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January 3, 2023

A Dragon, Calamity, and A Promise (part 1 of 4)

Today, I’m going to share what I believe is an important dream. It is somewhat sobering, yet ultimately very hope-filled. The dream includes 3 scenarios that present challenges and opportunities in America. It also makes clear that the praying church has the authority to determine which scenario ultimately prevails. America shall be saved, yes, but this will occur as the Ekklesia continues to listen and obey Holy Spirit. Just as Elijah birthed God’s promised rain (see 1 Kings 18), and Daniel birthed His promised restoration of Israel (see Daniel 9), the Ekklesia must birth America’s recovery, as well. We have begun this process and must continue doing so.

Paul spoke of choices in First Corinthians 16:8-9: “I will remain in Ephesus until the feast of Pentecost. There’s an amazing door of opportunity standing wide open for me to minister here, even though there are many who oppose and stand against me” (TPT). Paul was not intimidated or controlled by the opposition; he chose the opportunity - in spite of the opposition.

In Deuteronomy, God offered Israel the choice of life or death, blessings or curses (Deuteronomy 30:19). He urged them to choose life, both for themselves and their children. Our decisions have far-reaching effects. We in America are making decisions today that will determine the futures of our children and grandchildren. In his Concord Hymn, Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke of patriotic “...heroes [who] dare to die and leave their children free.”(1) May Holy Spirit give us heroic hearts that will fight for the freedom of our children.

The dream, as given to Dr. Greg Hood:

“On 12/02/2022, the Lord gave me [Greg Hood] a dream. The dream opened with Dutch and I being led by an angel up to large, iron double doors. The angel took us through them, and inside we saw three doors down the left side of the room. Each door had a combination lock with a keypad on it.

“We approached the first door, which was open slightly, allowing us to see a little of the room. Dutch reached and opened the door further so we could see more of what was inside. What we saw was unnerving - a dragon eating from a bowl that was shaped like the United States. As the bowl would become empty, men in suits replenished it.

“We stepped away from the door, and it returned back to its original position - open, but only slightly. As the angel led us away from the door, I [Greg] reached to push it fully closed, but could not move it. While motioning us toward the next door, the angel said to me, ‘You can’t close it with your hands!’

“We approached the second door, and again, it was slightly ajar. Once more, Dutch reached out and opened it fully. Inside was a movie theatre with a movie playing on the big screen. The movie was depicting spiritual darkness causing all sorts of evil - famine, communism, war, and calamity. A man was sitting in the front row of the theatre. In the dream, we knew he was Nero, the former emperor of Rome. The movie became more intense. We could see cities being overrun, homes and families being displaced. Again, as we stepped away from the doorway, the door automatically went to its original position - open slightly. As we were led away from the door, I [Greg] again reached to push the door closed, but couldn’t do so. While motioning us to move toward the next door, the angel again said to me, ‘You can’t close it with your hands!’

“The angel then led us to the third door. This door was also cracked open, but a little more than the others. As we approached it, we could hear a sound coming from inside the room. Again, Dutch opened the door fully, and as he did, we could feel powerful energy coming from inside. This energy created a strong wind that was blowing outward, then sucking inward, like a person breathing, only much stronger. The wind was so strong it was moving us backward and forward. The angel of the Lord spoke and said, ‘This is the door to awakening and the transformation of nations.’

"The angel then said to Dutch, ‘These doors picture what America is now facing. They can’t be opened or closed by the hands of the prophet, but must be opened and closed by the decrees of the apostolic Ekklesia. Operate them with your mouth, not your hands!’

“Dutch then began speaking forcefully to the first two doors: ‘MY CODE IS 22-22, AND WITH IT I COMMAND THESE DOORS TO CLOSE, AND I DEADBOLT THEM CLOSED FOR GOOD!’ When he declared this, both doors slammed shut with powerful force, and an angel was placed at each one to ensure that it remained closed.


“As Dutch finished declaring this, the wind and energy in this room sucked us through the doorway. And we knew the nation had been pulled into the room of awakening!” End of dream.

Three doors. Three rooms. Three scenarios.

In dreams of this nature I represent the praying Church; actions I perform are not to be done by me alone, but by the apostolic Ekklesia.

In the first room, the dragon no doubt represents satan (Revelation 12:9). It could also represent satan in his manifestation as Leviathan (see Isaiah 27:1). I also believe the dragon could represent the Communist Party of China (not the general population) which is evil, no doubt controlled by demonic powers and is often pictured by a dragon. The dragon is seen in the dream consuming and devouring America. Satan’s desire is always to steal, kill and destroy, and he is most certainly doing much of this in America. Notice that in the dream, the door is already open, and the consuming of America has begun.

America was being fed to the dragon by men in suits. I believe they refer to some in America’s government, and also in our businesses and corporations. Unrighteous decisions being made by individuals in our government are giving satan the right to consume and devour America. And deals being made with Communist China by some in our business arena are feeding America’s assets and security to that nation.

Behind door number two was a movie showing death and destruction being observed by “Nero.” Nero was the emperor of Rome from 54 A.D. to 68 A.D. He no doubt represents evil, perhaps even insane, government. This evil emperor was an insane tyrant, a murderer who killed his own family members, and the ruler who began the persecution of Christians in Rome. Nero had them burned alive, crucified and thrown to the dogs. He was the emperor who oversaw the martyrdom of the apostles, Paul and Peter. Nero was insane, evil, and controlled by demons.(2)

Watch a video or two of drag queens dancing in apostate churches or in front of kindergarteners. Then consider the fact that they are celebrated by many in our government - some of them even honored and entertained in the White House. THIS…is a picture of Nero playing the fiddle while watching Rome burn.

Back to the dream…

All sorts of evils were being displayed on the TV screen of Room 2: communism, principalities overseeing the destruction of families and cities, war, death, and destruction. Sound familiar? Most of these things are already occurring in America. As the dream showed, the door is open and the carnage has begun.

Will America be involved in another literal war, perhaps even here on our soil? It is not clear in the dream, though this cannot be ruled out. Regardless, the instructions given to the praying Church will remain the same, which we will discuss later this week.

It is clear in the dream that these two doors leading to evil and destruction CAN be closed - that’s good news! However, they could NOT be closed with our hands. In other words, they can’t be closed through human effort: laws, legislation, strength, ideas, methods or programs, including those implemented by the Church. Tomorrow, we will look at the wonderful scenario behind door number 3, followed by the instructions on how we were instructed to close and open these doors.

Pray with me:

Father, America has sown the wind; we are now reaping the whirlwind. Evil forces are being fed and strengthened, the dragon is gorging himself on our nation. Addiction is common, violence is rampant, babies are legally killed, children are mutilated. Many in government are corrupt and evil, and America is led by a dishonest man whom the entire world knows is also mentally handicapped.

And yet…Your mercy is everlasting, enduring forever, triumphing over judgment. You still offer salvation and point the way to deliverance and victory. As many have been partaking of communion together, we have been appealing to heaven’s Mercy Seat, where Your very blood shouts louder than our sins. Your mercy is amazing, and we thank You!

We declare today that the apostolic Church WILL close and lock these evil doors. We WILL open the door of awakening, refreshing, remodeling, and purpose. We ARE Christ’s apostolic Ekklesia, and we DO know the code. Open our eyes this week and next as we pursue the further revelation You are offering regarding all of this. In Christ’s name we ask, amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the apostolic Ekklesia will open the door of life and blessing.

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