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January 21, 2021

God’s Plans for America Have Not Changed

As I promised yesterday, I will be releasing a YouTube/podcast within the next couple of days, where I will share fully where I believe we are in our nation, spiritual speaking, and what I believe God is saying to us as we move forward.

However, in today’s post, what I want to dwell on is the corruption aspect of this. The corruption and evil IS going to be exposed in America. I believe God will uncover what is hidden in darkness and the exposure is going to happen. God is going to reveal fully, not only what took place in this election, but many other aspects of the deep state and corruption in our land. I fully believe God will not allow everything to stay hidden but that evil will be brought to light.

One of the members of my prayer team is a prophetic dreamer. God has given her quite a few dreams concerning the election and she was given yet another dream on Sunday, January 17, 2021. As you will see, details in the dream indicated that Joe Biden would be inaugurated as President on January 20th. This, of course, was somewhat troubling to me, yet the dream ended with exposure and turnaround. I am withholding names of the people in the dream other than Kamala Harris. Those details are not necessary to understand the dream. All I will say is they are are very high-ranking U.S. government leaders from both political parties. The dream:

“This morning I dreamed I was in the Oval Office of the White House. To my right was the Resolute Desk. There was no one sitting in the chair at the desk.

“To my left stood five government leaders: a (Republican) man, a (Democrat) woman, a (Democrat) man, a (prominent) Judge and Kamala Harris. They were standing side by side along the wall in front of the door. The door to the Oval Office was closed.

“One of the leaders looked to her left and said to Kamala Harris, ‘Take your seat.’ Then she waved her hand toward the chair behind the desk.

“As she spoke, I turned my head just in time to see a huge lion walking out from behind the desk, making his presence known. He stopped and swiped his right front paw in the air (like a grizzly bear does when it’s angry).

“With the exception of the lady encouraging Harris to take the seat, those in the group looked shocked and troubled by the sight of the lion, as if his presence was going to be a problem for them. The lady spoke up, very arrogantly, and said, ‘Oh, don’t worry, we planned ahead. We knew he was coming, so we made a plan to deal with this, too!’

“Right then she pulled out a rifle loaded with poisonous darts. I could see that the darts had deep reddish-orange feathers on them.

“The lion then jumped up onto the Resolute Desk, and he roared. (It wasn’t a full, loud roar, just a short grunting type roar.)

“This ring leader smiled and said again, very condescendingly, ‘We’ve already planned for this,’ as if seeing the lion was not a big deal! Again she smiled at one of the men and he smiled back at her.

“She then handed him the dart rifle. He took the rifle and raised it to aim at the lion. But then a look came over his face, almost a look of repentance, as if he had already decided he wasn’t going to follow through with the plan. Though he did not speak, his expression was saying, ‘I am not going to do this!’ He then lowered the gun. The leader and the others in the room did not expect this reaction!

“Then a man stepped beside me to my right. He was a 4-star General and was dressed in full camouflage attire. He had four stars on each shoulder.

“The man holding the dart rifle then held it out, and the General took it. The ringleader was furious that he had not followed through with the plan. The General raised the rifle and to their surprise, pointed it at all of them, and then took them into custody.

“I looked at the lion. He was still sitting on the desk, looking very regal. That was the end of the dream.”

The interpretation of the dream, to me, is pretty simple. It had to be taking place after yesterday’s Inauguration, in order for Mrs. Harris to be directed to the empty seat. It also had to occur after Joe Biden was no longer functioning as President, either because of his death, bad health, or somehow was no longer able to fulfill the role. Personally, I don’t believe that will be very long. I also believe his party planned for this, knowing he would not be able do this job, let alone complete the 4 years; so they hand-picked their choice as Vice President, someone whom they knew would lead America farther to the Left.

But in the dream, the Lion stepped in - unintimidated, filled with resolve, and fully confident. Without a doubt, He is the Lion of Judah, Lord Jesus Himself. And though these leaders took counsel together against Him and thought they could stop Him (Psalm 2:1-3), He prevailed, just as the Psalm says He would. And the 4-star General took control of the situation. This could picture the church as God’s army, or indicate the literal military will become involved.

I continue to believe full exposure of the corruption in this election and even before the election will be exposed. I also believe corruption will be exposed in Congress, the Judicial system, the Deep State, and elsewhere. As it pertains to the election this will likely create the greatest crisis in the history of the U.S. government. The nation will be in shock. The media will be exposed. And everyone will know the truth.

I do not know how long this will take. I do not think it will take long; I believe it will happen fairly soon. I plan to continue praying regarding this, and as I have said many times, I am not praying for the career of an individual, I am praying for the turning of our nation. And for that to happen fully, the purifying must come.

“Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed. He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision. Now, therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.” (Psalm 2:1-4, 12; ESV)

“...for He will both bring to light the [secret] things that are hidden in darkness and disclose the motives of the hearts.” (1 Corinthians 4:5 AMP)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Make a determination that you will not give up in your prayers for our nation.

  • Pray what God has put in your heart and what the prophets have said. Those promises did not end yesterday. Listen to how Holy Spirit asks you to pray for our land.

  • Continue to call forth the will of God for America.

  • Confidently put your faith and trust in the One whom you know you can trust, and Who is always faithful.

  • Even though we don’t have all of the answers, guard your faith and don’t allow it to be shaken. Know that you can always trust Him.

  • Spend time with Jesus, quieten your soul, and drink in His presence.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord Jesus, we thank you that You are on the throne and nothing has shaken You. Even as I believed Your choice for America was Donald Trump, this election was never about a man, but about Your plans for America. And those plans have not changed. You want to bring a sweeping Awakening to America.

We pray for outgoing President Trump and Melania as they transition back into their lives as civilians. We continue to ask You to draw them to you. God, we ask that You reveal Yourself to Mr. Trump. Now that he is out from under the pressures of leading the nation and the many voices associated with that, we ask You, Holy Spirit to come and speak Your words to him, drawing Him near to You. And we ask You to use him in every way you have planned. Let nothing stop it.

Just as the dream gave us hope that You, the Lion of Judah, haven’t given up on the Oval Office and You have your own plans for that office, we ask You, Lord, to implement Your plans. Holy Spirit, come and expose everything hidden. Just because a new inauguration took place yesterday doesn’t mean that You’re not still working behind the scenes. Our times are in Your hands. We continue to agree with You that all darkness will come to light - we command: ALL DARKNESS - COME TO LIGHT! Shine Your penetrating light into all of the unswept corners, Lord. Shake what can be shaken and judge what needs to be judged.

Lord, Your plans for America have not changed. We believe that, and we pray for Your grace and Your mercy to be upon our great nation. In Jesus’ name...Amen.


We decree that the darkness in America is being confronted and confounded by God’s Truth and Light!


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