now, I have given much thought and prayer to these alerts. Some of my recent posts (regarding God preparing us, the church not being intimidated, etc.) have actually been done with all of this in mind. Over the next several days, I will be addressing what I and others are hearing, relating some of the dreams and insights. It is truly a season for soberness, watchfulness, faith, hope, the revelation of Christ’s victory, and the implementation of God-given strategy.

Like Esther facing Haman and David facing Goliath, we have been prepared. We do not have a spirit of timidity, and will not be intimidated. Like Timothy, spoken of in yesterday’s post, we will fan the flames of faith, life, power, love, and a sound, disciplined mind. And we will prevail.

In the remainder of today’s post, Gina Gholston, a prophet, encourages us to remember our past victories, allowing them to bolster our faith, just as David did when facing Goliath. Tomorrow, I’ll begin unpacking a very detailed dream she was given regarding the coming season. Gina shares:

Armed With Experience

“Life is a journey, and there are things that happen along our journey that we won’t always understand. But, if we will trust God and, with faith and obedience, keep following Him, He will order our steps down the path of His destiny. Every faith-filled step we take results in the accumulation of valuable experiences with Him, benefiting us as we move into His unfolding future.

“Experience is a game-changer! Someone once said, ‘A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an opinion.’ As we walk with the Lord, we experience His willingness and ability to keep us, provide for us, heal, and deliver us. We emerge from every circumstance with a stronger confidence - an unshakable faith in God.

“The story of David and Goliath illustrates the difference experience with God can make. For David, the showdown with Goliath was a defining moment. The destiny inside David had met its prophetic timing, and whether he realized it or not, the event wasn’t only about defeating a giant; it was a moment that would forever impact history. I’m sure David didn’t realize the magnitude of the moment he had stepped into, but his past experiences with the Lord had prepared him for the transition that was about to take place. As he heard the giant mocking God and the armies of the Lord, righteous indignation rose in him, provoking David to take a stand no one else was willing to take. David wasn’t the most qualified. According to men’s standards, he wasn’t even properly equipped to take on such a fight. But he had courage within him that others there did not possess. When David ran toward the giant, his past experiences with the Lord gave him uncommon confidence to face and defeat Goliath!

“As I was pondering this story, I heard the Lord say:

‘There is an event coming which those with a ‘David experience’ will be able to face while others will not. So I say, gather up those experiences and stand ready. Remind yourself of what I have done for you. Remember My faithfulness and stand firm in your faith in Me. The curtain is about to rise to reveal the stage for this defining moment, and My bold Ekklesia will be presented to this nation and the world, equipped and ready to advance My original plans and intentions.

‘So, rise up, Davids! There is a cause. Stand! It’s time! You are not alone. Remember Me. Gather up your experiences and turn to face the giant with a confident knowing that I Am greater in you than anything formed to work against you. Let faith arise and secure your footing as you release this confident declaration: “The battle is not mine; it belongs to the Lord! I am anointed to hold the sling, and I take my place. Experience has taught me that God is with me; He will order my aim, and the giant will fall!’”

“God has said to me several times, ‘2023 will be one for the history books.’ We are in a definite defining moment. I know we have heard that before, but it’s true! Defining moments are critical moments. They are also ‘deciding’ moments. When the giant in that valley was mocking God and the army of Israel, a defining moment was unfolding, and someone had to make a decision to step forward. Everyone was hearing the mocking. Saul and his armies were far more equipped than David to do something about it, but were overcome by fear and intimidation. The decision they made was to stand idle. But David’s experiences with God had taught him that God is good, able, and faithful! The timing of God, combined with his experiential knowledge of God, provoked David to resist fear and step into the moment, impacting history through his courage.

“I’m sure we don’t fully grasp the magnitude of the life-changing transition we have moved into; for many of us, however, the process is now giving way to purpose. This defining moment requires us in the church to make a decision: will we stand idly by while darkness covers the earth, or will we shine with the light of the glory of God to become history-makers? For those with ears to hear, the Lord is saying, ‘It’s time to gather up your experiences and step into this defining moment with courageous faith and undaunted expectation to see My power and glory revealed.’

“Events are unfolding now that are requiring the people of God to step up and be what we’ve been becoming. Doors are opening, leading us into the necessary opportunities, connections, and positions to accomplish His purposes. Experience has taught us that He is with us, and He will guide us. So, remember what you have learned and remember what He has said. Stay ready at all times to take those courageous leaps of unrelenting faith in God that will enable us to impact history!”

Pray with me:

Father, we hear the mocking and the jeering of the giants in our land. Fear has wrapped itself around the minds of many, causing them to stand idly by, some even compromising their faith. But You have an uncompromising remnant that will not bow to fear and intimidation. We are equipped with experience that has taught us You are faithful, greater in us than anything working against us. You are fighting for us. 

As this defining moment unfolds, we will stand and declare Your Word and faithfulness. In our strength, we cannot overcome the giants, but You have filled us with Your Spirit, and by His enabling power, we will take our place. The battle belongs to You! We will boldly stand, obey, pray, and release faith-filled decrees. We are confident You will order our aim, and the giants will fall. In Jesus’ name and authority, we pray! Amen!

Our decree:

The timing of God, the Word of God, and our experiential knowledge of God are motivating us as they did David. We resist fear and will step into this moment with courage and faith, impacting history for the glory of God!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was written by our friend Gina Gholston and taken from her book Awakening the Church to Awaken a Nation. You can find out more about Gina at Gina Gholston


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