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February 12, 2021

Represent Him Well

When we are born again, we are no longer mere humans, we are a new creation, a new race of spiritual beings. In Acts, the followers of Christ began to be called Christians (“little Christs”). In his first letter to Corinth, Paul chastised believers for acting like “mere men” (3:3). We are not merely human; we are daughters and sons of the Most High God, filled with His Spirit and anointed by Him to steward the earth and serve people.

On a wall near the main entrance to The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas is a portrait with the following inscription:

James Butler Bonham - no picture of him exists. This portrait is of his nephew, Major James Bonham, deceased, who greatly resembled his uncle. It is placed here by the family that people may know the appearance of the man who died for freedom.

No literal picture of Jesus exists either. He can be seen, however, in the lives of His followers, the Church. The big question now centers around whether or not we will walk in our role of revealing Christ and partnering with God on the earth. Will we allow Him to move us back into His original plan of stewarding the earth for Him, or do we think we are saved just to one day get to heaven? Let’s ask Him for a better understanding of what Jesus meant when He said He would build his Church, His ekklesia.

Bill Johnson shares the following report of an outreach to Tijuana, Mexico. It’s so incredible, it’s almost hard to believe, but Bill is a man of great integrity. Enjoy this wonderful testimony:

The team met at 6PM on a stage set near the most desperate part of the street, which houses prostitutes, gangs, and rampant drug trade. They began with a time of prayer during which the team became completely filled with His presence. The surrounding people were being drawn to the spectacle, just as in the book of Acts when people gathered around the people of God to see what was happening. However, the rain that had been threatening to pour all day, started to fall shortly after ministry began. One of our leaders ran up to the microphone, knowing that if the rain continued, it would take away from what God wanted to accomplish that night. He told the crowd that God was going to stop the rain. As he spoke, and then prayed a quick prayer, the rain stopped, leaving all amazed and wondering how this could have possibly happened! News of the miracle spread and even more people came out of restaurants and shops to see what was happening. People couldn’t help but be drawn in. One look at the nationals’ faces revealed their desire for God’s presence and a deep longing for a revelation of His love.

For six hours, the team preached, received and released words of knowledge, led people to the Lord, and saw numerous miracles of healing. It was as if what was occurring had a momentum of its own; it was beyond comprehension. The team was co-laboring with God; the Gospel was coming to life! There were at least six altar calls. Over one hundred people received Christ into their hearts, including five prostitutes, an immigrant from Iran, and a man whose eye had been gouged out in a fight! Many experienced miraculous healings in their bodies. One girl had a tumor in her throat that completely dissolved. An alleged hit-man fell to his knees and repented of murdering people and trading drugs. A woman listening from her fifth-story window across from the outdoor stage cried out for Jesus, as she sensed God’s presence.

I believe stories such as this should be the norm for Christ’s Church. We should release the Kingdom authority of Christ, and leave the mark of changed lives everywhere we go. Our prayers and representation of Him should make a difference. Since we cannot “force” Christ and His ways on people, our conclusion often has been to assume we can make very little difference in our world. In fact, the prevailing mindset has been to place all hope for change in God’s sovereignty - a belief that when He wants and chooses to, He will bring situations in accordance with His will. If this concept of God’s sovereignty were true, however, it would mean that places, cultures, and lives are devastated, suffering is occurring, and people are going to hell simply because God is not yet motivated to do something about it.

The problem lies with us. We are the church, the ekklesia, and we are to represent God on the earth. We must ascertain His will, then implement it through prayer and other spiritual weapons. We love and serve people, ministering Christ’s salvation - binding satan’s plans and schemes. This is the role of the ekklesia. As the true Church continues to arise, heaven will gain increasing influence on earth, while hell’s influence will decrease.

Pray with me:

Lord, You modeled what You wanted Your Ekklesia to be when You were here on earth. You loved, served, taught, and healed people everywhere You went. And You moved in Your authority over the powers of darkness. Freedom, life, and blessing followed You everywhere.

This is surely what You intend Your church to release. Give increased understanding to us regarding this. We desire to represent You appropriately, as You deserve. We want people who do not know You to be born again. And we want to see people free from oppression fear, disease, sin, and despair.

And Lord, we continue to pray for America. We pray for the great outpouring of Your spirit You have spoken of. We pray for millions of people to come to salvation. We pray for a return to our calling as a nation, that we will be used in this hour to be a voice for You to the entire world. We bind every principality and spiritual power attempting to stop this and trying to move this nation away from You. We declare that their plans will fail, in the name of Jesus, amen.


We recommit that we WILL be representatives of Christ on the earth.

Portions of today’s post were taken from my book Authority in Prayer.


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