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November 9, 2022

My Response to the 2022 Elections

It was 3:00 A.M. when I began writing this post. It is now 4:30 A.M. Today’s post will be a little shorter than usual.

The final outcome is not yet known for all races in yesterday’s elections. It looks like the Republicans will take control of the House, but not with as large a majority as they expected. The outcome in the Senate is still undetermined. Obviously, the Republicans did not see the red wave they and many pollsters believed was coming. Both parties are spinning the elections as a win, the Republicans because they took the House (it seems), the Democrats because they avoided the red wave and possibly kept the Senate (though the Senate has been tied at 50-50, they own the tie-breaker with Kamala Harris’ vote).

In reality, the outcome is a huge disappointment for Republicans and conservatives due to their expectations going into last night. Having said this, the Republicans should now be able to stop some of the left’s agenda, however. To what degree they can succeed in this will be determined by the final outcome in the Senate.

What do I make of all this spiritually? Though I am disappointed, I am not as surprised as most conservatives. I did not have the confidence some held that a red wave was coming. I described my pre-election feelings as “a cautious optimism.” Though I obviously believe fully in the power of prayer, the power it releases does not force people to do things against their will. God won’t “make” a person vote a certain way.

Authority in prayer does stop or hinder demonic forces that influence people’s thinking, and it does release heavenly influence to change people’s minds. It does not, however, force this change. The changing of minds usually takes time; it is a process. Prayer releases spiritual power to generate and fuel this process. This means that where people’s wills are concerned, our prayers release God’s process of change, not a dictatorial forcing of it. In other words, God can’t turn an election just because we ask Him to, any more than He can instantly change a person’s mind simply because we ask.

I am extremely glad that in this election, we at least succeeded in slowing down the damage being done by dishonest, Godless, inept leaders. I am thrilled that some unrighteous laws that would have passed, now will not. I rejoice that money that would have been spent for evil (i.e. abortion) can be cut off. Much can be done to stop our nation’s bleeding while God continues to expose evil, depravity, and lunacy. He will also continue to awaken our nation to its true condition and desperate need. America isn’t yet desperate enough. The shaking will continue.

How does what took place yesterday affect the awakening/revival we speak of? It does not. Everything God has said He will do, will be done. America shall be saved. God’s heart is for harvest - the salvation of many - and He will have this. His intent is to extend the Kingdom rule of His Son, and He will do so. My faith for these things has never been in a political party or a person, only in God. He is going to give us the outpouring of His Spirit we have interceded for.

Then why do I become so engaged in government issues and elections? Because government DOES matter in many areas, including justice, morality, peace, protection, freedom, the reaping of blessings, life for babies, education, and much more. However, salvation and revival do not come from government.

This outpouring will be the game-changer. I have said for 30 years there is no hope for America other than a Third Great Awakening. No human effort or agency can save us; we are too far down the path of humanism, deception, immorality, secularism, and other evils.

Sin, spiritual rebellion, and separation from God greatly affect the mind, producing not only deception, but also a loss of reason. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to know babies should be protected, lawlessness shouldn’t be tolerated, trillions of dollars of debt can’t be sustained, men can’t have babies, children’s bodies shouldn’t be mutilated, open borders can’t be sustained, socialism can’t succeed, and on we could go. When people defy common sense by electing fools who believe these things, there is no hope of healing other than a change of mind - which can only be produced by a reconnection to God. The salvation of millions of Americans is our only hope of survival.

But this is coming. The coming awakening will create a hunger for God’s Word of truth. It will write His laws in people’s hearts and awaken their consciences. This will expose evil and awaken reason. Millions of salvations will cause a rewriting of laws and a reversing of others. It will strengthen love, protect families, and love for life - not death. Revival will be the game changer. And for the true rebirth of our nation, there is no other way.

Keep praying - it’s coming.

Pray with me:

Father, we have placed our hope for the restoration of America in You and You alone. We desire a wise and righteous government, just as You do, but our faith for America’s salvation is not in this. We will continue to intercede for change in our government, media, education, children, churches, unbelievers, etc. We desire the fruit this will produce. But our faith is in none of these things; our faith is in You alone.

We pray against discouragement and hopelessness in those who fight for life, righteous causes, and Your purposes for America. We will not grow weary in doing what is right, and we will not stop praying. America shall be saved - end of story!

Give our leaders wisdom. Give sound ideas and strategies to those who fight for life - those who are working for the restoration of decency. Overthrow and remove those who oppose You and war against Your guidance and influence. Keep exposing the evil in our government, media and education system. We pray these things in Christ’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we will not grow weary in our righteous efforts and causes. We will persevere, and through faith and patience, inherit God‘s promises.

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