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April 9, 2021

America Shall Be Saved

Our friend Gina Gholston, a prophet, had a powerful vision in May of 2020 involving the Appeal To Heaven flag. It has brought great hope to me and I’m certain will to you, as well. God birthed America, as Gina mentions, and is NOT finished with her. Be encouraged!

“God ordained from the foundation of the world the founding and establishment of the United States of America. His plan of the ages includes the existence of this nation. He sovereignly guided men and women to these shores as the timing of God awakened in them an unquenchable desire to set out in search of a land in which they could worship Him freely. Their undaunted determination and courageous faith in God led them to find and settle these United States of America.

“I can only imagine the feelings that must have been coursing through their emotions as they stood, for the first time, on the shores of the land to which they had been led. I cannot say for certain what they might have been thinking, obviously, but assume their initial thoughts were toward Almighty God as they placed a cross on the shoreline and released this prayer and prophetic declaration: “We do hereby dedicate this land and ourselves to reach the people within these shores with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to raise up godly generations after us, and with these generations take the kingdom of God to all the earth…from these very shores, the gospel shall go forth, not only to this New World, but the entire world.”

“God literally charted the course of those Pilgrims and ordered the steps of the early colonists and settlers. He always had those who would hear, respond to Him, and take their place on the timeline of His plan, determined to fulfill their part. They prayed, worked, penned pamphlets to promote “Common Sense,” led armies, preached throughout the territories, sewed flags, built churches, and rang bells of liberty. And God worked through them to accomplish His purposes for their times.

“Their obedience to God wasn’t only for themselves and their era. Through them, God was establishing a nation that would know and worship Him, a nation that would radiate His glory and preach His gospel to the nations of the world. That was always His intention. And the church has always been His tool that would stand as a strengthening force throughout the generations to maintain His prophetic destiny for America.

“Since her founding, time and again men of greed with evil agendas have sought to throw America off course from God’s intentions. But in spite of those evil attempts, the Ekklesia would rise and work with Holy Spirit to legislate through prayer and see to it that America stayed on course with His purposes. History tells us of mighty moves of God, powerful revivals, and spiritual awakenings that brought the hearts of Americans back to the roots of our Godly heritage. Overall, reverence and honor for God have been a strong, noticeable thread woven throughout the years of America’s existence.

“Now, in our day, attempts are again being made to overthrow the plans of God for America. Our Godly heritage is being challenged, and America’s future as a Christian nation is hanging in the balance. Contention is raging as evil has raised its ugly head, seeking to silence, discredit, and dismantle the greatest threat to the accomplishment of their plots and schemes—an awakened Ekklesia.

“On May 28, 2020, in a vision, I saw the American flag being wadded up in someone’s hands. Then it was spread back out but was wrinkled and limp. The flag then started to bleed, becoming saturated with blue and red stains which completely covered the Stars and Stripes. Still very wrinkled, it looked as if would fall apart.

“Then I saw an Appeal to Heaven flag float down from the heavens and lay on top of the limp American flag, completely covering it. Not only did it cover the American flag, but it also went down into it. As it did, the Stars and Stripes began to be seen again; the American flag then began to revive and re-form. It was still a flag, but it was now solid steel. The Appeal to Heaven flag stayed in it - it was not separate from Old Glory but was now part of her. Though the two combined flags appeared as the American flag, they had been forged into one solid piece. The Appeal to Heaven flag had solidified the American flag.

“And I heard the Lord say:

‘This is what I am forging. I am forging the two together—the church and the nation. This will strengthen the nation again, and America will revive, heal, rise, and reform as the nation I birthed it to be.’

“In the vision, the Appeal to Heaven flag was representative of God’s covenant with America and also of the necessity of an awakened Ekklesia. Our fervent, righteous prayers are still a force that will strengthen this nation. The wrinkles of a not-so-perfect history may cause some to believe that the prophetic destiny of America is forever lost, but God’s determined verdict for this nation has never wavered: ‘America shall be saved!’

“The church has been awakened—not yet as a whole, but at least in part - a remnant has been aroused from slumber. It’s now our time to take our place on the timeline of God’s plan of the ages; we must rise with courageous faith in God and undaunted determination to work with Holy Spirit toward His intentions for a revived and thriving America. We understand the distress America is in, yet we are unshaken from our righteous stand. We believe and know that transformation is coming! We are not given to despair; we are given to fervent prayer, and God will heal our land! We release our shouts of triumph, knowing God is with us - to work through us - awakening and strengthening the nation.”

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Pray with me:

Father, we come boldly into Your presence, acknowledging and decreeing that You alone are God. America is one nation under You, our God. Though the prophetic purposes of our nation seem to be fading into the shadows of an ungodly culture, Your eyes have searched and found within Your Ekklesia hearts that are completely Yours. We ask that through us, You will now show Yourself strong. Bring demonstrations of Your love and might, provoking an undeniable awakening, an awareness of You, in the church and nation.

We declare that Your original intentions for America are now rising from the shadows to shine once again. You are not late. Your promises for this nation have not been forgotten nor forsaken. Your determined verdict has been made, and it cannot be overruled. We stand in faith and agreement with You now to declare that verdict over our nation: “America shall be saved!”

Our decree:

An awakening to God has come. America will revive, be healed, and rise as the nation God birthed her to be.

Portions of today’s post were taken from the book Awakening the Church to Awaken a Nation written by Gina Gholston. You can find out more about Gina here.

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