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December 20, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

A Strategic and Defining Dream

Gina Gholston is a prophetic dreamer. She has shared a number of key dreams that have helped us navigate this season. I am sharing a lengthy one with you today - with a detailed interpretation - which I feel is very timely. Though it will make for a much longer than usual post, I feel it is important. The dream has to do with China and the role of the church in dealing with this adversary.

“I (Gina) dreamed I was part of a group of 200-300 intercessors. I knew and recognized some of the people in our group: Dutch and Ceci Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jim Hodges, Tom Schleuter, and two younger men whom we will call James and John. (Note from Dutch: I feel that in the dream I represent the apostolic government, Chuck represents the prophetic voice, Jim Hodges is my spiritual father and a man of great wisdom, Tom is a prayer leader from Texas, and James and John are soldiers. The rest are intercessors. All represent the Ekklesia.)

“We had gathered in an auditorium for a specific time of prayer and had been praying and decreeing for quite a long time. Suddenly, I noticed our feet were standing on old, moss-covered steps. ‘Where are we?’ I thought. Somehow, I knew we were in China, standing on the Great Wall.

“We began walking up steps in what appeared to be a jungle-like setting, walking shoulder to shoulder, sideways. Our arms were not linked but we were walking as though they were. (We walked this way throughout the dream.) For miles, we continued up this very steep climb.

“Finally, we came to a tower-like structure, the first of four. It had a level platform with a canopy and was large enough for our entire group to gather there. When we stepped up onto the platform, we saw the Liberty Bell. James and John went over and picked up the bell, only to discover there was a pile of U.S. money under it. The money was stacked in bundles and when they lifted up the bell, the bundles fell over onto the floor. The two men turned the Liberty Bell upside down and put the money inside. Our group then got back into our shoulder-to-shoulder formation and left the tower, continuing to walk on the wall. James and John carried the Liberty Bell and the bundles of money.

“We walked for miles up another steep set of steps, climbing until we came to a second tower. As before, we stepped up onto a platform. At this structure, there was a MacBook computer lying on the platform. Shown on the screen of the computer were the numbers from the U.S. Stock Market. Someone picked up the computer and carried it with us as we left the tower. We continued climbing the steps of still another steep incline.

“We climbed for miles and arrived at a third tower. On this platform, there was an old, long, very heavy, oak church pew. On both ends of the pew was more money, piles of U.S. currency that had been bundled together. In the center of the pew’s seat was a Bible and laid across it was a wooden cross, approximately 7 feet tall. Tom and Jim stepped out from the group, laid the cross and Bible on the pew, and the two of them carried the pew with us as we left this tower and continued to climb.

“The last stretch of our climb was steeper than the others. We continued to carry all of the items we had found at each of the towers. Although the climb was very steep and rugged, and we were walking sideways, shoulder-to-shoulder, it wasn’t hard for any of us, including those carrying the items.

“Finally, we made it to a fourth tower, and there we found a megaphone. It was a small one - the kind with a trigger to pull when speaking. Dutch Sheets picked up the megaphone and took it to Chuck Pierce, and stated, ‘You have to do this now!’ Chuck took the megaphone in his hand, but before using it he said, ‘I’ve got to get some height. I need to be higher in order to do this.’

“Responding to him, Tom and Jim brought the pew over for Chuck to stand on. Then, James and John brought the Liberty Bell and set it up right in the center of the pew. Chuck then took the Bible and megaphone in one hand, and used the large cross to help steady himself as he climbed - onto the seat of the pew, then to the back of the pew, and finally up onto the top of the Liberty Bell - always holding to the cross to steady himself.

“As this was happening, I looked out ahead of us. The Great Wall seemed to stretch forever. In the distance, I could see the Chinese army moving toward us. Urgently, I said to Chuck, ‘You have to do this NOW!’

“Chuck put the megaphone to his mouth and seven times said, ‘America shall be saved!’ Each time he said this phrase, he turned in a different direction and his voice became more and more adamant. He spoke in English but every time he said the words, they came from the megaphone in different languages.

“Just as he finished the seventh decree of, ‘America shall be saved!’ I said, ‘They are here!’ The Chinese army was now at the tower where our group was gathered. But the large pew was blocking them from being able to get onto the tower’s platform with us!

“I (Gina) then turned and looked to my right, the direction from where we had been walking. ‘Look!’ I screamed. Then I shouted, ‘Hold on! There’s a wave coming!’ As we looked, the Great Wall was making a wave motion, much like you might see at a ball game when the crowd does ‘the wave’. The wall wasn’t crumbling; it was rolling like a wave.

