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February 18, 2021

We Value Our Babies

According to a recent Newsmax article by Michael Dorstewitz, YouTube, owned by Google, is now banning some pro-life customers. Last week they cancelled pro-life news service LifeSiteNews. LifeSiteNews’s John-Henry Westin said they were never even given a warning prior to Joe Biden’s administration. “The implication,” Dorstewitz went on to say, “is that the new administration ushered in cancel culture full-bore.” So much for free speech from the “tolerant” left. (We here at DSM urge you to become familiar with Rumble very quickly.)

God loves babies. He designs them. He knows them. He has dreams and visions for each one. The Bible tells us He forms each infant in his/her mother’s womb and has a destiny planned for them before they are born. Those of us who understand God’s passion for each life He creates know that abortion must end. Just as slavery was a wicked evil that brought a curse into the nation and had to be abolished, abortion must be abolished. It is destroying lives created by God.

Let me give you some hope in this battle. America has been focused on the transition from Trump to Biden in the last few months. Between all of the controversy surrounding the elections and a second impeachment trial of Trump, many have missed the quiet revolution growing at the state level. Pro-life legislation is being drafted at an increasing pace. Many of our states have conservative governors or legislatures in place; some have both. With the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last Fall, and a conservative majority now seated on the bench, many states feel it is time to limit abortion and promote life for the unborn. So, even though Mr. Biden has signed an Executive Order to renew federal funding of abortions domestically and abroad, be encouraged! A number of states are currently working to restrict or end abortion.

Here are some of the state-level actions:

  • The Arizona legislature is discussing bans on abortion. AZ has a Republican House and Senate, so any restrictions are likely to pass.

  • In January, Indiana’s most recent law restricting abortion took effect. It requires a woman to receive an ultrasound within 18 hours of a scheduled abortion. The hope is women seeing their baby will change their minds.

  • Iowa has proposed an amendment to their constitution stating abortion rights are not protected.

  • Kentucky has a born-alive bill moving through the legislative process. This bill would demand doctors work to preserve the life of a baby surviving an abortion procedure. (It is unfathomable that such a bill would be necessary in America, yet it is.)

  • Last Fall, a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks was overturned by a lower court. A federal appeals court agreed. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so for now the ban is on hold. MS Attorney General Lynn Fitch said she hoped the Court would accept the case and “allow Mississippi to defend innocent life as the Legislature and people of this great state intend.” Undaunted by the SCOTUS decision, the Mississippi legislature said they will continue to work to restrict abortions as much as possible.

  • Louisiana passed legislation mimicking Mississippi’s abortion law that will take effect when Mississippi’s law is finally approved.

  • Montana wants to restrict abortions to under 20 weeks. They are also looking to demand a woman seeking the abortion pill to have it administered in person by a doctor. (Currently, the first dose can be given by a nurse or PA and the second can be taken by the woman at her home.)

  • Ohio passed a requirement last year for the bodies of aborted fetuses (babies) to be buried or cremated. Utah has done the same.

  • Tennessee prohibits abortions based on race, gender, or a Downs-syndrome diagnosis.

  • Texas is looking to tighten their ban on abortions from 20 weeks to 12 weeks gestation.

Numerous states have enacted various bans on abortion that are being challenged in the court system. According to, “16 states have laws that would ban abortions if Roe v Wade were overturned. There are 17 pending abortion cases that could be heard before the high court.” The Guttmacher Institute has a list of current state laws governing abortion here.

“For You created my innermost parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, because I am awesomely and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139: 13-14)

Pray with me:

Lord, we are so thankful to see so many states working to limit or ban abortion! This is such encouraging news. We ask You to bless each of the states above for their actions to fight for the lives of the unborn. Grant them grace and favor to see continued abortion restrictions enacted at the state level. We commit to pray for their success. We commit to fight alongside our state governing officials to remove abortion from our states. We will work to put pro-life state legislators in office. We will do whatever it takes to end this barbaric practice in America.

Lord, make our states ready to stand firm against any federal legislation or executive action demanding the expansion of abortion services. We reject compromise in this area connected to federal funding. We will fight legislatively for life just as we did 150 years ago for the ending of slavery in America. We will not stop until life is made the law of the land for every precious little one.

Father, we ask You to move mightily through the Courts in favor of the babies. Their blood cries out to You; our voices cry out to You, as well. Give the pro-life judges backbones of steel. Remove those who favor allowing the death to continue. Shape the thinking more and more of the five conservative Justices on the Supreme Court into that of uncompromising positions for “Life.” Shore up any areas where they might be vulnerable or tempted to compromise. And protect them and their families from harm. We ask all of this in the name of America’s Creator, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We will see abortion abolished in America - from the state level up!


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