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August 26, 2022

The Gears Are Beginning to Grind

As I mentioned to you last week, I’ll be featuring some of my prophetic friends on our Friday 15s. People are always asking me what God is saying, and are hungry for fresh insights and fresh strategies. There are a lot of voices out there, but we know people who are proven, and hear from God clearly. These are the ones who will be my Friday guests.

Today we have my brother, Tim Sheets. He is a recognized leader here in America and around the world. God speaks to him in many ways - through the Word, dreams, prophetic words, etc. You’ll enjoy hearing him.

So Tim, what’s on your heart today?

Tim Sheets shares:

“It’s good to be with you today, Dutch. I’m hearing some things in the spirit that are very encouraging to me, and I hope to others, as well. There is so much that happens on the news that grabs our focus and becomes the message, and sometimes, you have to reset that message for yourself.

“What I’m seeing is a hope-filled prophetic understanding concerning the time right now, because of the spiritual war season we are in through the mid-term elections, and probably beyond that. I’ve begun to sense a very aggressive moving of Holy Spirit connecting things, even connecting different prophetic words. There are thousands of prophetic words pointing to right now. I believe the synergizing of these words is going to cause some kind of spiritual explosion. The Ekklesia is starting to get a new mindset. For a while, the Ekklesia was a concept we taught. I believe we are now moving into an actual functioning of the concepts we have been preaching. When that happens, we will see something occur in the spirit realm. I want to share a prophetic word with you I believe is happening right now.”

Tim then shares:

“Holy Spirit recently spoke this to me: ‘Now begins the merger of Christ’s spiritual Kingdom in the earth realm with the Kingdom of heaven in the spirit realm, in ways and levels not seen before. This merger will accelerate a New Era Pentecost. Power and Kingdom authority will be seen on the earth as never before.’”

Tim says, “We have been prophesying this for a long time, and Holy Spirit says that these two realms are now merging.”

He continues, “‘Glory presence will now fill prepared territories, regions, and nations. The Ekklesias are getting traction in these places with surge after surge of the King’s manifest presence spawning sudden miracles.’ This is the season we are in right now. ‘The enemies of the Kingdom will be disoriented and will fight each other resulting in freedoms decreed by King Jesus and His Ekklesia. It will be assisted by My angel armies, for I will surely release My mighty ones to labor with you, My mighty angels are moving into the earth realm.’”

Tim shares: “Something is happening in the spirit realm, and the mighty ones are referred to as high-ranking authorities (angels). Yes, hell has principalities and powers, but we do too (spiritual help). And ours are bigger, and ours are stronger. I’ve been pondering, ‘What is this merger now of these high-ranking angels partnering with the Ekklesia in certain regions and territories?’ I believe this is where the glory of God is going to amp up in such a way that it will spawn miracles and breakthroughs throughout regions.

“I believe we are moving now - not years from now - into a season of suddenlies - sudden strikes of high-ranking authority angels under Holy Spirit’s supervision that are fueled by the decrees of a functioning Ekklesia. The Ekklesia is so powerful when you understand what Christ said. For years we didn’t understand - it was a just concept we taught and wondered when we would get it and thing would begin to occur. But something is now beginning to happen - the remnant is picking this up and starting to function as an actual functioning Ekklesia.

“As this happens, different things can be done by Holy Spirit. He will add angels, and we really don’t understand just how powerful they are. But He is now saying that He is going to bring these angels into the earth realm. I don’t understand all of this, but I know Holy Spirit has plans for His Ekklesia to win some major victories. We are not going to lose. He is going to lead and guide us. I believe a few of these angels are some of the mighty ones we see in the Bible - they didn’t die. There are no angel graveyards. I believe the Ekklesias in different regions, have been building altars in their territories, where God is respected and honored. There are more prayers and the faith decrees are rising. Holy Spirit is saying that He is going to add to this, and bring mighty, high-ranking authority angels to partner and assist in our breakthroughs in the earth realm. And, Dutch, I'm feeling this is for now.

