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August 23, 2021


It is not a contradiction of faith to acknowledge the true state of affairs, whether regarding a person or a nation. Faith is not denial; faith is denying the right of that which is contrary to God’s will and Word to continue. It is believing His Word in spite of any contrary circumstance. Abraham considered (katanoeo -“consider attentively”) the state of his and Sarah’s bodies, yet with respect to the promise of God chose to believe (see Romans 4:16-21).

An accurate look at the state of affairs in America is necessary and will enable us to pray with greater understanding. It will also help to explain why many have been saying for many years that the only hope for America is a Third Great Awakening. I do believe this revival has begun, will intensify, and that America will be saved. But our prayers for this must be accompanied with an honest acknowledgment of our true condition. Only the humble are given grace (see James 4:6).

Do not assume my words indicate that I am being mean-spirited. I love every person in the church and in our government and want to see all saved. Jesus loved the seven churches in Revelation, though He spoke very strongly to some of them, going so far as to say He would vomit them out of His mouth if they didn’t change (see Revelation 3:16). I am simply endeavoring to speak truth.

Today’s American Church

Many of America’s churches are plagued with compromise, feel-good messages, only a watered-down gospel, a lack of power, little understanding of Holy Spirit, and neglect of God’s Word. Most evangelicals don’t believe the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God. Obviously, then, they don’t have a biblical worldview (believing the scriptures are the final authority for all of life). Over half of the “Christian” world in America doesn’t even believe in a literal Holy Spirit. Consequently, most Christians have little to no discernment.

Conformed to the world in more ways than we want to admit, the American church has become a subculture, not a counter-culture. We have been discipled by our nation rather than discipling our nation. Most pastors can’t even bring themselves to talk about abortion and challenge their congregants to vote based on life and morality. The fear of man has, indeed, proven to be a snare (see Proverbs 29:25).

Our U.S. Government

Our government is now led by:

  • socialists - In a recent Fox News poll, 59% of Democrats said they prefer socialism to capitalism. (1)

  • a party with anti-God agendas - the Democrat party booed God in their 2012 convention and in 2020 would not say His name in the Pledge of Allegiance. It is a secularist party, believing God and scripture have no place in public policy, education or culture.

  • a party that votes unanimously to kill babies and sell their body parts.

  • those to whom truth is no longer the guiding force - character assassinations based on lies is OK if it furthers their agenda (Trump, Cavanaugh, Barrett, etc)

  • those who believe we should show an ID to cash a check but not to elect the most powerful person in the world, a person who can order the destruction of a nation and allow one of the most evil organizations in the world to replace it…overnight

  • those who want a nation without borders

  • a party that defunds police while it spends TRILLIONS of dollars to further their radical ideals and buy votes - the future of our children and grandchildren be damned

  • those who believe the Constitution somehow gives them the right to redefine marriage, flaunting their opinion in the face of our Creator

  • those who cannot tell the difference between male and female, rejecting common sense and the Bible

  • those who believe children know enough about their bodies, minds, emotions, sexuality, the medical ramifications and what they will want later in life, to allow them to begin permanently altering their bodies in an attempt to change their genders

  • those who contend that all whites are racists and America is evil

  • those who banned inexpensive drugs that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives during a pandemic

  • those who use a pandemic to further their political power

  • those who want a fundamentally different America than the one God raised up and that our Founders formed

  • those who have turned our education institutions into liberal, humanistic seminaries, while lowering standards - sometimes eliminating them altogether - for reading, writing, and arithmetic

  • those who will no longer tolerate free speech

  • those who weaken our military, while China, Russia, and other nations make plans to annihilate us

  • those who want to take our guns

If you are not saddened and angered by this, you should be. And embarrassed. America is now the laughingstock of our enemies who no longer fear us and know we are led by weak, naive, spineless bureaucrats and misguided generals. The rest of the world looks at us with disdain. Up until a few days ago, they may have laughed at a proud America led by a mentally declining leader. Now they are disgusted and probably cringe in fear, knowing the only force in the world that could stop evil dictators and those hungry for world domination can no longer be trusted to do so.

