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October 25, 2023

Turning the Tables

Today, I want to encourage you with an excerpt from my book, Giants Will Fall. It is VERY appropriate in light of what is occurring in the Middle East. This is the season in which principalities that have ruled regions of the earth for centuries, even millennia, will be dethroned. I believe this will happen in Iran. Do not be intimidated by what is occurring; God will work it for His good and release many souls from satan’s hold.

Pioneering Hebron

“I’ve heard a word from God,” Chuck Pierce told me. I was excited. Chuck is a prophet, after all. What pearl of wisdom was he about to share with me? Directions for my future? A profound nugget of revelation? If nothing truly spiritual, perhaps at least something exciting, like who would win the Super Bowl.

Don’t laugh - he’s done that before.

I was expectant. We were in Israel, the place where Jesus had lived and ministered. Who knows what he had picked up from the revelation-filled airwaves of Jerusalem!

“I heard Holy Spirit say, ‘I’m going to pioneer Hebron again,’” he stated with a great deal of confidence.

I, in return, gave him a mix of “deer in headlights” and “you’ve got to be kidding” looks. “What does that mean?” I asked the prophet.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? You’re a prophet, for crying out loud,” I reminded him.

“Well, I heard Holy Spirit say it, but I don’t know what it means,” he stated. “It’s for you. He’ll tell you what it means.”

Prophets can be annoying.

I wasn’t completely surprised. Chuck has done this to me before. God will sometimes give him a word or phrase - just enough to entice me. I, then, have to study and discern for myself what it means. It must be a game God and prophets sometimes play with us normal folks.

So I locked in on Hebron.

The names of people and places in Old Testament times were important, their meanings often holding prophetic significance. Bethel, for example, where Abraham and Jacob had profound encounters with God, means “the house of God.” Jerusalem means “the city of peace or wholeness.” Hebron - the place Holy Spirit said He would pioneer again - means “friendship, league, confederacy, or federation.” Though the word itself doesn’t refer to a covenant, the concept is certainly there. “Hebron,” conveys the idea of covenantal friendship. Because of this, God made it the final resting place of Abraham, the covenantal friend of God (as well as other patriarchs). With this meaning in mind, Hebron became a picture of several things:

  • As the highest city in Israel, it pictures “covenantal friendship” with God as our “highest” privilege.

  • Hebron was the city from which King David first ruled as a King. Authority to rule is released as we walk in covenantal friendship with God.

  • Later in Israel’s development, Hebron became one of its “Cities of Refuge.” These were cities structured and managed to protect individuals who had accidentally taken a person’s life. The individuals fled to a city of refuge in order to prevent a family member of the slain person from enacting revenge. It was inconvenient but better than vengeance killings. Later, the New Testament tells us these cities of refuge became types or pictures of Christ, who conquered death and to whom we “have fled for refuge” (Hebrews 6:18, KJV). Hebron, then, pictures the salvation, safety, and refuge we find in Christ.

Satan hates geographical locations that have become meaningful to God and His people. When possible, he seeks to defile them, using perversions, violence, covenant-breaking, idolatry, and the shedding of innocent blood. Hebron, as a type of Christ and a picture of covenantal friendship with God, became a prime target, and in the four centuries between Abraham and Joshua, evil giants had overtaken the city. In fact, the greatest of all the Anakim (giants), Arba, made it his stronghold and renamed Hebron after himself: Kiriath-Arba, meaning “the city of Arba” (see Joshua 14:15).

By the time the 12 spies of Israel were sent by Moses to check out the Promised Land, three more giants, direct descendants of Anak from whom the giants were spawned, had inherited Kiriath-arba/Hebron (see Numbers 13:22, 28, 33). This holy place, representing friendship and covenant with God, was now ruled by giants, a place of terror. It so terrified ten of the twelve spies, in fact, that they brought back an evil report of fear and unbelief to the rest of the nation. “There is no way we can take our promised land,” they stated. “The giants are simply too big and powerful.” Many Christians feel this way today: some giants/strongholds are just too big.

Caleb, one of the 12 spies, was indignant. Seeing Arba and the other giants defiling this holy city and desecrating the final resting place of Abraham and other patriarchs, infuriated him. His response was to ask Moses for this very mountaintop city as his inheritance. “We can conquer these giants and their fortified cities, guys,” Caleb told the fearful Israelites, “and I’ll take the biggest.” Because of the Israelites’ fear and unbelief, however, Caleb had to wait for this opportunity. Forty-five years later, after 40 years of wilderness wandering by the unbelieving generation and another five years of war, it was time. Caleb, now 85 years old, said to Joshua, “Give me my mountain!” (Joshua 14:12). By asking for this mountain, this warrior was asking for more than a city; he was requesting the assignment of conquering the greatest stronghold of the giants.

The great warrior did, indeed, conquer Kiriath-Arba and its giants; he then renamed it Hebron. In the words of my prophetic friend, he pioneered Hebron again! In that special place, Caleb enjoyed a covenantal friendship with God. He also paved the way for it to become David’s first capital and a picture of Christ, our Savior and Refuge.

When Holy Spirit declared through Chuck that he was going to “pioneer Hebron again,” He was making an encouraging and wonderful announcement: “I am going to use My church to confront and de-throne spiritual giants/principalities ruling regions of the earth, transforming them into strongholds of life. They will transform spiritually dark cities and nations into places where covenantal friendship with God can be experienced, and from which the rule and authority of Christ can be seen again.”

A New Era

We are moving into a new era. The church will soon experience our finest and most productive season of harvesting souls. As I have stated, I believe we will see at least a billion people saved in the next few decades. Portions of the earth that have been ruled by evil spirits since Adam’s fall will be liberated.

Let’s ask for our mountain! All that God does on earth is birthed through intercession. The praying Church is about to step into its highest authority and its greatest history-writing role.

Pray with me:

Father, raise up many in this hour who have hearts like Caleb. Please do so on every continent and in every nation. Make us warriors, fearless men and women who hate oppression and love You with tremendous passion. You have been training them; we are asking now for their release. They were born for such a time as THIS. They are Esthers, Deborahs, Joshuas, Elijahs.

We ask for the Captain of the Lord’s host - Jesus, the Head of the church - to demonstrate that He is, indeed, a Man of war. May the same indignation that rose in Him when lucifer tried to take over Heaven rise up in Him now. May the same shout of triumph that resounded from the Cross - “It is finished!” - be heard in the spirit realm once again. May the One with fire in His eyes release His consuming fire against spiritual giants and rescue a billion souls!

Father, we ask for the dethroning of the prince of Persia, the principality over Iran and much of the Middle East. We declare that the blood of Jesus has redeemed those living in that part of the earth. Through His blood and the authority of His name, we bind the demonic control and release the light of truth and power of the gospel to the people. Reverse satan’s plan and bring a record harvest to the region. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the war in the Middle East will be used by Yahweh to bring millions of people into covenantal friendship with Yeshua.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Much of today’s post was taken from my book Giants Will Fall.


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