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September 16, 2020

A New Mantling of Authority for Air Superiority

[Apostle and Prophet Clay Nash has had many dreams for me and about me as it relates to America. Here, he shares a timely one to encourage us.]

“I had a dream in which I heard the words to a song by Rod Stewart called Maggie May. There is a phrase in the song about late September. I kept hearing that specific phrase over and over. Later that day, a friend called me and he had been receiving a warning about September 21st from a song by Earth, Wind & Fire. This leads me to believe there is a significant shift coming in September. I had another dream where President Trump said to you, Dutch, that a shift was coming in October, but he couldn’t give you the details. I think there is a significant shift coming in October, but a prelude to that will happen in late September.

“I had that dream about you and President Trump on July 21st. It repeated again on July 22nd. You represent the Ekklesia—the praying Church. So, the dream was not just about you. In the dream, the president said, ‘It’s time to move and reposition the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford.’ He said the repositioning was necessary to maintain and increase a level of air superiority. He said it would be positioned at the mouth of the Missouri River where it empties into the Mississippi just above St. Louis, MO. He continued to say that Believers who were part of the increasing air superiority could be dispatched from that location more effectively.

“He then asked you to release a command for the Ekklesia to rally the angel armies there ahead of the Gerald R. Ford’s arrival. He said that the carrier’s positioning there would additionally protect the heart and life flow for the nation. He proclaimed that the work of the Ekklesia from the new position would posture them to release a shot of authority that would be heard across the nation.

“I then saw the St. Louis Dispatch’s headline which stated, ‘The Heart of America has been Shocked into the Rhythms of God’s Grace.’

“In the natural, the Gerald R. Ford is the largest aircraft carrier ever built. ‘Gerald’ means ‘tip of the spear.’ So I believe God is sharpening us. He is repositioning us for maximum effectiveness. And He is going to need us in position by late September or early October.”

“For it is written, ‘He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you.’” (Luke 4:10; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Ask the Lord to correct any false belief system you hold. Line your heart, mind, and actions up with His Word, not a political party. Be very serious about this.

  • Pray this for the Body of Christ in general.

  • Say, “Lord, forgive us for entertaining false belief systems, instead of aligning with Your Word. Your Word is Truth.”

  • Receive the new mantling of authority He is giving us.

  • Reject fear of the future! Reject the enemy's plans for our nation! Determine to partner with the Lord to speak forth His future plans for America.

  • Say, “Lord, send Your Angel armies to come and help us clear the air of all demonic plans and purposes for America this Fall.”

  • Make a decree of your own for this country as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we take authority in Your Name now, because Your Name is above every name. We say that the anti-Christ spirit will not have access to this nation on our watch. We come to You humbly and confess that there are times when we have been led astray and have led others astray with belief systems we held that were not correct. Correct us, so we do not find ourselves working against You and on the wrong side of history. You can position us properly as the Ekklesia You have raised us up to be. You need us in certain places, praying specific ways. You have specific decrees You want us to make so the nation can move forward and not be stuck! You are literally mantling Your Ekklesia with a new authority right now. You have prepared us and brought us to this place in history. You will show us how to use the Word of God like a spear, perfectly thrown into the heart of the target.

The United States of America will fulfill the purposes You created her to fulfill! It will be the targeted decrees of the Ekklesia that shock the heart of the Church to wake up, stand up, and decree the nation’s future. Otherwise, the actions of those in the enemy’s camp will wake us up this Fall. Either way, we will be awakened, and we must be ready to do exploits in Jesus’ Name! We call for an army of Christians taking control of the air over America—praising, worshiping, fasting, praying, and repenting. We call for an army of Believers decreeing and declaring the purposes of God. We call for an army of Christians loving the lost, bridging gaps of all kinds, and meeting practical needs. We call for the angel armies to help us. Thank You for every promise You have given us, Lord. Thank You for the means You have given to fulfill them now in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

The Ekklesia is taking air superiority this Fall!

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