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September 27, 2021

Run to the Fire

I have posted much about past wells of revival and Holy Spirit speaking of reopening them with a synergistic merging of their power. One of these revival wells was Tennent’s Well of Fire, a revival to the pulpits of America during the First Great Awakening. This move of the Spirit overcame the lukewarmness, complacency, compromise, and lack of power in the clergy.

In a dream given to Greg Hood, Holy Spirit emphasized that this was about to take place again (Here is our recent GH15 post on Tennent’s Well). It is sorely needed. Many leaders in the American church are like the believers in Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6. Jesus said to them: “You have a name [reputation] that you are alive, and yet you are dead.” This description would mean that outwardly, based on performance, numbers, etc., they appeared to be successful. Jesus looked inward and saw otherwise.

I have stated for 30 years that the redefining of success in the American church to size and speed - how large a church is and how quickly the growth occurred - was a curse. I cringe when I hear phrases like “fastest-growing,” “the largest,” or “one of the largest” in describing churches or ministries. It's not that big is bad, it’s that it isn’t the biblical criteria for success. Though some churches have indeed grown in the U.S. over the last 40 years, 90% of it has been transfer growth, not conversions to Christ. We haven’t competed with the world for people, we’ve competed with ourselves. Anyone unwilling to admit that in spite of our so-called “church growth” we have LOST ground in America - much ground - during the past 40 years is dishonest. The competition of the church among itself is disgusting.

Those who have bought the lie that innovation, shortened services and professionalism can replace the fire of Holy Spirit, should consider the fact that EVERY true revival in history has been marked by the fire of Holy Spirit. Are we to believe His fire that awakens, delivers and transforms during these outpourings is reserved for/profitable for, only those times? That Holy Spirit fire and power is only beneficial or needed then? Or should we consider the possibility that we have simply been satisfied with human substitutes for the power and presence of God, forcing us to accept transformed buildings and ministries, not people, cities and nations. This is beyond disgusting; it is deadly.

Our powerlessness, watered down wine and mental approach have conditioned a generation of Americans to believe that Holy Spirit isn’t even real. Don’t believe me? Polls have shown that roughly half of Evangelicals in America don’t believe He is real - just a symbol. Most of them have never seen a miracle and therefore don’t even believe in the supernatural. They know little to nothing about God’s presence, so 3 or 4 quick, well-played songs, mixed with the right amount of smoke and lights once a week is more than enough to satisfy the average Christian, including charismatics.

In the dream about Tennent’s revival, this compromise changed. Pastors busted up their dry, fancy pulpits and brought pieces of them to the well’s fresh fire where they reignited the wood with Holy Ghost fire. They then ran home with pulpits - and hearts - ablaze, then ignited the hearts of people. This occurred literally in the revival Tennent helped fuel, which then fed the First Great Awakening. May it occur once again.

I recently traveled to Nashville to speak for my friend, Kent Christmas, and took Greg Hood with me. I knew in my spirit God was going to give Greg a word, either for the gathering, the leaders present, Kent (the host), or Nashville. Holy Spirit did all of the above! While there, Greg received another dream regarding Tennent’s Well. It is too long to share all of it in this post, but I want to encourage you with some highlights.

Holy Spirit said Nashville would be a firstfruit of this well’s impact. I have known for 6 months or more that God was about to move in this city. I believe He is going to move incredibly in the music industry, but not just in this arena. Before He is finished, I expect Nashville to be ablaze - churches, business leaders, government, schools and entertainment. Let’s pray into this.

Holy Spirit also said, “It’s your Father’s intent to drill deeper with this well than it has ever drilled. We have made the modifications needed to do so.” This revival will be very strong and deep.

Holy Spirit continued, saying, “The water and the clay here in Nashville [the clay symbolized people - Jeremiah 18:1-6] is ready to receive the drilling. You will have to use your 601 bit here. It will take some effort but you will push through. The clay is ready.” The “601 bit” represents revelation, the number of “reveal/revelation” in Strong’s Greek concordance. I’ve been given 3 dreams in which the number 601 was given to me, always picturing revelation. God has also said through other scenarios in several other recent dreams that increased revelation is about to be released. This release of revelation always occurs in revivals as Holy Spirit opens the hearts and minds of people to His truth. Not only does this occur in believers but also in unbelievers, enabling them to see through the fog of darkness and deception, resulting in salvation and deliverance. Pray for this to occur.

In the dream, Holy Spirit also said the church, the Ekklesia, was ready for this. “The Ekklesia is no longer in boot camp. She’s in ‘Her Day,’” He said. This is incredibly encouraging! If you have been contending for the maturing of the church, for a mature Ekklesia capable of representing Christ in His fulness, for revival - this is your time! A remnant is ready.

And finally, Holy Spirit said, “There are other cities in America in which the water level is almost right. You will find this well in those places, too. You know the operational procedure now. This well is Key. Nashville is a first fruit from this well.” Tennent’s fire is coming to a city near you! Which ones? That will be determined by the praying church and hungry leaders. Those who want it can have it.

“Break up” your dry pulpits. Repent for allowing the fire to go out. Ask Holy Spirit for the kind of hunger that will not be satisfied with anything less than your heart ablaze, and RUN to the nearest fire. Stay there until you too, burn. Then run home and burn there! Allow nothing - the fear of man, fear of failure, man’s distorted definition of success - to put out the fire.

Signs and wonders will follow the fire. Hungry hearts will run to the fire. Demons and religion will run from the fire. And God will breathe on the fire.

Pray with me:

Father, You said, “A bent reed He will not break off, and a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish until He leads justice to victory” (Matthew 12:20). We ask You to come to every leader who has even a tiny spark and breathe on them. Your heart is not to condemn but to reignite. Break off of us leaders weariness, hope deferred, unbelief, compromise, the fear of man, deception, and religion.

Give us hearts that blaze with holy fire. Give us Pentecost! Give us power! Give us revelation. Give us sleepless nights and tearful days. Give us smashed, burning pulpits. Give us anguished cries for the lost and travail for broken hearts. Give us love...give us You.

Come to Nashville. Show up in power and release fire. Revive leaders. Save the lost, awaken the prodigal. May the world’s greatest musicians and voices fall madly in love with You. May they hear heaven’s songs and bring them to earth. Cause Music City to become Worship City. Do as You said, going deeper with this outpouring than You have ever gone before! And do the same in other cities where the hunger draws Your passionate and searching heart to them.

Lord God of Tennent, come!

Our decree:

We decree that fire is coming to the pulpits of America, and revival is coming to a hungry earth!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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