“Dr. Hodges was with us a few weeks ago, and he preached a great word, as usual. But I asked him if he would pray over us. He began to pray a prophetic word, and as he did, I felt a shift! Let me describe it this way:

“Dutch, you and I are old enough to know what a stick shift is. You pop that clutch when you’re shifting gears. Sometimes we hear gears grind before sliding into their proper place. I feel we are at that point where we are grinding to get into gear. As Dr. Hodges prayed, I felt we got into gear. I felt we were grinding, and as he prayed, we slipped into gear.

“I sense the Ekklesia is shifting into another gear. Along with what Holy Spirit is doing, things are going to change and prophetic understanding is going to come to pass. Holy Spirit is now adding angels that are very strong and powerful. I have seen them and will talk about them soon, and even spoke about this in our recent Sunday morning service. But I’m confident and feel strongly that something has shifted, and we are moving into another gear.

“The King said I’m going to build My church (the Ekklesia). He didn’t say He was building His nursery. Think about what He said, and it’s powerful. Matthew 16:18-19 (TPT) says:

‘I give you the name Peter, a stone. And this rock will be the bedrock foundation on which I will build my church—my legislative assembly, and the power of death will not be able to overpower it! I will give you the keys of heaven’s kingdom realm to forbid on earth that which is forbidden in heaven, and to release on earth that which is released in heaven.’

“The gates of hades will not overpowerful us (the church) or hold out against us. The church has been trying to hold out against hell. Hell can’t hold out against a true Ekklesia, and I believe the Ekklesia is now strong enough for what’s ahead. Keys to open doors are being handed to us; we’ve not had these keys before. And I believe these angels are part of this.”

Dutch shares:

“Tim, while you were talking, I remembered a service 15 or so years ago when I literally heard what you just described, a grinding sound. It sounded exactly like gears that weren't yet synchronized and were trying to shift into place. I asked God what I was hearing and He said to me, ‘The ages are trying to connect.’ I knew it wasn’t mystical - we go from season to season - but He was giving me a manifestation, something I could hear in the spirit. By hearing the gears, He was showing me that He was trying to shift us into the next season, but the church wasn’t quite ready. But now, I’m going to help push that gear into place; it’s going to happen.

“I heard the Lord also say, ‘You need to help people understand how to shift WITH Me, and not fight the shift.’ I think we are in an incredible shift right now, going into the next phase. I believe there are some things God is going to clean up and shape up regarding His plans for the rest of this year. Next year an incredible shifting into the next phase will take place. But it actually starts now. It doesn’t happen overnight - it is starting to happen, and we, as the Ekklesia, are helping now.

“This word really resonates with me, Tim and I think it’s right on. For these places where the Ekklesia is prepared, God’s about to bring forth some suddenlies. Why don't you pray into this now”:

Tim prays:

“Father, we thank You and give You glory for what You have done and what You’re doing. We ask You to supercharge Your Ekklesia with power from on high. Holy Spirit, take us on the journey that You have in mind for us. We ask You to open doors that have never been opened before with keys of authority that You are now giving. Help us supernaturally with the angels, with outpourings of Your Holy Spirit, and with revelation.

“If some are discouraged today, let them be supercharged with hope. You have this, and You are going to shift us into another gear. It will take us into another realm where things accelerate, and we can move faster in the spirit.

And we pray that the purpose and plan You have ordained for different regions - they’re all different, but what You’re doing will be blessed and indeed, kick into another gear with supernatural plans and purposes. And yes, Lord, we believe the gates of hell won’t prevail. In Jesus' name, we are going to overcome, and we’ll win. America shall be saved. Amen.

Dutch finishes up:

“Many people are agreeing with us, and I know everyone today appreciates you sharing with us, Tim. Thanks for being with us today.

“You can join Tim on YouTube. I believe he has the best book of all time on angels.

“Bless you, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.”

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

You can learn more about Tim Sheets here.

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