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August 20, 2016

Young Artists

Our young Christians are captivated by beauty, art and movement like no other generation before. The world is being lived out in front of them in living color—filled with visual impact and sound. And, they were created for such a time as this! Many of them were created to express their artistic talents in ways that bring great glory to God! Help them! Support them! Teach them! Open doors for them! Trust God that He knows what He is doing. The best way to share our witness today is to play out the message of Christ’s love artistically in front of this lost and thirsty nation.

“I’ve filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him skill and know-how and expertise in every kind of craft to create designs and work in gold, silver, and bronze; to cut and set gemstones; to carve wood—he’s an all-around craftsman.” (Exodus 31:3-5; MSG)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Call for the rising up of the creative ones—the dancers, the artists, the musicians, actors, filmmakers and writers!

  2. Ask the Lord to increase creativity in our children and youth. It is a media and entertainment-driven world today and skilled artists and artisans can penetrate a very dark world, capturing and shining forth His beauty and light and expressing His Glory!

  3. Ask the Lord to raise up believing teachers, mentors and coaches in the area of the arts and entertainment that will help our children navigate this arena with safety and wisdom.

A prayer you can pray:

“Lord, may a new spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship come upon the young. We pray for our young artists, dancers, musicians, actors, graphic designers, filmmakers, and writers. We bless their creativity in Jesus’ name and we ask that You would cause these gifts to flourish during this crucial time in their lives. Father, we are praying that You would do something extraordinary among our young artists and performers! Would You raise up Christians with a love for the arts who would invest in the next generation – both financially and also as coaches, professors and teachers.”1 In the name of Jesus, amen.

Today’s decree:

We decree that the Lord is raising up young people with extraordinary talent in the arts and media in order to shift these realms of influence in the nation!

1 Taken from BridgeBuilders International, “21 Days of Prayer for Arizona Schools.”

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