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April 13, 2020

Appealing to Heaven for Deliverance

[Just this month, I was sent on a prayer journey by the Lord. Directions for it came from a couple of dreams that were sent to me. I feel like it’s time to tell you about the dreams and this journey. It will take a few days, so keep following here to get it all. It will tie right into what’s going on in the nation right now, which we didn’t know what was coming when the dreams were given. Here is the first piece.]

Back in October of last year, I was sent two dreams. The first of them was relatively short. The brother that dreamed it said he dreamed that I called him. He’s a trusted prophet that God gives dreams to for me. He said that I called him in the dream and said, “Clear your schedule. Make plans to meet me at Valley Forge.” Well, you may not know that Valley Forge was the winter encampment of George Washington and the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, which really became the make or break point of the war. Our troops there were under-supplied and underfed. They didn’t have medicine. They didn’t have clothing. It was a brutal, brutal, brutal winter. If they made it, there was hope for the nation’s future. But frankly, it was doubtful that they would survive.

Incidentally, there was actually a plague running through the nation then, just like the one we are dealing with today. That plague killed 2000 of them, and it was just a crucible time. It was really a season where they had to persevere to make it through. They needed God to come through and help them with funds and troops and training. It was a desperate time and place.

So, Valley Forge was really the crossing over point. It was their passing over. It was the time they had to break through. George Washington no doubt had the Appeal to Heaven flag there. I say, “no doubt”, because he is the one that commissioned the Appeal to Heaven flag. It flew over the ships and over the war’s battlefields. Why wouldn’t the man who commissioned the flag have one there with him at Valley Forge? He would go out from his headquarters and pray at a stream about 100 yards away every day, calling out to God. He would ask for mercy, “Please, please give us food. Please help us through this time.” It was one of the holy places that marks the birthing of our nation.

So in the dream, I said, “Clear your schedule. Make plans to meet me at Valley Forge.” The dreamer went on to say that in the dream I told him, “Bill had a dream.” In Bill’s dream he said there were angels on reserve at Valley Forge that must be called into active duty. Bill was the young man who gave me my first Appeal to Heaven flag and acquainted me with the story of the flag. So, I knew these dreams were about appealing to heaven. It was about prayers, about Washington, about the same thing re-birthing our nation that had birthed it initially. It had been birthed by a prayer movement of appealing to Him. I also knew this was to be literal. I needed to get a team and go there. It wasn’t just a symbolic thing.

“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.” (Psalm 34:17; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Humble yourself and kneel to pray today, even as George Washington did in his time of trouble.

  2. Identificationally repent for the sins of the nation.

  3. Tell God what He already knows about the ravages of the COVID-19 virus on the nation.

  4. Appeal to Him for deliverance of the nation from this virus.

  5. Ask Him to raise up a fresh wave of the Appeal to Heaven movement. We cannot stop praying now. We must press into Him for angelic assistance until we see the battle won.

A prayer you can pray:

God, thank You for the dreams You give Your people. They help us see that You care about our plight. They show You are trying to get Your Church to get in the gap and appeal to heaven for deliverance and salvation. This COVID-19 virus has killed thousands in America. We don’t want it to take any more lives. We are asking You to intervene. Forgive us our national sins. We have aborted millions of babies. We have trafficking millions of people. We have have exported pornography, and have forced the acceptance of homosexuality and other sexual perversions on the nations. God, forgive us.

Now, we have this curse, this virus stealing our vulnerable from us. Lord, forgive us and deliver us. Let the shed blood of Jesus be enough. Raise up millions of intercessors to pray and cry out until we see the battle against this virus turn. We must be passionate, diligent, and serious about praying to see this eradicated. Hear us Lord. Act on our behalf, even as You moved to send angels into battle for Israel when Daniel prayed for his nation. Let this nation be free again, even as You answered George Washington’s prayers in that desperate hour in our nation’s history. We look to You, God. Deliver. Deliver in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We cry out to God for deliverance from this plague! He will save our nation!


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