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January 30, 2018

We’re Getting Closer to “The Turnaround”!

As you know, the time is growing close for the convening of THE TURNAROUND—APPEAL TO HEAVEN CONFERENCE.  Thousands will be attending both onsite in DC and via LiveStreaming. Your continued intercession on behalf of this significant time is vitally important and greatly appreciated. This week we will focus on God accomplishing His will and purposes during this significant assembly.


Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Pray that every leader that speaks through declarations and decrees will release a clear sound and vision of God’s will for this nation.

  2. Pray that the revelation released will become spiritual understanding in the hearts of those assembled there and those watching via LiveStreaming.

  3. Pray that through the marrying of revelation and spiritual understanding, the attendees will leave energized, empowered, and focused to become “boots on the ground,” re-anointing this nation for spiritual Turnaround.

  4. Pray for clear strategies to be imparted with abundance of wisdom to re-launch the Worldwide Prayer Movement. We will intercede from a greater posture of authority in obedience to prophetic words that will be given at the conference.

  5. Pray for spiritual understanding to come that will fully transition intercessors into a position of declaring from their Kingly authority and anointing and not just from their Priestly burdens.

  6. Pray there will be no resistance or action that would need special attention during conference time that will distract Dutch, Ceci, the DSM team, or any of the speakers, worship leaders, or other participants.

  7. Pray that all in attendance will come surrendered, focused, and empowered to operate as one throughout the conference and beyond, as we all afterward return to our spheres of assignment.

A prayer you can pray:

In the name of Jesus, we join together as one new man in the earth to see your total will done during The TURNAROUND Conference. We decree that every song sung, word spoken, prophetic word decreed, and action taken will come straight from the heart of God. We pray that spiritual understanding will cause a fresh empowerment of the re-launching of the prayer movement to cause the open door of this year to be effective at a greater level. We lift up Dutch, Ceci, Chuck, Cindy, and Lou, as well as others who will decree and declare during the sessions. We pray for the worship teams and participants to move fully into vertical worship. We decree that Holy Spirit will invade the hearts of all speakers, worship leaders and teams, and those who will release declarations and decrees, that they will speak and sing forth words filled with the power of God. Let the worship teams be filled with the Kingdom sound. We decree that this fresh Kingdom sound enables and empowers the people of God to become the Roar of the Lion of Judah in this Nation. Amen.

Today’s decree:

I decree The Turnaround will strike the heart of God and shift the nation’s prayer movement.


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