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July 29, 2020

God Himself Raised Up the United States of America

Historians have studied the writings, letters, and publications of our leaders, founders, legislators, etc., during the establishment of this nation. There were three people that had the most effect on this nation’s forming and shaping. John Locke, who gave us the phrase, “Appeal to Heaven”, was the third most quoted.

Montesquieu was the second most quoted. He’s the one that pointed out Isaiah 33:22, which says, “God is our Lawgiver, Judge, and King.” So he said, “If heaven and God’s government is based on these three ideals, a nation would be wise to form its government based on these three expressions of God.” Our founders took his advice and formed our government based on this verse. So, we have a separation of powers—our Legislative branch (Lawgiver), our Judicial branch (Judge), and our Executive branch (King).

The person that had the most to do with shaping our nation and its government and ideals was God. He was quoted more than anyone else. Don’t tell me we’re not Christian in our roots. Don’t tell me God didn’t raise up this nation. I’m not going to allow our history to be stolen. That’s what this violence movement in America is all about right now. We allowed our history to be taken—stolen from the young and from certain segments of our culture through universities and lying professors. Now, we have a generation that doesn’t know our history. We are going to need to get this back.

However, God is asking the Church to pray right now that the ancient markers be restored and that we finish our course. That means that we finish the destiny and calling He has for us. I believe God is about to send the greatest revival ever to this nation, and to many other nations around the world. He is going to reap the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen. He is not finished with America.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.” (Psalm 33:12; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Thank the Lord for granting His wisdom, revelation, and the leading of His Spirit to the individuals who formed what became the governing structure of the United States of America. Clearly, His hand was in it.

  2. Deal with any place in you that feels unsure of our Christian roots or that feels hesitant in sharing this truth with others. Confident and unwavering faith will help us to pray correctly.

  3. Pray that America’s calling is re-established and a strong revival makes our roots come alive.

  4. Pray that we are able to tap into the fullness of why He raised this nation up.

  5. Appeal to Heaven, “God, send our nation and the nations around the world the greatest revival and the greatest harvest ever.”

A prayer you can pray:

Father, thank You for Your sovereign and divine wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit at the founding of our nation. Like Esther, Daniel, and Joseph, You granted the right individuals the revelation they needed at the time of our founding. You enabled them to form what became the governing structure of the United States of America. You granted revelation to people like John Locke, Montesquieu, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others, all so they could bring it together for the future of our fledgling nation.

Lord, check my heart today. If I have ever doubted that this nation was established by You, forgive me. The history is so clear. The record stands. Don’t let any individual or group remove our foundational history from us. Don’t let it be rewritten by those who want You out of the picture. Let it be taught in our schools! The generations following us must know this. We are not leaving anyone out. It is just factual—You established the United States of America for Your eternal purposes. Unfold the revelation of why in a more full measure. Lord, let us fulfill that destiny. Send this nation and the nations of the world the greatest revival and the greatest harvest ever. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God desires that we finish the destiny and calling He established us for!


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