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July 12, 2021

Our Great Need for Revelation

Biblically speaking, revelation is simply “supernaturally revealed knowledge.” This information can come through: Holy Spirit speaking to us inwardly, the Scriptures, the gifts of the Spirit, dreams, visions, and more. Regardless of the method, we must hear from God His insights, strategies, intel, and timing. Paul prayed for the church at Ephesus to have a spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-18).

Revelation is needed and helpful in many situations, but is especially important in spiritual warfare.

Chuck Pierce and I were in Florida on the Fifty-State Tour when he interrupted my message. Something I said awakened the prophetic anointing in him; he came to the platform and began prophesying. (I don’t know how he functions in meetings without me!)

“There is a terrorist cell in Tampa,” he said in the course of his prophecy.

He handed me the microphone with a do-something-about-it look. Almost as if he was saying, “I found it. Now you deal with it.”

I did the only thing I knew to do - pray. I led, while those present joined with me in agreement. We decreed that the terrorists would be found. Two weeks later a professor at a Tampa University was exposed and arrested as the leader of a group funding Islamic terrorists.1

That is warring by interruption and revelation!

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus speaks of building His church and warring by revelation of who He is. The context is that Peter has just received a powerful revelation of Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God. Jesus commended him and said, “Upon this rock I will build My church.” The Amplified Bible makes it clear that Jesus was talking about spiritual warfare; and that Christ was not saying He would build His church on Peter, but upon “the rock” of revelation that He is the Messiah.

“I tell you, you are Peter [Petros, masculine, a large piece of rock], and on this rock [petra, feminine, a huge rock like Gibraltar] I will build My church, and the gates of Hades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not overpower it - or be strong to its detriment, or hold out against it.”

Regarding “the gates of Hades,” I love Kenneth Wuest’s Translation, “the counsels of the unseen world shall not overpower it.” Jesus then made His famous promise of giving us the keys, or authority, with which to bind and loose in the invisible realm called “heavenly places.”

Far too often we try to build the church and war against satan’s plans and counsels without revelation - the counsels of heaven. This is futile, and our lack of success in many areas is the fruit of it. God, however, has been restoring our understanding of the need for the prophetic anointing that brings discernment and revelation. This is changing everything.

One of my favorite verses relating to the need for and power of revelation is 1 Chronicles 12:32: “Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command (emphasis added).” Times in this verse is a Hebrew word meaning strategic or opportune times. (For those who enjoy word studies and know the Greek word kairos, this is the Hebrew equivalent.) These were men of revelation, and it was this revelation of the times that brought them knowledge of what to do.

We must realize this is a passage about war. The verse is often referenced, but that aspect is usually overlooked. Verse 1 introduces the upcoming list of David’s mighty men with the statement “they were among the mighty men who helped him at war.” At the chapter’s conclusion, we’re again reminded that all these men were warriors (v 38). Please don’t miss the significance of this. Their prophetic anointing - the ability to understand the times, which brought knowledge of what to do - had to do with war. This is instructional: For us to be effective in our spiritual war, we too must have an ability to discern the times. And like these men of old, from that revelation we can receive strategy.

This Hebrew word for “understanding” the times is also significant. The word doesn’t refer to just a learned, intellectual knowledge or wisdom; it is prophetic revelation or discernment - a spiritually imparted knowledge. Several other passages where the same word is used will confirm this:

  • In 1 Kings 3:9, Solomon asked God for an ability to “discern.”

  • In Daniel 1:17 and 20, Daniel was given this kind of “understanding” to interpret visions and dreams.

  • In 8:15-16, Daniel asked for “understanding” to interpret a vision.

  • In 9:22, Daniel was given “instruction” and “insight with understanding” by an angel. (I find the phrase “insight with understanding” fascinating. I equate it to the “wisdom and revelation” of Ephesians 1:17.)

  • In Daniel 10:1, Daniel received “understanding” to interpret a vision from God.

  • And in Proverbs 3:5, God says, “Do not lean on your own ‘understanding.’”

Proverbs 3:5 makes much more sense when understood in this light of prophetic revelation. God is not saying we should abandon wisdom or common sense. He is telling us not to rely on our own human discernment of what to do. “Receive revelation from Me,” He is saying. Again, placing this understanding into the context of war (1 Chronicles 12: 32) makes it especially significant. If we are to know what to do to overcome in spiritual warfare, we must receive spiritual revelation.

Whether fighting a “good fight of faith” personally (1 Timothy 6:12), “wrestling” with principalities and powers over communities or nations (Ephesians 6:12), or “pulling down strongholds” in an individual’s life (2 Corinthians 10:3-5), Holy Spirit knows how the victory of Christ must be applied. That may be through repentance, forgiveness toward someone, fasting, binding and loosing, decreeing the Word, prolonged intercession, or other methods. The key is to listen for His strategy, then do it.

When I needed healing from 45 warts on my hands, Holy Spirit’s strategy was for me to speak (or decree) the Word over my hands until the warts disappeared (Mark 11:23-24). This took 30 days. When praying for a young girl who had been in a coma for 18 months, His strategy was for me to pray over her an hour every week until her brain was healed. This took a year. When praying for the healing and salvation of nations, numerous things are often required: unity in the church, much agreement in prayer, repentance and cleansing from national sins, fasting, and more. Only Holy Spirit knows what needs to happen for breakthrough to occur in situations. We must hear His instruction and obey. This is the key to winning spiritual war.

Pray with me:

Father, Your word tells us You always give us victory, that we always triumph in Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14). We believe Jesus completely dealt with satan’s ability to steal, kill, and destroy us, and that He came to give us abundant life (John 10:10). You sent Holy Spirit to be our Teacher, Guide and Helper. We believe He is always willing to give us the revelation we need in order to succeed. If we do as You instructed Joshua, meditating in Your Word and listening for Your instruction, we will prosper and have great success (Joshua 1:8).

So we ask You for the spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-18). We ask You for the same anointing Issachar was given with which to discern the times and know what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32). We do not lean to our understanding in spiritual matters, but rather we acknowledge and listen to You (Proverbs 3:5-6). Give those who need breakthrough at a personal level the understanding they need. And give us the understanding we need at the corporate level to break through for our nation. We know this is happening, and we believe it will continue. In Christ’s name we pray, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we have ears to hear what Holy Spirit is saying to us, the church. We will listen, hear, and obey.

Click below to watch the prayer.


Portions of today’s post were taken from my book, Authority in Prayer.


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