“Again I shouted, ‘Hold on!’ Then we all locked arms and slightly bent our knees and backs in a squatting position in order to brace ourselves. When the massive wave reached us there was a violent shaking, but WE were not shaken. We were steady. Chuck was still holding to the Cross, standing on top of the Liberty Bell, which was on the pew. Dutch was still holding onto Chuck, helping to steady him.

“Once the wave made its way past us, it hit the Chinese army who was trying to reach us. Just like someone shaking out a rug, the wave flung the army off the Wall. The wave continued and, as it did, it straightened out the Wall! I thought of Isaiah 40:4-5, ‘Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the crooked place shall be made straight, and the rough places clean: and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.’ Where the Wall had been steep and full of steps, it was now straight and level.

“Our group then continued on, still holding all the items we had gathered, walking across the now level wall and...suddenly, we were in Washington DC, at the U.S. Capitol! There, we laid all the items down we had collected on our journey: the Liberty Bell, bundles of money, laptop, pew, Bible, Cross, and megaphone.” End of dream.

First, the group represents the Ekklesia God has raised up. There is an unprecedented, united prayer movement currently functioning in America. I am in awe at how much the Lord has matured this movement within the last 30 years. It is no longer challenging to rally a group of people for prayer. Also, He has taught the Ekklesia to pray with true kingdom authority, decreeing and declaring His word and will, as opposed to only petitioning Him. Yahweh has also aligned apostles, prophets, and intercessors. The apostolic has partnered with the prophetic to establish God’s will in the earth, while intercessors fuel the fire and carry the load until assignments are accomplished. Prayer is no longer relegated to the basement but is seen as essential.

We see the importance of unity and agreement in this dream. The members of the Ekklesia did not move off their designated path. Though it was a tough, uphill climb they maintained unity, allowing themselves to move together as one unit, shoulder-to-shoulder. Although they had to walk in a seemingly awkward method (sideways) to accomplish this, they did not break ranks or complain. As they walked along the path in this untraditional method, they accomplished everything God told them to do, ultimately saving the nation.

This pattern has been occurring in the battle regarding the elections. Apostles, prophets, and intercessors are walking together in unity, going from place to place as Holy Spirit leads us. Just as in the dream, it has not been an easy path and has been taxing on our bodies and wallets, but we keep going. There has been no complaining; those involved volunteer freely in the day of His power (Psalm 110:3). We have made our decrees everywhere He has sent us, and like those in the dream who picked up items, they became keys we would need elsewhere. I believe that just as those did in the dream, we also will see victory.

The setting of the dream is the Great Wall of China. China is currently a great enemy of the United States. It is looking more and more like the Chinese government has infiltrated much in this nation including our intelligence agencies, government communications, major businesses, and our higher education system. It now appears they were involved in the election. China is not our friend.

Let’s talk about the mission in the dream. We went from tower to tower, picking up various items that were critical for the completion of the mission. The first tower held the Liberty Bell. This is incredibly important as it speaks of America’s birth and destiny. The Liberty Bell represents “the Year of Jubilee.” The scripture on it reads, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof,” (Leviticus 25:10). The Year of Jubilee, where debts were forgiven and all was restored, pictured Christ (Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18-19)! He is our Jubilee. For the words of this verse to fill the atmosphere at America’s birth was more than a declaration of physical liberty; it was also an announcement of America’s purpose and destiny. We were created by God to proclaim the gospel of Christ, the world’s Jubilee, throughout all the earth. The Liberty Bell, and all it represents, is in America’s DNA. As powerful as this is, however, let us not forget this freedom and destiny had to be warred for. And, without question, we are in another historical battle for America’s freedom and destiny.

In the dream, the Liberty Bell was covering U.S. money. This tells us the prosperity America has experienced is due to the protective covering of Christ, our Jubilee. Our relationship and partnership with Him have caused American to prosper. If that is lost, the prosperity will go with it.

The two soldiers picked up the bell-like a bucket, placed the money inside, and carried it on the journey. James and John are soldiers - literally. They picture the army of God and spiritual war. The Ekklesia must war in the spirit realm with greater understanding, ability, and boldness in order to maintain the destiny and blessing God has provided.

At the second tower, we found a laptop with the ticker tape numbers of one of the U.S. Stock Markets running across it. Overall, stock market performance shows the confidence level investors have in the future of our nation. The election of President Trump has brought confidence as he had honored God and been helpful to Americans. Removing him from office would end up removing God from the public square once again. This could cause a collapse of the markets – even our free-market economy, overall. In the dream, we never saw how the market was doing. The jury is still out.

