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January 3, 2020

The Rising Army of Worshippers

“There is an army of worshippers rising. It is going to take many voices and many sounds of worship to make up the choir that will win the battles ahead. God is calling many into this holy choir. The song of the Lord will lead the way. The song of the Lord will win the battles. The song and the battle are going to be one. Declare the Word in song. Sing the song. Decree the Word in the song. Sing it out. Declare it loud.

“The songs will bring peace in the middle of the storm. Sing out. Sing the songs out. Never stop praising in the middle of the storm. Exalt King Jesus. Let the King arise on your praises. The glory of the King will rise up as you praise. The battle will be won as you praise. Be like David. Go to war with a song on your lips and the Word in your heart.

“Join the Lord and never stop worshipping Him. Never stop praising. Never stop praying. Never stop decreeing. Say it loud. Sing it loud. Pray it loud. Decree it loud. Let the voice of the Lord be heard in His people. We will not stop. We will join the Lord in the battle with our praise!” (Julie Meyer)

“Praise him, kings and all peoples, princes and all other rulers;

young women and young men, old people and children too.

Let them all praise the name of the Lord!

His name is greater than all others; his glory is above earth and heaven.

He made his nation strong, so that all his people praise him—

the people of Israel, so dear to him.

Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 148:11-14; GNT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Praise the Lord! Let your spontaneous song rise up to Him. Tell Him how worthy He is to receive our praises.

  2. Sing of the battles you are facing and sing a victory song over them.

  3. Call forth the praising army of the Lord.

  4. Declare that the unending praises of God’s people will rise up and create victories in this nation.

  5. Read Psalm 148:11-14 as a declaration of praise.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we will exalt Your Holy Name! We will praise You for You are worthy of our praise! We will never stop praising You. When we don’t feel like it, we will praise. When we don’t see anything, we will praise. When we don’t feel anything, we will not stop praising. We want to know You in a different way. We want to see You high and exalted on our praises. Let our songs join the songs of others.

Join us into a mighty army of worshippers. Lead us forth in praise. We are going to battle with You through our praise. Let our worship win battles. Let Your praise be on our lips and let our enemies be routed. Together, we will praise. We will never stop praising! Put Your Word in our mouths as a song. Let Your Word be a sword in our mouths in the form of a song. Let us sing Your Word loud, declare it loud, and decree it loud. Let us sing and sing and sing and sing until the battles are won. Holy One. Holy Lord Jesus. You are worthy of our praise. We will sing! Amen.

Today’s decree:

Our songs of praise and worship will be the way we war!

Learn more about Julie Meyer and her prophetic music here.


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