One can only wonder how church leaders and politicians claiming to be conservative (Romney, Bush, Cheney, and more) can be so offended over what they consider mean tweets and name-calling, that they would prefer leftists, socialists, and pro-abortion leaders. Then there are the weak, unprincipled judges and justices - and yes, I’m including some of the so-called conservatives - who chose willful ignorance rather than look at some of the cases brought by states and legislatures during the elections. In the case brought by 18 states against Wisconsin, only two justices, the conservative lions Alito and Thomas, had the courage and integrity to hear the case. As if one state negating another’s votes - this was a NATIONAL election, after all - doesn’t give “standing” for a hearing. No one took the Court’s reasoning seriously. The “image” of the Court meant more to them than truth. Biden was no stranger to any of these politicians and judges, nor were the agendas of the left they helped empower. These selfish and weak leaders have proven that their personal agendas, hurt feelings, and careers mean more to them than babies, liberty, love of God, and the future of America.

Biden’s cavalier attitude toward the Afghans, especially the women, shouldn’t have surprised them, either. “According to the late Richard Holbrooke’s diary, in 2010, Biden told Holbrooke that he wanted to withdraw every troop from Afghanistan regardless of the consequences for Afghans. ‘I am not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of women’s rights, it just won’t work, that’s not what they’re there for,’ Biden insisted. When Holbrooke asked what a complete withdrawal would mean for Afghans who trusted us, including young girls who would be raped and forced into sexual slavery, Biden replied: ‘F...that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.’” (2)

For the sake of all that is good and honorable, please do not continue to support these disgraceful politicians. I’m not suggesting you become a Republican, only that you stop voting for those who would destroy our nation. And do not attend the congregation of one of these weak, and compromising spiritual leaders. Don’t give them another penny. If you cannot find a church in your area that will speak and stand for truth, openly support life, and challenge its members to vote for righteousness, find one online. There should be a mass exodus from congregations led by weak men and women who refuse to make a stand. Church leaders who choose not to stand for Christ and what He represents are helping facilitate America’s decline.

I have contended for 30 years that there is no hope for America apart from a massive revival encompassing the entire nation. A Third Great Awakening. We are too far down the road of sin, apostasy, humanism, secularism, and anti-Christ ideologies to turn things around through a trickling, “one here and there” rate of conversion. It is too late to save America by winning a few people to Christ. We must have a sweeping revival. Only a massive change of conscience and God’s laws written on the hearts of millions will produce true and lasting change. This, and only this, will enable us to reform America back to the nation God intends us to be.

We must continue to pray and believe for this. We must ask for His mercy, forgiveness, and grace when appropriate, and continue to declare God‘s words and promises over America. Allow the anger, grief, and frustration you feel over this Afghanistan situation to increase your motivation to do so. Be diligent and consistent. God will do what He says if we do our part and not expect for His will to be automatic.

Pray with me:

Father, we repent for the condition of the American church. We repent for lukewarmness, for passivity, for watering down Your gospel and devaluing Your Word, for refusing to speak up for life and righteous causes, and for our prayerlessness.

We do not ask You to save America and restore our destiny because we deserve it. We ask based on the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from ALL sin and unrighteousness. We ask because of Your great mercy. We ask because YOU want to do this. You always desire to save. It is not Your will that any perish.

While we grieve deeply over much of the fallout, we are grateful that evil continues to be exposed. And we ask You to save us from the godless government we have given ourselves over to. Give us leaders with wisdom. Give us leaders who love the life of vulnerable babies. Give us leaders with common sense. Give us leaders who will honor our Constitution and our roots. Give us leaders who will fight for true liberty on earth. Give us leaders who know and honor You. We humbly ask for this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that God has amazing grace available for America…that though we are blind, we will again see.

Click on the link below to watch the full prayer.



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