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December 22, 2022

I will be leading us in Communion today. If possible, pause your recording and/or reading and get some juice/wine and bread ready so you can join me. Communion is more than remembering and honoring; it is a declaration of, the release of, and celebration of victory!

Hello! Thank you so much for participating with me in prayer each day!

Ceci and I are slowing down a little during these last couple of weeks of 2022. I do so each year, taking time to focus on the coming year and listening to Holy Spirit’s words, insights, and assignments.

However, with the critical assignment on the final quarter of 2022, I feel we must continue the communion and prayers aimed at ending Baal’s voice in America. Therefore, I have asked trusted leaders and friends to write prayers; I’ll read one each day and also lead in Communion. Though there won’t be a teaching, PLEASE join me daily for these strategic times of prayer. We must not let up - let’s finish well!

Our friend, Regina Shank, sent the following strong prayer; let’s agree with her. The title is:


The Healing of Our Land

“Lord, we cry out for our nation. May the destiny You planned for her never be destroyed by demonic interference, liberal agendas, or religious institutionalism. May Your grace and mercy never be removed from us. May we lay down our differences, stand together as one voice, and pray without ceasing until heaven invades earth with an outpouring of evangelism, deliverance, and restoration. Let a spirit of conviction fall upon the lost. Let your people be a voice crying out in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way of the Lord.’

“Wake up the watchmen; wake up the intercessors; wake up Your people. Raise up more intercessors in each state - not those who merely lament the problem, but who decree Your Word. We thank You for the angels who carry out words spoken by Your prayer warriors. Your Word says, ‘Bless the Lord, you His angels, You mighty ones who do His commandments, obeying the voice of His word!’ (Psalms 103:20 AMP)

“Thank You for the awakening that has begun; light is overcoming darkness and Your name is exalted over every entity that would try to raise its head above Your name. Exposure has begun and will continue because You are the light of the world. Let Your light shine in the darkness of men’s hearts. Turn the ship of America back to biblical values, back to purity and holiness, back to the altar of repentance, back to prayer in schools, back to a love for Your presence. Heal our land, Lord. We cry out to You for deliverance and the restoration of freedom found only in You. May we not experience church as usual, but supernatural gatherings that change the hearts of people and produce zeal for Your ways and purposes. This will enable us to change our society and culture.

“In the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.”

Father, You said that as we join our prayers for America with Communion, proclaiming Christ’s victory over all of satan’s rule, Baal’s voice in America would be overcome. We are obeying You, hitting the mark with Calvary empowered prayers. We enforce Your victory in the all powerful name of Jesus. (Take the bread)

And we decree that our faith is securely anchored in Christ - the blood of the Lamb, and the authority of Judah’s lion. We ask for the cleansing power of this blood to be applied to America. Deliver us and send revival. (Drink the cup)

You can find out more about Regina at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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