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June 10, 2022

The Last Minute Attempt to Save Roe vs Wade

As I am certain most of you know by now, a man was arrested near Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s house, saying he had gone there to kill the Justice. There has been a great deal of prayer for the safety of the Justices over the last few months. This is quite likely the reason the man did not go through with his intentions. Intercessors For America shares the following comments:

“IFA intercessors have been praying for all of the Supreme Court Justices for months. Since the Dobbs draft opinion leaked, we felt the urgency of persistent prayers for protection, especially for the 5 Justices supporting the overturn of Roe.

“On June 8, a man was arrested outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home with the intent to murder Justice Kavanaugh. The affidavit supporting charges against the man, Nicholas Roske, describes events that we believe are answered prayer, thanking God for intervening.

“Here’s a summary of the affidavit:

“Roske traveled from California, intending to kill Justice Kavanaugh because of the leaked draft Dobbs opinion and because he feared that Justice Kavanaugh will join opinions relaxing gun control laws. Ironically, although Roske supports gun control, he purchased a Glock 17, as well as a variety of other weapons, in order to kill the Justice.

“After traveling all the way from California, Roske got out of a taxi in front of Justice Kavanaugh’s house, saw U.S. Marshals and walked down the street. He then called 911. He told the operator he was having suicidal thoughts, that he had a gun, and that he planned to kill the Justice. He was then apprehended by local police without incident.

“We see the demonic leading of this man to plan to kill Justice Kavanaugh and then to kill himself. We also see divine intervention in Roske stopping at the last minute!

“Intercessors, God hears and answers prayer. Let’s praise and thank Him and persevere in praying for protection for the Justices, their clerks, and all of their families. We don’t always know what our prayers are affecting—there could have been other plans for evil that were stopped due to the power of prayer. We DO know that this plan for harm was very obviously thwarted, inexplicably but for a supernatural intervention by God.

“Please continue to keep Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family in your prayers – as well as the other four Dobbs draft majority Justices and their families: Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett.”(1)

Most legal scholars believe that it is illegal to protest and march in front of a judge’s home. This is because of a statute enacted in 1950: Title 18, Section 1507, of the U.S. Code. The law states that it is illegal, “with the intent of influencing any judge,” to:

  • picket or parade “in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer”

  • “or with such intent,” to resort “to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence”

Tabatha Abu El-Haj, an expert on protest rights at Drexel University’s law school, said that the current protests at justices’ houses would fall under this statute, and that the statute, if tested, would probably be found constitutional.(2)

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Schumer is being criticized for fueling the anger and violence. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said of Schumer‘s inflammatory remarks:

"’Chuck Schumer is on record on video, calling for violence, basically a dog whistle for them to come after Justices Kavanaugh and [Neil] Gorsuch,’ the Georgia Republican said on Newsmax's ‘John Bachman Now.’ ‘He named them by name, and he said they won't even know what hit them. Was he talking about a bullet? Was he talking about a knife? What kind of attack?’

“In March, Schumer, D-N.Y., was criticized after standing outside the Supreme Court, surrounded by abortion rights supporters, and commenting that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh ‘have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions,’ reports The Washington Post.

“Greene also said that there has been no effort to go after the person who leaked the Roe v. Wade draft decision, which has left the conservative-leaning justices' lives in danger. Further, protests have been allowed to be held at the justices' homes, and that should have been stopped, Greene commented.

"’There should have been a bigger effort by the Department of Justice to stop these protests, and thankfully, this man was arrested before he did the unthinkable,’ said Greene. ‘Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and others, we don't see an effort for them to protect anyone but themselves.’”(3)

Green was likely referring in part to the Democrats blocking a bill that would have protected the Justices and their families. clarified:

“House Democrats on Wednesday stalled a bill that would have provided additional security for Supreme Court Justices on the same day the man was arrested for attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made a unanimous consent request on the House floor to bring up S. 4160 for a vote. S. 4160, which passed the Senate by a unanimous vote, would have allocated additional security for the justices’ family members.

“Despite McCarthy’s request, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats failed to comply with McCarthy’s proposal to bring the bill to vote.

“‘This is the same party whose heated rhetoric has encouraged political pressure on conservative justices,’ McCarthy stated.

“As McCarthy noted, President Joe Biden’s White House encouraged protests on the front steps of Justices’ homes.

“‘Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “I know that there’s an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date. And we certainly do continue to encourage that outside judges homes. And that’s the President’s position,” said McCarthy.’”(4)

The murderous rage over the partial ending of abortion in America - the reversing of Roe vs Wade would not end all abortion, only send the decision back to each individual state - is a confirmation of its demonic roots. The bloodthirsty principalities and demons that have been empowered by the shedding of innocent blood, are enraged by the possibility of that ending. The spiritual and legal war over this issue is certainly not over, nor will it end if Roe versus Wade is overturned. We must remain incredibly diligent to pray for the Supreme Court and to continue our intercession for the ending of this evil.

Pray with me:

Father, we ask You to comfort and strengthen the Justices who are under this intense pressure and the threats of violence. Sustain and protect them and their families, staffs, and friends in the midst of this murderous plot. Protect them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. May these attacks fail and backfire in the Name of Jesus!

We persevere in our release of Spirit-led decrees and declarations against the evil law, Roe versus Wade. In doing so, we release the powerful sword of the Spirit against this stronghold. We declare that its hold over America is broken. We bind the enemy powers that have kept it in place. And we release the authority of the kingdom of God against this evil.

We declare and decree, as we have done before, that satan will not be able to alter God’s timing and plans (Daniel 7:25). We bind his attempts in the powerful name of Jesus, declaring their success to be forbidden, according to Matthew 16:18-19. We boldly command, “Kingdom of God come! Will of God be done!”

We do and say all of this in the powerful name of Jesus, who has all authority in heaven AND ON EARTH. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we will triumph over the evil of abortion and the unrighteous law, Roe versus Wade.

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