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February 8, 2022

The Power of Covenant

I have pointed out in recent posts that the “Evergreen” boxing glove in the “Five Giants” dream (title: It’s Time to Put on the Gloves) represents covenant, and that this is what I believe the evergreen tree on the Appeal To Heaven flag represents. It certainly represented covenant in Abraham’s life, in the verse that pictures both gloves: Everlast and Evergreen (Genesis 21:33). I have said that we must war for America by drawing on the strength of and honoring our nation’s covenant with God. I’ve been feeling that I need to do a post explaining what I mean, and don’t mean by this.

There are different types and levels of covenant. Most Christians use the word “covenant” only in reference to God’s covenant with Abraham and his offspring, or when referring to the New Covenant we enjoy through Christ. Because of this, many shy away from believing America is in a covenant relationship with God. The word for covenant in Scripture, however, has a much broader range of meaning.

The Hebrew word is beriyth. It means “a compact, covenant, alliance, pledge, promise, treaty, agreement, league; a constitution, ordinance.” These usages can refer to an agreement between individuals, as in a marriage or a friendship. The word also refers to a covenant, contract, or alliance between nations. Israel even made a covenant with death (Isaiah 28:15, 18)! And, of course, it is used to describe covenants with God. Simply stated, a covenant is a sacred and binding agreement or promise between two or more parties.

Obviously, there are different levels and strengths of covenants. In God’s eyes, a marriage covenant is obviously more binding than two friends promising to stick with one another. He always expects us to keep our word, but we do not become one with someone through a friendship covenant. The old and new covenants in scripture obviously rise to higher levels than most other covenants. Abraham’s covenant with God also rises above most others. The new covenant through Christ’s blood stands above all covenants.

When I state that America is in covenant with, or has a covenant with God, I am NOT saying God entered into the type of covenant with us that He did Abraham. And I’m certainly not equating it to a covenant like unto what we enjoy with God through Christ. And I’m not implying that it is based on a blood sacrifice of some sort.

I AM saying that early Pilgrims, settlers, and Founders in America entered into sacred alliances and agreements with God. They did so through prayers, promises, and written documents - including our founding documents, which made the agreements legally binding. Our Founders made sacred, covenantal promises to function under God’s government and care, to serve His purposes, and to honor Him. This was accepted by God because they based it on Christ’s sacrifice and the Scriptures. It was also accepted because God Himself inspired and motivated the actions!

America absolutely has covenant agreements with God and covenant promises from God! He still honors them, and as we “intercessorily” declare them they are powerful. We can agree and decree with Hunt’s Cape Henry declaration that the gospel will go from these shores to all the nations of the earth. We can declare and decree with Congress that we are a nation under God. We can decree with Franklin and the Continental Congress that the God of providence founded us and will finish what He started. WE CAN TAKE OUT GIANTS WITH THESE DECLARATIONS!

It is little wonder that satanic forces are trying to revise our history. Satan knows covenant roots are powerful. He knows God keeps covenant and mercy. He knows this “boxing glove” has power, a power he has no answer for. We must use this glove!

Do not be distracted by the lies and indoctrination of the left. They will lose. God will win. They cannot steal our history unless we allow it, and we will not do so. Hold fast to it and use it in your prayers.

Tomorrow we will look at another strong dream which references the strength of our covenantal roots. You won’t want to miss it.

Pray with me:

We decree that America was founded by God, under an appeal to heaven, and that an appeal to heaven will give us a rebirth!

We decree that we are a voice for Him to the ends of the earth, and the gospel of the kingdom will go forth from America to all people!

We decree that we are a Christian nation, founded under Christ’s blood and rule, and that we have no king but Jesus!

We decree that Yahweh is our Lawgiver, our Judge, and our King, and that our three branches of government were founded under this truth! (Isaiah 33:22) They will return to this!

We decree we are a city on a hill, shining God’s light to all the earth, and that darkness will not win!

We decree that God’s mercy over America endures forever, that His mercies are new every morning!

We decree that He who began a good work in us will complete it, that God had a plan for our restoration before we even turned against Him!

We decree that nothing can stop this turnaround because our trust is in God! This is even on our currency! We agree with it!

We decree that God’s redeeming power is greater than satan’s deceiving lies, and that His truth will prevail!

We decree that salvation belongs to God and that he loves to save, taking no pleasure in judgment!

We decree that we are seated with Christ, and that satan is under our feet. We are far above all principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness!

We decree that we are Christ’s Ekklesia/government on earth and that we have His keys of authority to bind and loose, open and close.

We decree that no weapon formed against America, nor against the purposes of God in our generation, will prosper.

We decree that America shall be saved!!!


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