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December 8, 2021

A Warning Dream Regarding the Abortion Case

My good friend, Matt Lockett, leader of the Justice House of Prayer in DC, released a powerful dream and appeal to continue in prayer for the recent Dobbs abortion case heard by the Supreme Court. I have had to shorten it a little, but you can see the entire article plus a video of Matt and Lou Engle discussing it by using these links. Matt shares:

A Child Is Born

“On Thursday, December 2, one day after the oral arguments in the Dobbs abortion case at the Supreme Court, a team member of the Justice House of Prayer in DC had the following dream:

“‘In the dream, I had a one-day-old baby, and it seemed as if it was my daughter, Megan. A witch was trying to poison her. The witch was far away, standing in a wooded area, pouring poison into a stream. I knew this was an attempt to poison my baby. Then, as my baby was drinking from a bowl of water, I felt sudden alarm as I realized the witch had attempted to poison that, also. The witch made several other efforts to poison water, in order to poison my baby. I did not know whether she had been successful.

“‘Then the witch stole my baby.

“‘In distress, I began desperately searching for her. The place I was searching was like a medical clinic, with many small rooms. The hallways were a maze, small and oddly shaped, some of which I had to squeeze through. It was very difficult to get from one room to another in order to search for her.

“‘The scene changed and I was climbing a mountain on a gravel road. Several others whom I didn’t know accompanied me. I thought we were climbing to the top, but after a short climb, barely above the base of the mountain, I saw a shack to my right. It was the only structure in a vast, wooded, mountainous area. The shack was a carpenter’s shop.

“‘I knew I needed to purchase a white board at the carpenter shop. When I entered, I saw a long, painted white board leaning on the counter, ready for me. And to my great surprise, my baby was also there on the counter! Alive! I was deeply relieved to have found her.

“‘The carpenter was standing a few feet behind the counter but said nothing. I stared at him, trying to discern his intent regarding the baby, to figure out which side he was on. Had he rescued my baby? Or, was he part of the scheme to steal the baby? Should I trust him to help me, or grab the baby and run down the mountain?

“‘And I woke from the dream.’”

Matt continues, “We feel strongly that this dream about the one-day-old baby is pertaining to the one-day-old court case - about rescuing the babies and the overturning of Roe v. Wade [remember, the dream was given one day after the hearing]. Interestingly, the baby’s name, Megan, is derived from the Greek word megas, meaning mega ‘great.’ This case is of mega importance!

“The oral arguments were held on 12/1. Revelation 12:1 and the subsequent verses say, ‘A megas or mega sign appeared in heaven: a woman… She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: a megas, mega red dragon… The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.’

“In verse 5 of Revelation 12, there was war in the heavens. We are in a spiritual war right now against witchcraft and forces of darkness seeking to ‘poison’ the minds of judges determining this case. We know the Lord’s desire is to grant us victory, but the battle isn’t over.

“[Last Friday (12/3)] the Justices cast their preliminary votes on the case and now the opinions will be written. It is very important that we not let victory be stolen [we believe that quite likely we have won this case] or the language of the opinions be poisoned in any way. We want to enforce the verdict of Heaven, which is that Roe v. Wade is overturned.

“In 1992, Roe could have been struck down in the courts, but Justice Kennedy was swayed to change his vote at the last moment. This reveals that we must war over the 9 Justices and against the witchcraft at work to influence them. Also, we must continue to ask the Lord to unite the 5 conservative justices together in a coalition of conscience for the ending of Roe. Pray for Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett to hold fast to their God-inspired convictions.

“We also received a dream recently concerning Chief Justice John Roberts. In the dream, Roberts was seen weeping at the foot of his blank tombstone. Next to him was another tombstone upon which was engraved the purposes God had intended for him to fulfill in his position of influence. Written there, among other purposes, was the overturning of Roe v. Wade. However, Roberts had failed to agree with God’s plans for his life. Let’s pray for him, in light of this dream, that he would not miss his greatest moment to partner with God in the ending of abortion.

