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December 1, 2020


Today’s Give Him 15 is a little different. Because of the important content, I am extending an invitation for you to participate. I hope that everyone will consider taking part. As you read below, you will understand why.

Tomorrow I will have another way for you to participate as the Ekklesia joins together in praying for our nation.


On Sept 9, 2020, my friend Clay Nash was given a dream regarding Cape Henry. I took a team there a few weeks later to pray, as the dream instructed. One portion of the dream, however, was for later: “A clear strategy will be revealed for a prayer initiative, beginning with the first state to form our nation, to the last one.” I have been waiting to receive this strategy for two and a half months. When the strategy arrived, it too, was given to me in a dream:

“On the morning of November 28, in a dream I saw Independence Hall and the large clock tower! [This is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.] An Angel came and stood on top of the clock tower and shouted, ‘When the clock strikes 3:00 AM, Valkyrie will fall and will not sing, if the sons of the Kingdom will pray!’ I then saw fervent prayer taking place in the night and through the night, and it caused the witchcraft and curse to bounce back to the sender!

“There was then another group of warriors awakened, clothed in battle array, who was surrounded and led by a host of angels! One of the angels declared repeatedly, ‘The Commander’s judgments are supreme!!!’ It energized the warriors and they joined in with the declaration!

“I then saw the Scales of Justice tip and became perfectly balanced!!!” Steven Stringer


Let me begin by saying neither I nor the man having the dream had ever heard of it. First, the literal meaning of Valkyrie is: “choosers of the fallen or slain.” In Norse mythology, these were the goddesses that decided who was slain on the battlefield. The historical meaning of Valkyrie is derived from the Nazi plan to regain control of Germany should the people of the nation rebel. They called it Valkyrie. The German soldiers who tried to assassinate Hitler were actually using this same “Valkyrie” plan to kill him and take over Germany. Thus, Valkyrie, in its simplest definition is “a plan to take over a country.”

In our situation, it couldn’t be more obvious, Valkyrie represents the plan to take back America by stealing the election. The literal definition would mean they have decided Trump must be taken out or “die on the battlefield.”


I pondered the Valkyrie dream wondering if it, combined with the first dream, held the prayer strategy I had been awaiting. Rising at 4:30 AM Sunday to catch an early flight to Nevada for the next State Prayer gathering, I turned on the TV to catch some news while I drank my coffee. The FIRST thing that popped onto the screen, at 4:44 AM, was a documentary on Valkyrie, with the title in bold letters OPERATION VALKYRIE! I had my answer.

The second dream says Valkyrie will fall at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time) if the sons of the Kingdom pray. The first dream said that praying this was to start with the first state that formed our nation (Delaware), then the second (Pennsylvania), and so on all the way through the last state to join the U.S. (Hawaii). The strategy is very simple. We have made this easy:

  1. If each state offers a (minimum of) 3-minute decree, one immediately after the other, it will take 2 1/2 hours. If we start at 12:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time) we will finish at 3:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time), when the angel said Valkyrie will fall. A person/s or team in each state only needs to pray/decree for 3 minutes in order to accomplish this. Examples:

1) Delaware-12:30AM EST

2) Pennsylvania-12:33AM EST

3) New Jersey-12:36AM EST


50) Hawaii-2:57AM EST

There will also be a team at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to pray at 3:00AM EST, just as mentioned in the dream.

2. Each state will do this on their own—there is no need for all the states to be on one call listening to the others as they pray and decree. Don’t over complicate it. You can get together for this, conference call in your state, do a zoom call in your state, two people can do it by phone or one person can even do this.

3. I have written a decree based on scripture and the words of the angel in the dream. It takes about 1:50 seconds to declare it. We intentionally left time for you to release what Holy Spirit leads you to pray and decree from your state. Yes, you can go longer if you wish! Just make sure you go at least 3 minutes—that’s when the next state will begin their prayers and decrees.


(This is the decree that we will all use.)

As Christ’s ekklesia on the earth, we have been delegated His supreme authority to declare into the spiritual realm what is lawful and unlawful, forbidden and allowed. We have been given Christ’s keys with which to close doors no one can open, and open doors no one can close.

According to His instructions, we join together in unity across our nation tonight - from the first state to the last - in order to end Valkyrie’s plot to steal America’s 2020 elections. We agree with the angel of the Lord and using his very words, join him in decreeing that when the clock strikes 3:00 AM, (Eastern Standard time), Valkyrie will fall and will not sing. The plot will end.

We declare that our prayers are causing the witchcraft and curse to bounce back on the sender. We decree that the Commander’s judgments are supreme!!! And we decree the scales of Justice will now tip and become perfectly balanced.

We decree the next 4 years of Donald John Trump’s Presidency will see the fruit of God’s divine Reset of America. We will experience a Third Great Awakening; we will return to our ancient paths and foundations, including being a voice of the gospel of the kingdom to all the earth; and America’s heart will be captured once again by her Creator, Yahweh.

In Christ’s “all authority” we make this ruling. Amen.


12/2/2020 EASTERN


Delaware 12:30 AM

Pennsylvania 12:33 AM

New Jersey 12:36 AM

Georgia 12:39 AM

Connecticut 12:42 AM

Massachusetts 12:45 AM

Maryland 12:48 AM

South Carolina 12:51 AM

New Hampshire 12:54 AM

Virginia 12:57 AM

New York 1:00 AM

North Carolina 1:03 AM

Rhode Island 1:06 AM

Vermont 1:09 AM

Kentucky 1:12 AM

Tennessee 1:15 AM

Ohio 1:18 AM

Louisiana 1:21 AM

Indiana 1:24 AM

Mississippi 1:27 AM

Illinois 1:30 AM

Alabama 1:33 AM

Maine 1:36 AM

Missouri 1:39 AM

Arkansas 1:42 AM

Michigan 1:45 AM

Florida 1:48 AM

Texas 1:51 AM

Iowa 1:54 AM

Wisconsin 1:57 AM

California 2:00 AM

Minnesota 2:03 AM

Oregon 2:06 AM

Kansas 2:09 AM

West Virginia 2:12 AM

Nevada 2:15 AM

Nebraska 2:18 AM

Colorado 2:21 AM

North Dakota 2:24 AM

South Dakota 2:27 AM

Montana 2:30 AM

Washington 2:33 AM

Idaho 2:36 AM

Wyoming 2:39 AM

Utah 2:42 AM

Oklahoma 2:45 AM

New Mexico 2:48 AM

Arizona 2:51 AM

Alaska 2:54 AM

Hawaii 2:57 AM

Independence Hall, 3:00 AM


Click here to download or print "Operation Valkyrie".

Click here to view "Operation Valkyrie".


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