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November 15, 2022

The Master Keys

I always enjoy my brother Tim’s insights and revelation. He is a great teacher, warrior and patriot. His prophetic words and dreams are always such an encouragement. And by the way, today is his birthday. The following word and dream is regarding Isaiah 22:22, one of my favorite verses. Tim begins:

“I recently had a dream about the Seraphim order of angels. They are the highest ranking angels we know of and are being referenced by Holy Spirit in this current season. These are incredibly powerful beings and carry the delegated authority of the Godhead. Holy Spirit has given me further insight concerning the Seraphim and how they are assisting Christ’s Ekklesia.

“In Luke 19:13, Jesus says, ‘Occupy until I come.Occupy is the Greek word ‘pragmateuomai’ and it means to take care of business.(1) The Ekklesia is to take care of Kingdom business by extending Christ’s Kingdom government into the earth. Holy Spirit is equipping us to accomplish this and activating angel armies to assist us.

“In the dream concerning Seraphim, I was handed a large key ring with many keys of assorted colors and sizes. A Seraph said to me, ‘These keys do not work by hand, they are activated by voice decrees.’ While praying about this, I remembered Christ’s own words concerning His Ekklesia. Matthew 16:18-19 states that Hell will not be able to hold out against the church. The King’s Ekklesia is being built and prepared to be a church that will not be overpowered by the strategies of hell.

“In these verses Jesus also said He would give us Kingdom keys to open or close doors. Seraphim help us use those keys to gain access to new times, seasons and eras. Additionally, these powerful beings assist us by empowering our decrees to govern spiritually on earth, enforcing the victory of Calvary.

“The keys Jesus was referring to symbolize the governmental authority of His Kingdom. The Ekklesia is part of a spiritual Kingdom government that is to influence the natural realm, including governments.

“Kingdom keys are first mentioned in Isaiah 22:22, which references the responsibility and authority of chamberlains; I’ll explain them in a moment. The verse says: I will set the key of the house of David on His shoulder, when He opens no one will shut, when He shuts, no one will open. In Matthew 16, Jesus connects His Ekklesia to this passage and there is great significance in that. In Isaiah 22, two chamberlains are mentioned. One of them, Shebna, pictures satan and Eliakim represents Christ. It is important to understand why Jesus tied a statement concerning His Ekklesia to a 700 year old prophecy.

“The chamberlain was the chief operating officer for a king and his kingdom, the highest ranking executive, other than the king himself. He managed everything for the king and carried the keys to the kingdom. A hook or ring was sewn into the shoulder of his robe of authority. The ring of keys could be up to a foot long and would hang from the chamberlain’s shoulder.

“These keys obviously picture authority; it was said of chamberlains that the government was upon their shoulder. This is what was meant when Holy Spirit prophesied in Isaiah 9:6 that our Kingdom government would be upon the shoulder of Jesus.

“Among the keys the chamberlain carried were keys to the king’s house, his bedroom, the royal court, the judge’s chambers and the kingdom treasury. He was the doorkeeper and held the power to lock and unlock the doors.

“The prophetic account of Isaiah 22, pictures satan, Christ and His Kingdom, Shebna was a kingdom chamberlain that was rebellious and abused his authority. The prophecy said his authority would be stripped from him and given to Eliakim. Eliakim would receive the keys and governing authority would then be carried on his shoulder.

“Since Jesus is in the royal lineage of David this prophetic picture is fulfilled perfectly. While He didn’t sit on David’s throne in the natural realm, He sat down on a throne at the right hand of Heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But not before He stripped Lucifer of his authority and took back all the keys, even the keys of death, hell and the grave. The government is upon our King’s shoulders and all authority has been given to Him in heaven and on earth.

“King Jesus has given us access to the keys of governing authority. We, as His Ekklesia can bind or loose, open or close, lock or unlock.

“Regarding this, I heard Holy Spirit say, ‘Now begins a merger of Christ’s spiritual Kingdom in the earth realm with the Kingdom of heaven in the spirit realm, in ways and levels never before seen. The merger will accelerate a new era Pentecost. Spiritual power and Kingdom authority will be seen on the earth as never before. Glory will fill prepared territories, regions, and nations with surge after surge of the King’s manifest presence. The enemies of Christ’s Kingdom will become disoriented and fight each other, resulting in freedoms decreed by the King’s Ekklesia and assisted by My angels. For I will release My mighty ones to labor with you.

“A new level of merging will now begin of the King’s spiritual Kingdom on the earth realm and the Kingdom of Heaven and its mighty ones. My Ekklesia will run with angels. Glory surges will now begin to roll though the nation and through My Ekklesia hubs all across the earth. You will see the increased strikes of Holy Spirit and His angels. Suddenlies are striking the enemies of My Kingdom. You will now see a roll out of a series of suddenlies which have been planned to overpower demonic thrones. Suddenlies, suddenlies, suddenlies and sudden suddenlies!

“Align yourself with the mighty authorities from the heavenly realms. My principalities, My powers, My dominions, My princes, activated in merger with you. For My princes have arrayed for battle says the Lord. My mighty ones have arrayed for battle. They have received their positional assignments in the earth realm, and it is time for the strike of My Kingdom armies.

“I will set My messengers on fire with My message. I will cleanse the lips of My prophets and cause the fire on My Ekklesia altars to blaze. My Seraphim will minister with My heirs from those altars. Blazing, purging fires of holy cleansing will rise and My strong ones will co-labor with My remnant warriors. The Lord of hosts decrees ‘Let the breakthrough events begin. Let the plans of awakening unlock.’ Ekklesias, receive new keys for new times. Decree the voice-activated keys with commanding voices, causing gateways of promise to open to you.

“Let a confident heart rise in you, for a merger has begun. A new-era Pentecost will accelerate. Power and Kingdom authority will be seen on the earth as never before. My mighty angels are now moving into the earth realm at My command. For the intersecting of times and seasons has occurred and My purposes will spawn miracles, sudden breakthroughs, and great victories.’

“We are moving into supernatural times! The revelation that we carry the Master’s keys is increasing, and that is a game changer.”

Pray with me:

Lord, we exercise the authority handed to us, and thank You for giving us keys to unlock breakthrough events upon the earth. Unlock Your plans of awakening in all regions and in our lives. Let strategies of awakening unlock in Ekklesias throughout this nation. Unlock harvest plans! We activate the release of mighty angels to open gateways in our regions, gateways of promise. Unlock this nation! Unlock pathways for the Kingdom of God to enter into our government and change it. Help us dethrone the powers of darkness that have been entrenched there. We bind every attempt to steal and influence our elections.

Let the suddenlies begin! Cause our enemies to begin fighting one another. Let doors of breakthrough and victory open before us at levels never before seen. We thank You that You have given us Your keys and we declare, in Your name, we will not be overpowered or held back. The glorious Ekklesia will rise and reign with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Our decree:

We agree with Heaven and decree, “Let the breakthrough events begin and let the plans of awakening unlock!”

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


1. Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, ref. no. 4231.

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