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April 12, 2017

Until the Breakthrough Comes

The Lord is never in a rush, never in a hurry. We often want instant answers to the things we pray for. Sometimes we get miracles—overnight changes when everything works out exactly the way we desired it to! Most of the time, however, we will find ourselves waiting, believing, contending and persevering in faith for the answers to our intercession. Never stop believing! Our prayers for America are being answered—in His perfect time!

“It is beautiful how God has done everything at the right time. He has put a sense of eternity in people’s minds, Yet, mortals still can’t grasp what God is doing from the beginning of time to the end (of time).” (Ecclesiastes 3:11; GWT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Think back to the times God came through for you and worship Him whether it was instantaneous or took some time.

  2. Consider the things on your prayer list now and ask the Lord to grant you grace to not stop praying until you see the answer. Ask for Him to refresh your prayer life, if need be.

  3. Now, pray with fresh fervency and eternity in your heart for the things you can see may take time for God to answer.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, You alone see things from before the foundations of time and throughout eternity. This is not possible for me to grasp! However, I want to understand that You will answer my prayers in Your timing as a part of Your eternal plan. When I look back at the things I have prayed for before, I can see that the answers are coming! They will come at exactly the right time! Refire me, Lord! By Your grace, let my intercession be fervent! This nation is shifting! In Jesus’ Name, amen!

Today’s decree:

God is not late in answering our prayers. They will be answered at the exact right time!

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