“Meanwhile, if the warfare depicted in the ‘Megan dream’ is true, and we believe it is, then it reveals a current and crucial element of witchcraft we must contend against. There is clearly more than just a political or legal battle regarding abortion. We are dealing with a mega spiritual battle concerning the very altar of death in our nation. This is why, as intercessors, we believe we are being called into a divine assignment. To miss this moment could be to miss everything.

“During the oral arguments on Wednesday, there was much discussion surrounding so-called medical facts regarding the viability of a fetus. In the dream, however, the baby could not be found or rescued in the ‘medical maze.’ We must look elsewhere. The dream shows there is a mountain that must be climbed to find and rescue the baby. We believe it is the mountain of the Lord.

“When the mother begins to climb the mountain, she encounters a carpenter’s shack. We believe the carpenter on the mountain symbolizes Jesus. When the mother goes inside, Jesus has the baby, yet she doesn’t know this and is wondering whose side He’s on. This part of the dream reminds us of Joshua when he encountered the angel of the Lord outside of Jericho.

“Joshua was about to face giants. It’s our conviction that this court case is facing the greatest demonic giant in our nation. When Jesus, the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven, appeared to him, Joshua questioned which side the Warrior was on. The Lord answered, basically, ‘Wrong question. Whose side are YOU on?’ America must side with Jesus, careful to align with His desire to end Roe v. Wade.

“We believe that ‘ascending’ the mountain of the Lord is ascending in our spiritual authority.

“Therefore, we invite you into 21 days of prayer and communion from now until Christmas [December 5-25]. We understand that our greatest weapon against the forces of witchcraft is the blood of Jesus.

“In addition to this call to prayer and communion, there is an aspect of the dream we believe is a call to prayer in the night watches. The white board that needed to be purchased at the carpenter shop may seem like a random detail, but our team immediately associated it with a dream I had in 2004.

“In that dream, I saw Lou Engle praying with a room full of young people in an all-night prayer meeting. There was a large blackboard full of abortion statistics. He watched as each person who prayed would then strike a chalk eraser against the board. Every strike released a cloud of white chalk dust, which gradually covered the blackboard. By morning, the blackboard was entirely white and the abortion statistics were no longer visible. Perhaps the way to ‘purchase the white board’ at this time is to engage in nighttime prayer, countering the prayers of witches and warlocks whose activity is heightened during those hours.

“In addition to Jesus, the carpenter may also represent Joseph, who was warned by a dream in the night. His swift obedience to escape with Mary and the baby in the cover of darkness, is what saved the child from Herod’s sword.

“Therefore, we also invite those who feel led, to join us over the next 21 days, from December 5-25, in forming an ongoing chain of prayer between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. You can sign up here to let us know when you are taking your place on the wall of intercession in your time zone.

“Let’s preside together over these judges in prayer, restrain the powers of darkness, and partner with the Captain of the Hosts in tearing down the altar of abortion.”

Pray with me:

Father, we are well aware of the spiritual battle for the babies. Throughout history, demons have required blood sacrifices from their worshipers. We also know this empowers them, opening doors for curses and death. We here in America are no doubt experiencing many of these curses, having literally covenanted with death.

As we partner with You in rescuing the babies, we bind the witchcraft and demonic attempts to influence the Justices in this case (see Matthew 16:18-19). We refuse to allow them or the babies to be poisoned. The babies will not be stolen. We do this in the name of Jesus.

We ask You to raise up and motivate many to join this prayer assignment. May we not falter during this time of opportunity and crisis. Please awaken many in the church to pray, even during the night watches. Awaken pastors, motivating them to call their churches to pray. Please do something to break any complacency off of pastors, leaders, and churches. May they realize that there simply cannot be business as usual in this season. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree, in the name of Christ, that the babies will be saved.

Today’s post was taken from The Briefing (link here) and written by Matt Lockett, director of JHOP (the Justice House of Prayer) in Washington, D.C. You can find out more about JHOP-DC here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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