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September 4, 2020

Fighting on Our Knees

[The first Tuesday of every month there is a One Voice Prayer Movement Call, which we participate in. The primary conveners are Todd Lamphere, Dave Kubal, and Jon Hamill. Below, the three of them discuss America’s current need of prayer.]


When I watch the chaos and all that’s going on in the streets of America, it actually encourages me. I’m thinking, “Why would the gates of hell open up all of these demonic doors and unleash all of these demonic forces against America?” I think it is because our nation’s leader has a purpose and destiny to help our country. And it also says that God still has a purpose and destiny for America.

When we all watch the news, it is so easy to get discouraged. Have faith and have hope that the destiny of God will continue to unfold for our nation. I think we are on the verge of that turnaround that's been prophesied. I think we are right there.


There is a great move of God happening coast to coast. We are seeing a desperation that has been cultivated through these challenging times. We have been crying out to God and leaning on Him to do what only He can do. And there are some things that only He can do. We cannot look to the political system alone to resolve some of the challenges we face. We need God to come through. We need to be what Francis Scott Key, in the third stanza of the Star-Spangled Banner, called “a heaven rescued land.”

God is moving across this land and restoring His Glory. If we are going to look for God’s manifest presence and His Glory, we have to see where we are aligning with the covenant He made with us. This November 11th marks the 400th anniversary of America’s covenant with God—The Mayflower Compact. I anticipate that after 400 years of this covenant being established by the Lord, and our maintaining it thus far, we are going to move into an accelerated Awakening all across our nation.


As you said, Jon, there is no political process that can heal the hearts of Americans. God is that process. The direction of our country is at stake in the upcoming elections, so we need to be praying into them on a regular basis. It is an exciting time, as Dave said. The Bible says, “Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.” The light shines the brightest when it is the darkest. Well, we are in a dark and sinful time. Between COVID-19, the racial tensions, and the lawlessness on display in some of our major cities, this is a great time for the Body of Christ to be bold and increase the fight on our knees.

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.” (Psalm 9:10; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Ponder the chaos in the country. Consider why the enemy has so strongly increased his attacks against America. Ask God what He is doing that Satan is trying so hard to stop.

  • Cry out to God for mercy. Ask Him to manifest His Glory in our land.

  • Pray for the Great Awakening to increase.

  • Intercede for our political leaders—all of them. God places certain ones in authority for His reasons. He simply asks us to pray for them (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4.) Repent if you have participated with the accuser of the brethren and spoken critically against any leader.

  • Call for the Church to stay on their knees in intercession until the battle for America is won and peace reigns again.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we are seeing riots all across the nation. These conflicts are causing revival to spring forth! Everywhere the riots have occured, revival is breaking out. Let our nation be blessed by You and not judged by You. At the beginning of the year, the prophets were saying that 2020 would be defined by mercy that establishes Your covenant. We cry out for mercy. We ask You for the mercy that turns us from a culture of death to a culture of life. We can’t sow death and expect life to blossom. So we ask You to move in power and sweep across our nation. Bring an anointing of holy conviction that turns hearts to seek You.

Lord, forgive us for judging our president and other political leaders. Forgive us for aligning with the accuser of the brethren, Satan himself. We need to stand in the gap for the dream in Your heart that You are using President Trump and other elected and appointed leaders in part to fulfill. Let a refreshing and renewing come to our president’s spirit. Strengthen him by Your might in the Holy Spirit. As he goes to areas that have seen a lot of upheaval, grant him a grace to bring comfort to the people. So many have experienced so much devastation and desolation. Give him clarity to speak to the America people that there will be restoration. Let that message bring renewed hope and a reminder of who we are as Americans.

We need to enter into a time of victory and turnaround as a nation. We have experienced the ravages of hell against us this year. There is no other source but You for the challenges we face. You are turning the tide now. You are granting us a turnaround. We thank You for the breakthrough, and we declare this a new era of victory. Keep encouraging us to fight on our knees. We are seeing the victory! All praise to You, victorious Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We will fight on our knees for the future of our nation and for the Great Awakening to increase!

Learn more about the One Voice Prayer Movement here.


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