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April 17, 2020

Re-covenanting This Nation to God

[At the end of last month, I was sent on a prayer journey by the Lord. Directions for it came from a couple of dreams that were sent to me. I started this series on April 13th, so if you want to go back and get caught up, you can. This will take a few days, so keep following here to get it all. It will tie right into what’s going on in the nation right now, which we didn’t know was coming when the dreams were given.]

I knew that these dreams were an assignment God was giving me to go to Valley Forge and to go on to Washington D.C. He wanted me to go there, connect with the past, and release the synergy of the ages and the angels. Just as Elijah’s words didn’t fall to the ground, but were used by the Lord to turn a nation, He would use our decrees to do the same. 

We went to Valley Forge and had a powerful prayer time. We weren’t allowed to gather in the park. All the parking places were closed. They wouldn’t let people park along the side of the road because they were trying to keep people out. They would not stop you from walking trails, and if you were not in groups, you could walk through some of the grounds. So, we tried to pull off the road close to Washington’s headquarters. The house is still there, where he headquartered at Valley Forge. That’s where we wanted to pray and take the Appeal to Heaven flag and 12 small stones from the Delaware River that He had directed us to bring.

As we parked there, Rangers came by and told us very, very firmly, “This park is closed. You cannot park here and you need to leave. We appealed to them and told them what we wanted to do. They basically said, “The park is closed and you cannot park here. If you walk around, not being in a group, we’re not going to stop you.” So, three of us were dropped off and the other person took the car elsewhere, and we walked down the stream in front of Washington’s headquarters.

That’s significant, because, rather than forcing us to leave, we were able to go for an hour and pray on the edge of this stream where Washington had prayed many, many times at Valley Forge. I am confident that not only had he prayed there, the Appeal to Heaven flag had flown there. It was there that God shaped the army and shaped this man and answered his prayers. We were able to go back to that very place and make our appeal. We did exactly as the dream said for us to do. We took the Appeal to Heaven flag. We took the 12 small stones from the Delaware River at Penn Treaty Park, representing God’s covenant with America. We got our phones out and, through our “mega-phones”, we blanketed the nation with decrees over America that America will be saved and God will rebirth this nation.

Then we drove to Washington, D.C., and did the same thing under the statue of George Washington. We pointed in the directions of the nation as shown to us in the dream. I can only say to you, in both of these prayer journeys, our prayer times were profoundly anointed and significant. We have no doubt that angels were helping us, that our decrees were blanketing the nation and God was doing what He said.

“He remembers his covenant forever, the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations.” (Psalm 105:8; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Intercede over the recent re-covenanting Dutch and his fellow intercessors did. Proclaim it secured and under Christ’s shed blood, firm and unending until God has fulfilled every bit of it.

  2. Declare, “The Lord remembers His covenant forever! God re-covenant America with the promises You made to our forefathers! You called America to be a city set on a hill; one from which to send Your light into the nations!”

  3. Are you aware of prophetic Words given over your city, state, or region, even long ago? Get them out and proclaim them. Decree them as if they have already come to pass! Believe that they will!

  4. Is there something the Lord has promised you, either in His Word or by the Word of a valid prophetic voice? Bring that before Him now.

  5. There is a time to pray and a time to act. If the Lord shows you to go and do a prophetic act to secure a covenant, go and do it. Don’t look at obstacles. Know that if God’s leading you to do it, there will be a way.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, I love reading these stories of how You lead Your people to do great exploits. Your people are led by dreams, visions, Words of the Lord and the written Word. We are also often led by the still small voice of Your Holy Spirit whispering to our spirit. Take our fear away and give us faith to act on these directions. There is nothing but freedom and blessing in it. 

We join our faith to the prayers and decrees Dutch and his friends released as they were obedient to Your leading, guiding, and directing. How powerful a thing to join their prayers to those of General George Washington right where he once knelt and prayed. What joy to pray under the same flag, placing stones of remembrance from the place of covenant you gave to William Penn. God, You are truly the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You renew Your covenant with each generation until it is fulfilled. The Lord remembers His covenant forever! God re-covenant America with the promises You made to our forefathers! You called America to be a city set on a hill; one from which to send Your light into the nations! You make sure men and women of God in America from generation to generation remember it.

Show us the promises given by You to our cities, states, and regions. Help us to find them and declare them boldly, as if the Words have already come to pass. In Your heart, they already have! Fulfill those things You have promised Lord. We humbly intercede in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God is leading us to re-covenant this nation to Him!

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