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December 3, 2017

Praying for Hawaii

“This morning we couldn’t help but pray as we leaned over our 33rd floor balcony looking over the city of Honolulu. I felt somewhat like Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, yet for a different reason. ‘God save Hawaii and neuter totally North Korea’s ability to cause destruction in any nation or city.’ We must awaken. God admonished Deborah to awake, to see what was happening both in the physical and spiritual realm in Israel. (Judges 4-5) Then, he invited her to do something about it. America must wake up. Our prayers must change from worshipping lullabies to a war cry. Israel understands this even today! On December 1st, the first nuclear attack drill was held here in Hawaii. They sounded the sirens for 55 seconds and then there were a series of short siren blasts, and then the air raid sirens began for another minute. It seemed surreal! Being here has elevated even more my awareness, as well as concern, for South Korea, Hawaii etc. Kim Jong Un said that Hawaii will be his target. But God! People here are concerned and reasonably so. God is concerned and has a plan in place that we must pray through and discover. The Psalmist said that He, God, will outwit the enemy!”

“The enemy shall not outwit him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him. I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague those who hate him.” (Psalm 89:22-23; NKJV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Hawaii is preparing its citizens for what it hopes will never happen – to be North Korea’s target. Imagine if you lived there. Many have visited there. Get out your pictures or look some up online and pray over this beautiful state and all of its citizens.

  2. Ask God to grant a supernatural covering over this state. Ask for a release of angelic hosts to protect it.

  3. Pray that many would turn to Jesus in this time of fear and threat, so they may find peace and comfort in Him.

  4. Cancel and nullify the threats of Kim Jong Un against Hawaii.

  5. Declare Psalm 89 and Psalm 91 over Hawaii.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, I will immerse myself in research on the state of Hawaii today. You love this land and its people and You added it to the United States of America. I choose to love it, as I love my own state. I ask You to supernaturally protect Hawaii. Send angelic hosts to this place and let them watch over it and guard it upon Your sovereign orders. Where people are fearful, use Your people to introduce them to Jesus, the one who can save them and deliver them from all fear. I cancel every threat of Kim Jong Un. Who does he think he is coming against this nation? We choose You, Lord. We lift up the name of Jesus! We worship You, the One, true God. Save us and help us as we gather our faith and pray Psalms 89 and 91. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God shall outwit the enemy’s plans against the state of Hawaii!

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