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December 15, 2018

Border Wars and New Resources

“This new day and new era is breaking forth. There are state to state border wars happening. The borders of states are going into warfare with each other. This is not about the southern border of the United States with Mexico. There are borders that do not want the inheritance of God. So, a whole new move of God has to come into our state movements. It is naive to think that everybody is going to work together. They’re not. Things have to get more and more aligned or they will be more separated. You can’t see the new unity and the new remnants, if the separation doesn’t occur. You will look and see the nation differently than you have before. God gave us this land and will judge us according to our stewardship of this land. He will judge how we multiply the resources of this land. You must multiply resources and find new resources, and we must bring down the sound of heaven to uncover the resources. There are a lot of new resources coming.” (Chuck Pierce)1

“God, don’t remain silent. Don’t refuse to listen. Do something, God. See how your enemies are growling like dogs. See how they are rising up against you. They make clever plans against your people. They make evil plans against those you love. ‘Come,’ they say. ‘Let’s destroy that whole nation.’ May you, the Lord, let your enemies know who you are. You alone are the Most High God over the whole earth.” (Psalm 83:1-4 and 18.; NIRV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Look carefully at your state’s connections with connected states. Ask the Lord if there is any potential conflict at the borders. Do resources cross the borders? Water often does. Note these.

  2. Ask God to show you where there is unity and where their is or will be conflict. If you can’t see this clearly, command darkness to get in the light, so the division can be seen. Then you will know how to pray and where to align.

  3. Intercede for all of your state’s borders, including where the borders are with the oceans and lakes. Bless the borders and bless the connected states, even if you see problems ahead.

  4. Consider connecting with others to go and pray and worship over your state’s borders.

  5. Call for the new resources to be uncovered and manifested. Have no expectation of what they are. Pay attention to this and receive the blessing of it in your state.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, open my eyes to see my state’s borders. Show me any vulnerabilities and potential conflicts with other states. Show me where there is unity between connected states and nations, and where spiritual work needs done. Separate light from darkness, so the praying church can see where the alignments can come and where division is. Darkness, get in the light! I bless the borders of my state. I bless the connected states and nations. I trust You, Lord, to work all things together for good between them. I call forth new resources in my state – natural resources, movement of people causing economic increase, and man-made new resources that will bless my state. Uncover, reveal, and release them, in Jesus’ name. Show the Body of Christ how to prosper in the revealing of these new resources. Amen.

Today’s decree:

Let the spiritual border wars begin! Let the new resources begin to be revealed!

1 Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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