At the third tower, we found a number of items, all symbols of Christ and the church: a pew, bundles of money, a Bible, and a cross. The church pew was old and heavy. This speaks of America’s Christian spiritual heritage, foundational to who America is. We were established as a Christian nation. The money speaks of the blessing the church is to this nation, and other nations, as well. American Christians send thousands of missionaries into the global harvest fields every year. America also sends hundreds of billions of dollars to benevolent causes worldwide, with religious groups sending the largest share per Charity Navigator. The Bible is the solid foundation upon which we live. Its principles were those this nation was founded on. The Cross of Christ gives us life.

These items were picked up and carried by two men from Texas, one representing wisdom, the other prayer. There may be a significant role Texas will play in the coming days. Will the wisdom and prayer needed to carry our nation in this season flow from Texas? We shall see.

We brought all these items to the fourth tower where they were needed in order to complete the mission. The Chinese army was bearing down on us, but the apostle, prophet, and intercessors worked together to quickly lay a strong and sure foundation from which to proclaim God’s decree: “America shall be saved!” The prophet needed more height: we must stop interpreting the times from earth’s vantage point and, instead, see them from the perspective of God‘s throne. We must hold onto the cross while standing on the foundation of freedom the Liberty Bell symbolizes. The word of the Lord must now be released from the stability of the cross. We must stand on the foundation of God’s word and in the authority of the finished work of the cross. We must proclaim with confidence what He tells us to decree, with boldness and faith. The church (the old pew) must take a firm stand against the evil one and his army. We must prevail! Finally, the decree was heard in different languages. America’s current war for survival is truly a war for the nations. God needs a strong America. In many ways, our salvation in this hour is the world’s salvation. God needs a strong America!

Then came the shaking. Notice that it came after the prophetic proclamations were made. We positioned ourselves as we saw the shaking coming our way, holding onto one another so no one would fall. This was a team effort at every level. The enemy cannot penetrate a unified army. And when the breakthrough came, it was supernatural! At some point, God himself will move against the demonic armies in this hour. He brought the shaking and when He did, it destroyed the enemy and altered circumstances. Crooked places were straightened, high things were brought low, valleys were elevated, and His glory was seen. The Lord is going to cause His glory to be seen in this nation, and in the entire earth. Revival is on the horizon.

The dream ends with our team going to the U.S. Capitol to present the articles collected on the journey. Please understand that our current battle is regarding the U.S. government. Those who contend that government is irrelevant to our mission and cause - that we should only focus on saving the lost and “not be political” - are not only ignorant of scripture, they are grossly ignorant. God IS government: Judge, Lawgiver and King (Isaiah 33:22). The war over planet earth is a governmental war - who will rule the earth? The battle for humankind is governmental - who will be their lord and master? The battle for the heavens is governmental - who will be the Most High? God is not into politics- the political spirit is a perversion of government - but He IS into government, big time. To believe otherwise is to forfeit His righteous influence on earth. And, of course, the very word He used to describe us in scripture, Ekklesia, means government.

As in the dream, victory will be won as we return the Bible and cross to our government (Washington D.C.), as in the dream. If we do this, the blessing on America will continue. And without doubt, Donald Trump is a part of this process. Never-Trumpers are deceived. They’d rather see babies aborted than Trump in office, for it is undeniable that a Biden presidency will mean more murdered babies. The hypocrisy is staggering, not to mention their denial of the power of Christ’s blood to cleanse ALL sin, including President Trump’s. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees, they’ve been captured by the religious/political spirit, which God hates. Hear me when I say: God wants to use President Trump further: to weaken China, strengthen the church, aid us in reconnecting to our roots, support life for the babies, oppose globalism, and honor Christ.

The alternative is unthinkable...and not an option.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, You have spoken volumes in this dream. You want us to understand this spiritual war and how to win it. You want us to know that You have determined to eliminate America’s enemies through the increased air superiority Your Ekklesia has gained. America is a nation You established to be a blessing to its inhabitants, but also to the rest of the world. You made her a friend of Israel. You made her a nation that would raise up those who would bring Your Good News to the ends of the earth.

We will work together in unity upon the foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, to accomplish the things You have directed us to accomplish. You want to expose and bring down China’s influence in America now. You want the church to take its place against the enemy. You want us to understand that the future of this nation is on the line.

Father, we will walk in greater unity. We will war with the gifts You have given us and encourage one another to each do their part. We will be humble and know that You will act on the Words You have put in our mouths to proclaim.

We pray that America will be saved and established by the amplification of the prophetic from a very unconventional platform. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through You for the pulling down of every stronghold. Lord, let the crooked places be made straight and the high places brought low. Let the government of America be straightened out and the right man placed in office. Protect us in the aftermath of that proper decision, Lord. America shall be saved! Amen.

Today’s decree:

We proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto the inhabitants of this great nation – the United States of America.

You can find out more about Gina Gholston here.

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