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October 24, 2019

The Church is Waking Up

No matter what you see around you, you need to remember one thing—America will be saved. No matter what you see when you watch the news, remember this one thing— America will be saved. It doesn’t matter how much evil, how much hatred, all the division, all of the lies, and all of the sinful, awful things that are flowing in this nation right now. Remember, God is behind the exposing of the evil and America will be saved. We are entering an era where we are going to have the opportunity to fully reveal Jesus to planet Earth. 

The Body of Christ is getting bold. It took a while. It has had to get pretty dark out there. We have had to see some pretty awful stuff happen in America. Morality has had to fall a long way, but now the Church is waking up! Pastors are realizing they had better speak up or they could lose their freedom to minister the pure Gospel. Parents see they had better say something if their kids are in public schools. Believers can see they had better get to the ballot box. We are saying more in the public square. It just has to be said! We must make Christ known. We must make Christ in us known. We must live the Gospel. We must act on His Word if we want to expand His kingdom in our nation.

“Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10; GWT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Christians often look to their pastors for leadership in how to navigate complex societal and moral situations. In fact, they should. Intercede for the pastors of America to speak up and lead the way!

  2. Say, “This nation will rediscover its Judeo-Christian heritage and we shall be known as a Christian nation once again.”

  3. Declare, “What the enemy, the devil, meant for evil, God is turning it for good! Its result shall be that America will be saved!”

  4. Pray for Christians to unite under the banner of the cross of Christ, and move out boldly in prayer and action in Kingdom authority. It is time.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we pray for the pastors of this nation. We need the pulpits of this nation to thunder truth! Let Your truth go forth from the pulpits and go forth to accomplish Your will in the land through the congregants who hear it. As we begin to take back what the devil has stolen, and we return this nation back to its Judeo-Christian ethos in which it was established, we declare, “It shall happen. It will take place. Our eyes will see it. We will behold the Glory over this nation. We will be one nation; a Christian nation.” We declare it. We decree it. America will be a Christian nation. We are one nation under God. We are a nation in whom God we trust. We are that nation which is like a city on a hill that will not be hidden. The Gospel will go forth from our shores. An awakening is manifesting in this hour. We release it. Let it flow. Lord, we raise our voices now. Give the Church Your prophetic voice in this new era. Amen.

Today’s decree:

The Church will find its voice and take action, and America will be saved!


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