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February 17, 2023

God’s Unlimited Greatness

My brother, Tim, seeks the Lord faithfully and is always listening for the word of the Lord. Because of this, he walks in great revelation. The following word from him is very powerful, and is consistent with what God is doing in America, and elsewhere. Revival is springing up. Tim says;

“The discovery of our Heavenly Father’s greatness is an ongoing revelation. It is a continuous process as we press in to know Him more through worship and His Word. Psalm 145:4 (TPT) says, ‘Generation after generation will declare more of your greatness and declare more of your glory.’ Disclosures of Father’s greatness are ever building through the generations, and this increases in magnitude both exponentially and experientially. Each generation is called to discover more of this greatness and go from glory to glory.

“How can this be the case when things on earth are seemingly becoming worse? We are told in the latter days seducers will wax worse (2 Timothy 3:13) and perilous times will be present (2 Timothy 3:1). Could it be that things can wax worse for antichrist nations and people; yet, for God’s sons and daughters His greatness experientially increases? The scriptures say ‘yes.’ God’s greatness and glory increases.

“Things are better in God’s family than in satan’s. It was different for Israelites in Goshen than for Egyptians. Goshen was the territory God’s people lived in during their bondage in Egypt, which lasted 430 years. Goshen became the best part of Egypt because of God’s favor, experiencing peace, prosperity and abundance. Goshen was the training, improving and maturing place for God’s people, preparing them to receive the new territory, their inheritance, and the promised land.

“Psalm 145 encourages us that God is faithful to fulfill every promise He has ever made. He is faithful to fulfill every prophetic word, covenant, vision and dream. Knowing this increases our confidence for new seasons to unfold. He will do exactly what He has said.

“Holy Spirit gave me a word 2 years ago that I believe has reached its due season of fulfillment. This word will charge the atmosphere and stir angel armies. We will seed God’s word into the heavens as we declare this word.

“I was in my office praying and studying for a Sunday morning message when the atmosphere suddenly changed. I knew it was the presence of the Lord; I could sense His closeness. As His presence filled my office, I sensed the spiritual atmosphere changing and simply said, ‘Lord, I’m listening.’ He began speaking to me and showing me prophetic visions. I saw hundreds of Ekklesia hubs becoming like spiritual volcanoes, erupting in their regions with great power.

“I heard the Lord say, ‘The new era I have planned will now be established in supernatural displays of My dunamis.’

“Dunamis is one of the Greek words for power in the Bible.(1) It is a power capable of anything, even creating and working miracles. “Dynamite” is linked to this word. But while tremendous power is inherent in dynamite, dunamis actually describes what occurs once the dynamite has been lit. The explosion is dunamis. So, dunamis refers to a supernatural release of energy or power.

“Therefore, this prophetic word that came to me means, ‘I am now going to RELEASE supernatural displays of My power and energy.’

“His word to me continued, ‘Holy Spirit’s power will activate on the earth in greater measure and with sudden surges of mightiness. Miracles will suddenly happen. My people will experience and live in sudden breakthroughs. Long standing battles will end in sudden breakthroughs. For I have planned the release of millions of sudden, personal victories for My heirs, validating the new, greater glory of an apostolic age. I will validate the expansion of My Kingdom’s Ekklesias with displays of My greatness and power. I will enable them to facilitate reversals of hell’s spiritual kingdom government, promoted by demons. Supernatural reversals are planned and will activate, resulting in victories for My Ekklesias. This validation will be clear, visible, and irrefutable. I will confirm what I have said.

Sudden surprise attacks are planned against your enemies. My angel armies have set traps that I have approved. They are springing forth in the spiritual and natural realms. For in unseen ways, I have moved multiple divisions of angel armies into the nations where My Ekklesia is rooted. It is time for the unseen to be seen. It’s time for the surprise. It’s time for the suddenlies to erupt. It’s time for the volcanic hubs of My Ekklesia to erupt in great power. What has been boiling underground will erupt. My Ekklesias in the nations will rise, proclaiming My greatness.’

“Shortly after this word, I received another download during which the Lord said, ‘You will now see, in your times, a mighty deliverance from the prophets of Baal, just as Elijah saw. Freedom from the constraints of Jezebel is now activated; her fall is planned. You will dance Miriam’s victory dance, “The horse and the rider have been thrown into the sea.’”

“Miriam’s victory dance took place after the Red Sea miracle, which tells me that some type of great deliverance is about to happen. There is a supernatural path opening and the enemies chasing us are going to be trapped.

“The word continued, ‘You will shout the shout of Gideon. The sword of the Lord is revealed.’ You will shout, “the sword of the Lord in His Ekklesias.” You will decree the word of Isaiah, “There is double for our trouble. Grace has multiplied. The siege of our enemies has ended. No weapon has prospered. All those who rose in vengeance failed. There is release from our tormentors and sorrow has turned to joy.” You will say as Mordechai, “Haman’s work has boomeranged back upon his head.” You will say as Esther, “The king’s authority is within our reach. The scepter of power is stretched forward to us.” You will reign in the King’s authority. You’ll validate with the Lord’s signet ring. You’ll change the fate of nations with the King’s authority. Now see the merger of heaven’s hosts ministering with the King’s Ekklesias. Now see your great King, who reigns over His Kingdom through all the ages of time, reveal more of His greatness to your generation. Now see His greatness overwhelmingly prevail.’

“In this God-planned era, He is going to cause us to discover more of His greatness. As David says in Psalm 145:3 (TPT), ‘There is no end to the discovery of the greatness that surrounds You.’ The Voice translation of this verse says, ‘Your greatness knows no limits, recognizes no boundary and no one can comprehend Your magnificence.’

“God is infinitely great! He will keep His promises and do what He said.”

Pray with me:

Father, we proclaim Your greatness, which knows no limits or boundaries. Reveal it to us more and more. Increase Your glory, Lord. We ask that multitudes would see and know who You are. Release Your peace, prosperity and abundance over Your people. We know You will do what You said, fulfilling Your promises. You will fulfill the words, visions and dreams You have given.

God, let Your Ekklesias become like spiritual volcanoes, erupting in their regions with great power. Release supernatural displays of Your glory. Holy Spirit, activate surges of power on the earth. We believe it is time for suddenlies and breakthroughs. Release miracles and supernatural victories.

Release Your angel armies to partner with the Ekklesia and assist in this new era. Come and reshape America. Reshape nations. Come, and let the brightness of Your glory light up the darkness in this world. We declare that no weapon formed against us will prosper and that we will reign in our King’s authority.

Father, manifest Your greatness. Reveal it to us in greater measure. In Christ’s name we pray, amen.

Our decree:

We declare that God’s greatness is unlimited and that our understanding of it is increasing.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about him at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


1. Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, ref. no. 1411.


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