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August 15, 2020

Knowing the the Historical Record of Our Christian Nation

[Major (Ret.) William J. Ostan, Esq., shares his heart for America with us again today. He is one the Lord has given a deep passion for our nation to. He is medically retired from the Army and is now working to change the lives of wounded warriors like himself. He and his wife, Jen, founded Arc of Justice.]

“Long before I went to law school, Lou Engle told me one day that we needed to go and pray at a chapel on Pepperdine University’s Malibu campus. During that three-hour prayer meeting, God did something in me. He lit a flame of love for America in my heart that day. That also started me on a journey to read everything I could about this nation. Lou gave me a book, titled America’s Providential History, by Stephen McDowell. He was the Founder and President of the Providence Foundation. That book changed the course of my entire life. He also gave me The Light and the Glory, by Peter Marshall and David Emanuel. These books tell of the historical account of the Puritans and Pilgrims coming to America and saying, ‘We believe God has brought us to America to make it a light and a glory for the propagation of the Gospel around the world.’

“Stephen McDowell has spent the last 40 years of his life reading thousands of documents on the founding of the nation. He writes booklets on the history of America every month. He footnotes the content back to the original source documents. He proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that America is a Christian nation.

“In many modern publications, you can read opinion articles where the writer says, ‘America was never a Christian nation.’ My reply to that is, ‘Where’s your proof? You cannot just say that and think we are going to believe it. Let’s go together to the library of Congress and the National Archives and see what the record says. Let’s go walk around Washington, D.C. You can’t walk a block without seeing a quote honoring God on the buildings. Just because you write your opinion in an established publication, am I just supposed to believe it? Where’s your proof?’ 

“Men like Stephen McDowell are going back to see what Patrick Henry or John Adams or George Washington actually wrote. In His providence, the Lord actually connected me with Stephen. I was relocated by the Army to a city very near the church he pastors. He became a mentor to me, then a friend. Today, I serve on the board of the Providence Foundation. One thing I have learned from Stephen is to study those original documents and read all that I can. Therefore, I can refute anyone trying to say that this is not a Christian nation. We should all know everything we can about America’s glorious, God-birthed history. This is our heritage. Without dispute, we are a Christian nation.”

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32; GNT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Thank God for the truth, based in a lot of historical fact, that we are a Christian nation. Do not let anyone say otherwise, no matter who they are!

  2. Intercede for the Church to care about these things.

  3. Keep praying for pastors to address civic and national government from their pulpits, even as they increase teaching about moral biblical foundations. We are to live godly lives and expand Christ’s Kingdom in the earth.

  4. Have you educated yourself on the roots of our nation? If not, you might want to go to the Providence Foundation’s website or to David Barton’s Wallbuilders site and get started.

  5. Consider getting tools from these sites for your children and grandchildren.

A prayer you can pray:

God, thank You for reminding us today of the truth about the roots of America. When we take the time to look back at the historical record, we see solid evidence of our Christian heritage at every stage. The nation’s founding can be traced back to the Puritans and Pilgrims seeking refuge from religious persecution. They dedicated this land to You and to Your Glory. They proclaimed that America would send the Gospel across the land and to the nations of the earth from these shores. As the years unfolded and this fledging nation developed, God-fearing men met and prayed and formed a government that they believed You led them to form. Our nation’s archives hold undeniable proof for all who care to look for it.

God, move on the hearts of Believers to search these things out for ourselves. Lead us to the sources we need. Let us teach these things to our children and grandchildren. Embolden our pastors to address this issue, as well as teach us about the tough moral issues the Bible talks about. We need very brave pastors in these days. We support them and encourage them in prayer. Thank You for exposing so much truth in the midst of the chaos around us. Surely, You are turning all things together for good for those of us who love You and are called according to Your purpose. We stop those who want to revise our history in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

America is without dispute a Christian nation! No one can tell me otherwise.

Today's post was transcribed from a podcast conversation between Dutch and Will titled "The Greatness of America, Part 1 & Part 2." You can listen to the whole podcast here.


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