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September 29, 2020

Fighting for Our New Supreme Court Justice

[Phillip Jauregi is the Founder of Judicial Action Group. He tracks potential justices and helps Christians assess their qualifications according to the Word. He also examines their ability to adhere to the U.S. Constitution when deciding cases. Here, he helps us understand the battle Judge Amy Coney Barrett is likely to face and how to pray for her.]

“President Trump often remarks that nominations to the Supreme Court are perhaps his greatest achievement. If that is true—and I think it is—then nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the United States Supreme Court may be the best decision of President Trump’s time in office.

“She has the best judicial philosophy of any judicial nominee in at least the last decade. She is brilliant, and has a compelling personal story. In addition, the image of Judge Barrett, her husband, Jesse, and their seven beautiful children, doubtless had a major impact on families across the Nation when her nomination was announced.

“So, the left is in a quandary: their base wants war, but realists like Senator Dick Durbin believe they ‘can’t stop’ Barrett’s confirmation.

“If liberals are unable to defeat Barrett, then they will surely attempt to use the process to gain other advantages in the Presidential, Senate, and House elections. If Barrett is confirmed, she would be unlikely to put up with any of the left’s attempts to pervert the judiciary, usurp legislative power, and re-write the text of election laws to benefit election cheaters.

“The left may use Judge Barrett’s visits to Capitol Hill to meet with Senators this week as an opportunity to lay ‘recusal traps for Judge Barrett’ over developing election cases.

“So what is ‘recusal?’ During Hill visits, Senators will engage in light-hearted ‘get to know ya’ banter with Barrett about certain current events, i.e., ‘facts.’ Antagonistic Senators and their lawyers will subsequently place these facts into the record of election cases. They will also ask questions about election law and cases that touch on election law. They will want to discuss political parties, and how she personally feels about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They will ask her questions on whatever else they have gamed out as ‘material’ they can throw into a ‘Motion to Recuse Justice Barrett’ to be filed when election cases come before the Supreme Court.

“What if Barrett expresses an opinion, a thought, a word, or a nod of the head on even one current event, fact, or election law case? Democrats would surely ‘rely’ on that ‘fact’ or ‘case’ when they build their election cases. They will argue that Barrett cannot decide their case, because she prejudged the facts or cases being brought before her.

“We need a fully functioning nine-member Supreme Court seated as soon as possible, and we need all nine justices voting and free from demands for recusal. The Democrat election plan relies on chaos, confusion, and courts. So, it is likely that the United States Supreme Court may well be called upon to settle this election and prevent the most dangerous constitutional crisis since The Civil War.” Ekklesia, we must pray.

“Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and dissension.” (1 Timothy 2:8; NASB)

Points for Prayer:

  • Read and pray through 1 Timothy 2:1-3.

  • Thank the Lord for preparing Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve as a U. S. Supreme Court Justice in such a time as this.

  • Intercede for Judge Barrett and her family. Click here and here for information to help you.

  • Pray that the Lord grant Judge Barrett and her White House advisors supernatural gifts of knowledge and discernment. This will protect her from deceptive, dishonest, attempts to disqualify her from her duties on the Supreme Court.

  • Declare, “We will have a fully functioning nine-member Supreme Court seated as soon as possible. The Court will rule constitutionally, and will dispel chaos and confusion over our election results.”

A Prayer You Can Pray:

Lord, we will intercede today with prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks for all those You have seen fit to place in political office in America. We say, “The end result will be that we will be able to live peaceable lives in godliness and reverence.” Thank You for placing President Donald J. Trump in office to nominate three Supreme Court Justices in his first term in office. Judge Amy Coney Barrett may be the best of all. [Intercede in your own words for Judge Barrett and her family.]

Judge Barrett is a godly and God-fearing woman. Protect her from slander and character assasination, Lord. Let her natural gifts of knowledge, discernment, and justice bode she and her advisors well as she meets with senators at the U. S. Capitol this week. Let her be as wise as a serpent, but as harmless as a dove. Let her wisely sniff out any attempts to trap her in a ‘Motion to Recuse Justice Barrett’ scenario. We declare that nothing she says or does will cause her to be disqualified. She will recognize the traps in the questions and move easily past them.

We say, “The end result of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation process will be that we will have a fully functioning nine-member Supreme Court seated as soon as possible. The Court will rule constitutionally, and will dispel chaos and confusion over our election results.” Grace be upon our nation, Lord Jesus. May we receive mercy and grace to fulfill Your dreams for America. Amen.

Today’s Decree:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett will serve as our new Supreme Court Justice. She will escape every trap her opposition lays for her.

Learn more about Phillip Jauregi and Judicial Action Group here. Article used with permission.


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