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January 23, 2023

A History Making Moment

Several years ago, Holy Spirit challenged me with the statement: “You can either make history, or you can sit back and watch it being made.” Someone will write the history of our generation; the only question is, who. My challenge to the church of our day is to partner with God and write the history He desires for our generation. Acts 13:36 tells us that David served the purpose of God in his generation. What an epitaph!

Holy Spirit recently dealt with our friend, Gina Gholston, about history making. Gina shares:

“The past several months seem to have ushered many into a deepening passion for the awakening, which has begun to broaden in scope and increased momentum. There’s an unshakeable feeling that we have crossed into the unfolding of a history-making moment. As a matter of fact, the Lord recently said to me, ‘The year 2023 will be one for the history books.’

“A few days ago, I was having lunch with some friends. During our conversation, I shared with them a revelation the Lord once gave me about ‘marked moments.’ Through that revelation, He helped me understand there are some things He leads us to do that, in that particular time, may seem to make no sense to our human understanding. But He assured me, saying, ‘Those times of obedience are pieces of a bigger picture. In and of themselves, they may seem to be irrelevant and even senseless, but there will come a time when I will put all the pieces together, and you will understand why each part was necessary.’ We are each on a journey with the Lord, and as we follow Him in faith and obedience, He leads us according to His plan. Even when we don’t understand the steps, we must stay the course so that, in the right time, the parts can be placed to form the whole of God’s intentions.

“As I shared this revelation with my friends that day, I heard myself say, ‘This is the time when the pieces are coming together.’ Instantly, we all knew Holy Spirit had come to the table and entered our conversation. We all felt His presence, and the weight of those words was undeniable. ‘The pieces are coming together.’ That means we have moved into a ‘big picture’ moment. Something has been completed, and now the purpose for those ‘marked moments’ will begin to be revealed, and we’ll be so thankful that we took the journey!

“The big picture not only validates our faith walk in times past, but also unveils understanding that lends itself to prophetic insight for where we are going. Moses stood before twelve men he had sent to scope out the land to determine Israel’s next move. Ten of them said, ‘We can’t take that land. The giants are huge and we are grasshoppers compared to them.’ However, Joshua and Caleb had received a revelation of the big picture. They reported, ‘This is what it’s all been about. Everything God has done has led us to this moment. His hand is good upon us, and we are well able to possess what He has promised.’ The pieces had come together, and the ‘big picture’ had made them acutely aware it was now time to cross over and take the land.

“Their arrival in the land did not mean their journey was done or everything would be easy from that point forward. The journey would continue, and there were battles to fight, but the journey had shifted from circling the familiar path around the mountain to moving into the land God said they could and would possess. It was definitely a history making moment!

“God is saying to us, ‘The pieces are coming together.’ A shift has occurred, and we are feeling the provocation of the Lord to focus forward with new perspective. It’s not a time to settle or wrongly assess the future and our ability to step into it victoriously. It’s time to be bold and courageous, and possess the land!

“Recently, I saw a vision of a ravine. On one side of the ravine, I could see a pathway that was covered with glory, but the way across the ravine was a tightrope. I could see a line of people who would walk up to the edge. They wanted to go to the other side but feared crossing on the tightrope, so they walked away.

“I heard a voice that thundered, saying, ‘Trust the Lord, and fear not!’ A few of the people then began to take steps onto the tightrope. As they did, angels began surrounding them, assisting them as they crossed over. I then heard the Lord say, ‘You are now at a critical point. Your past obedience has led you to this moment and has created a supply for your future, but you must choose to go over the chasm. I have provided a way, but it requires you to completely trust in Me. Your first steps will take a courageous act of faith, but as you move forward, you will find that I have provided divine assistance. I have commanded the hosts to assist you, and they hearken unto My voice. I have placed My Spirit within you, and as you listen to My voice and leading, the narrow way won’t seem so daunting. For those who choose to trust Me and fear not, will find strength and an ability to traverse the tight places and enter the way that is filled with My manifested glory.’

“I believe the Lord is saying to the remnant who will boldly proceed with trust in Him, ‘The culmination of all you have heard, seen, believed, and done is about to become the catapult that will launch you into a greater encounter, power, and effectiveness!’

“All this being said, I have that feeling you get when you are sitting in the seat of an airplane. You’re buckled in, awaiting the inevitable ‘take off.’ You feel the momentum increase as you leave the gentle taxiing down the runway! Suddenly, the engines roar, and the adrenaline kicks in as you gain speed! The thrust then leads to lift-off, and everything you planned, prepared for, talked about, learned about, and anticipated just got very real. And the remembrance of all the steps and preparation leading to this moment provokes a confident assurance that whatever is ahead, you are ready! There’s nothing but forward!

“Yeah, this feels just like that kind of moment! The pieces are coming together, and it’s time for take-off into this history making year!”

Pray with me:

Father, You have taught us through our past experiences that You are faithful, able, and ever-present. Now, the culmination of all that we have seen, heard, learned, and experienced is catapulting us into this history-making moment. The pieces are coming together to reveal the big picture of Your intentions, and we are equipped and ready to step into it. Fear is not an option. The hosts of Heaven have hearkened unto Your voice to assist us. Holy Spirit is guiding us, imparting Your well-timed wisdom, empowering us to successfully navigate the journey ahead. The time to go forward is now, and no matter what the days ahead may bring, we are confident You are with us every step of the way, and we are well able to possess the fullness of all You have promised. Amen!

Our decree:

Our trust is in the Lord. We will not fear! He has strengthened us, enabling us to traverse the tight places, entering the way filled with His glory. The pieces are coming together, and we are ready for take-off!

Today’s post was contributed by our friend Gina Gholston. If you would like to learn more about Gina, go to

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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