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January 2, 2024

As we move forward into this epochal year, it is vital that we hear and respond appropriately to Holy Spirit’s voice. My brother, Tim, received a strong word from Him about what we will see released in 2024. It will instruct and encourage you. 

The Reset Season

by Tim Sheets

Worldview is so important right now. Challenges to our Christian faith are rising, and our view needs to be set in alignment with God’s Word and His perspective. Psalm 31:15 reminds us that our times are in God’s hands. A few weeks ago during our Sunday service, Holy Spirit began to move in a different way, and prophetic words, declarations, and songs were released. 

The following is a word from that morning (December 3, 2023):

“Holy Spirit says to the church of the King, look into the spirit realm, and you will now see the bringing forth of the reset you have asked for. For as the world declares and celebrates the birth of the King, I tell you this day, the birth of His Kingdom will rise in waves of glory. History was changed in Bethlehem during the times of the King’s birth. Those were desperate times, but heaven moved. Lucifer, though he tried, could not stop it. Governments also tried, but they could not stop it. The coming of the Deliverer could not be stopped.

“The reset you have called for is being birthed in this season. You will hear the shout of the King rising from the land. It is the cry of the mighty Deliverer as He births the greatest move of His Kingdom. For as He came in infancy to birth a Kingdom, He now comes as the resurrected King of glory to activate another release of His Kingdom throughout the earth.   

“At the time of His birth, years of silence were broken by a prophetic unction that came forth, and joy came into the world, announced by angels. The Lord says, in this day also, the angels are announcing a new joy into the earth. Glory will begin to roll as billowing clouds, one after the other, to bring the reset you have called for.

“And even as dreams came and instructed in the ancient times of the King’s birth, the atmosphere of the Kingdom will again spawn dreams throughout the land. Strategy dreams will now be downloaded as the reset begins to roll. Strategies from dreams will be activated and begin to reset, to change things supernaturally, and break the oppression of governments. 

“Holy Spirit says, just as the shepherds, Joseph, and those in the narrative of the King’s birth were anointed to dream, I will do so again. I will begin to release millions of dreams to prodigals. They will dream of destiny and purpose, dreaming the King’s dream. Your prodigals are going to dream dreams, and in those dreams, they will rise up and say, ‘This is what I must do, and this is where I must go.’ Dreams that unlock destinies, and change lives. Dreams that end addictions, and cancel demonic assignments on their lives, for I will activate within them dreams of their God. And as prodigals rise to take their place, you will see the birthing of that wave of the reset begin to roll through the land.

“Evangelists are arising on college campuses. They will preach and declare the Word of Almighty God. The passionate ones will be powerfully anointed. I will confirm My Word with signs, wonders, and miracles. For I have a harvest that I will reach. I will put the ‘breaker anointing’ upon young men and women, and they will walk the campuses declaring, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’ With the drawing power, the conviction of My presence and Kingdom, that will invade campuses, I will reach into the hearts of those who are bound, lost, and drifting with aimless mindsets. I will draw them to their purpose. 

“For I say to you deep will call to deep within them. I will call to the deepest parts of their inner nature. I will call to the dreams and purpose I have put into them, which have been buried by lies and deception. Now, says the Lord, the anointing that breaks those yokes is being released. Revival will roll throughout college campuses.

Great prophets will arise. You will begin to hear prophetic words coming from college campuses. You will understand that this is a day like no other. I said My young men would see visions, and I meant it. I said My handmaids will receive the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit to declare what I say, and I meant it. I said your old men would dream dreams and that I would fill all flesh with My Spirit. I meant it.

“I am moving, says the Lord, in ways I have declared to you by prophetic utterance. My Word will not return to Me empty; the assignments in those words will activate. Even at this moment and throughout this season, beginning now and into 2024, says the Lord, those prophetic words and assignments will activate, creating their fullness. 

“I will supernaturally shift things in the earthly realm. Shifts I create in governments will cause the world to wonder and say, ‘I never saw this coming.’ You will see a great revival in Muslim communities. They too, will begin to dream from My Spirit. Sauls will become Pauls. You are moving into a new time, says the Lord, that I have ordained.

“I call to My Ekklesia to rise in faith and begin to walk with Me at a new level, declaring what I say and moving into the new. For the shaking I promised has come. The fierce war season I promised has come. And now, the birthing of the reset will roll throughout your nation and the nations, for I am working to change and reset.

“You will begin to see visible signs and workings of this, as I release a strategy within the Ekklesia. For the church will shift from declarations of ‘this will be,’ to declarations of ‘this is that.’ You will declare, ‘This is that which was spoken by Holy Spirit. This is that which was spoken by the King. This is that which was spoken by the Father.’ You WILL move into the ‘this is that’ moment, says the Lord. I am the God of eternity, and I am the God of now. My Word will not return void.” 

The Lord will be seen as the God of NOW! This is the time when the King rises in His rule, in His Kingdom’s jurisdiction, in all the world. His Kingdom has no end, and it will not be limited. The reset has begun.

Pray with me: 

Lord, we align our faith with what You have said, with the shift You have announced. We ask You to move as You desire and in the ways You have ordained. Move at levels that amaze us. We will walk and work with You, in faith and confidence, and You will do exactly as You have said.

We declare: “No limitations to this move of the King! Neither nations, governments, rulers, false religions, nor demonic principalities will stop it. The ideologies propagated on college campuses will not stop this move. Miracles, healings, and deliverances will occur throughout the land; the hand of God will be seen. Prodigals will receive dreams, hear Holy Spirit, return to God, and be transformed. They will be passionate lovers of God and His Word, filled with Holy Spirit, powerful evangelists, and prophetic voices. Deception, confusion, addictions, perversions, and disillusion will be broken off of them through powerful God-encounters. The glory of the Lord will roll in wave after wave. Revival, reset, freedom, signs, wonders, and great harvest will now come!”

in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Our decree: 

We decree that the reset of Kingdom authority in our land now begins, and we are moving into an era of great harvest.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim. You can learn more about him at


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