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February 20, 2018

Caleb’s Faith Statement

Caleb was one of the twelve spies sent in to check out the Promised Land. He was indignant at the other ten unbelieving spies. He said, “Hey guys, we can do this. These giants are not too big for God.” He tried to get them and the rest of the people of Israel motivated to go take the land and he points to Hebron/Kiriath Arba, which was the highest place in all of Israel. (For some reason, demons like high places. It symbolizes authority. So, the biggest giants will say, “I’m going to take over this place and rule the whole region from there.”) So, Caleb said, “I’ll take the biggest and baddest of all the giants. I’ll take the city of Kiriath Arba.” So years later, when it was time for him to get his inheritance, he said, “Give me my mountain. He wasn’t just saying, “Give me a mountain” or “Give me a high place.” He said, “Give me Kiriath Arba. I want to reclaim Hebron.”

“Caleb told the people to be quiet and listen to Moses. Caleb said, ‘Let’s go now and take possession of the land. We should be more than able to conquer it.’” (Genesis 13:30; GWT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Faith-filled people, ask God for your spiritual ears to hear sharply and your spiritual eyes to understand what they’re seeing.

  2. Worship Him, then tuck in close in intimacy and ask Him what His strategies are to help bring breakthrough to this nation.

  3. Command the full and complete exposure of any governmental corruption. Declare that the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, FBI, Dept. of Justice and State Department will loose their secrets to the public realm.

  4. Decree that other nations of the earth where governmental corruption has held the populace in bondage for decades will now experience revival. God’s move of revival will transform these nations. Name those God shows you. Start with Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord I thank you for the high resolution that’s coming – for the ears to hear and eyes to see clearly. Show us what You want to do and how You want to do it. Let us tuck in close to You, so we can hear clearly what Holy Spirit is saying. Speak to us Your strategies for breakthrough. You are going to expose things while we’re in Washington. You’ve already started, but You’re not finished. You will expose corruption and corrupt leaders. You will expose leaders who don’t have Your heart for people of the nations they lead. You’re exposing those who have aligned with the Arbas of the world – the Cubas, the Irans, etc. These nations will be transformed. Revival us coming!

Today’s decree:

I decree that the giants are falling and the nations are being reclaimed for God!


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