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September 23, 2022

Thank you for joining us for the next 5 days of review. We have received a strike from YouTube, meaning they are censoring us. They will not allow us to post any

new content for 7 days. Therefore, we are going to take this next week to review older, strategic teachings which are needed before I share a new message next Friday, 9/30.

As we begin this important week of review, I’d like to start by sharing this particular post. It will help to lay an essential foundation needed for this next week of teachings.

Know Your Enemy

Who Is Zephon?

As I think about the insights and strategies given to us in the World Seers Series dream, I am amazed at what Holy Spirit has done to prepare us. He began speaking to me about the passage of scripture that first mentions the principality, Baal-zephon (Exodus 14), on July 4th weekend (2021). Since that weekend, I have written at least 3 posts teaching on this spirit and how God dealt with him during Israel’s Exodus. I have been reviewing those posts and looking at the passage again. I feel that some review would help you, as well.

Let me begin by saying we are not, and will never become, preoccupied with demons. To do so would cause, not only imbalance, but would lead to deception and error. We never take our cues from satan. It is also true, however, that we are not supposed to ignore or be ignorant of him and his activities. Jesus did not ignore demons. He only did what the Father told him to do - via Holy Spirit - but Father often led Him to resist them or cast them out.

We are told to do the same (Mark 16:17), and instructed in 2 Corinthians 2:11 to not be ignorant (Greek agnoeo - “without knowledge of; ignorant; ignore”) of the way satan thinks and operates (noema - “thought, purpose, plot, scheme, plan, device”). The verse tells us if we obey this warning satan will not be able to take advantage of us (pleonekteo - “gain the bigger portion of; take advantage of”). This is a strong warning; ignorance can be deadly. So again, we are not preoccupied with satan or his kingdom; but neither will we be ignorant of his schemes and plans.

Here is a portion of a post I did on July 7 of last year (2021), explaining who Zephon is and how God dealt with him during the Exodus:

In Exodus 14, the Red Sea was rolled back for Israel and Pharaoh’s army was destroyed. The first two verses inform us, “Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, ‘Tell the sons of Israel to turn back and camp in front of Pi-hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea; you shall camp in front of Baal-zephon, opposite it, by the sea,’” (Exodus 14:1-2).

God wants us to know that HE chose the place for this encounter. To many of the Israelites, as well as to Pharaoh and his army, it looked as though Israel was confused, disoriented, and wandering aimlessly in the desert. And they were, in fact, now hemmed in, trapped by mountains, the sea, and Pharaoh’s army.

Baal-zephon was one of the Egyptian gods. It was believed that he reigned in power and was lord over the sea. He was the only Egyptian god Yahweh had not yet judged and exposed during the 10 plagues and Israel’s deliverance. Scott Lancer, in an article for Associates for Biblical Research, (Confronting Baal Zephon: The Spiritual Message of the Meeting of Israel and the Armies of Egypt) says, “Let us remember that God had been triumphing over not only Pharaoh and the Egyptians, but also the supposed power of their gods. The plagues were a drumbeat of victory as the gods of Egypt were one by one, displayed to be impotent and powerless. And even more importantly, Yahweh wanted the Egyptians to know that He is the Lord,” (Exodus 14:4).(1)

Pharaoh no doubt believed that this god was more powerful than Yahweh. He supposed that Baal-zephon had led them into a trap and was now going to cause Israel to be destroyed in front of the place named for him.

Yahweh had other plans. His plan was to demonstrate that HE was the Lord of the sea. His authority, released through the extension of the rod He had given Moses, controlled the sea, not Zephon. Yahweh would lead His people THROUGH, not around, the sea the Egyptians believed was under the control of Zephon. And instead of the Israelites being destroyed, it would be Pharoah and the Egyptian army - in front of the headquarters of their supposed god!

July 4th weekend, the Lord spoke to me that this is where we are in America. Many prophets have used the analogy of Israel and the Red Sea to describe the church during this season: our backs are to the wall, it appears that the god of this world has outsmarted and overpowered ours, and it looks as though satan has taken over the nation.

But Yahweh, once again, has other plans. He will release His authority over this nation, just as He did over Israel at the Red Sea, and demonstrate that He is the Lord! Baal has long tried to rule America, but the orchestrated plan of God to overthrow his influence in our nation began in 2007 (The Call Nashville 07/07/2007), and continues to this day.

Yahweh is about to expose the evil plans of the god of this world and his allies. He has allowed them to gain ground temporarily in order to expose their deception, anti-Christ ways, leftist ideals and even idiocy. But He will strike in His zeal, power, and determination to reap the coming great harvest. God must have a strong America that honors Him in order to accomplish this, and He will have that. Do not doubt this. AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!!!

Yahweh said in Exodus 14:4, before springing His trap, “And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and he will chase after them, and I will be honored through Pharaoh and all his army, and the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord.” This is exactly what happened. “Honored” is the Hebrew word kabad, which is the word for glory. God actually said He would glorify Himself as He dealt with Pharaoh and this false god. And some scholars believe when Yahweh said the Egyptians would know He was the Lord, this was not simply a statement about proving He was in charge. It was, rather, a demonstration of His grace to the Egyptians, who were deceived and in bondage, following false gods who could not save them. And when God shows Himself strong in America, He will be honored and glorified. Millions of people will realize the folly of their ways, and that Christ is their Redeemer.

Pray with me:

Father, You are an all-wise planner. You see the end from the beginning and know exactly what to do to get there. You have been preparing us for this moment in time; because of this we are ready to overthrow the spirit of Baal that has ruled our nation. We know You are passionate to see this accomplished - You always operate in compassion and desire to save.

Holy Spirit, You are a great and brilliant strategist, and You’re the best Helper ever. As we listen to and obey You, we cannot lose.

You have orchestrated events in our nation, preparing to overthrow the rule of this spirit, Zephon. You know him well. You have defeated him before. And the blood of Christ has sealed his fate.

Cause the Ekklesia to now arise and partner with You in this great endeavor. Bring a sense of urgency to the praying church. Cause them to know this is intended to be our finest hour. Indeed, You have spoken this to us prophetically. You have called it the greatest Kingdom campaign ever. Awaken us to this and to the urgency of the times. We ask this in the name of our Captain, Christ. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the church is arising and will deliver America from the control of Baal.

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