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October 17, 2023

God Has Other Plans

Most of what I have to share today is not new, but it is a needed reminder and will help us keep in perspective what has been said prophetically regarding America’s future.

It is important to properly synchronize the various words coming from prophetic voices in this season. The well-worn adage of having good news and bad news is certainly true in our time. Strong and encouraging words stating that America will be saved - and she will - abound. Usually, these words are accompanied by promises of revival, restoration, and reformation. This, too, I fully believe will occur.

However, there are also warnings of shaking, violence, tsunamis of destruction, wars, and more. A proven prophetic voice with Morningstar Ministries, Chris Reed, recently released a troubling dream he received on October 8th regarding terrorism in America. Please listen to it if you have not yet done so (click here).

These two above scenarios are indeed contrasting outlooks, but they are not contradictory. The coming shaking and restoration are two halves of the same unfolding reality. Most of the voices releasing words regarding the future actually state this in one way or another, telling us difficult times are coming but also that we will emerge with new strength and a great reformation. In Scriptures detailing Israel’s past, God often had to allow her to experience difficult circumstances in order to turn her back to His ways and purposes.

It is also important to remember that those difficulties always came after God’s unheeded warnings; He faithfully sounded the alarm. Likewise, America, too, has been given numerous warnings, yet as a whole, has failed to return to Him. Drifting farther from the Father’s heart, which always dulls our spiritual eyes and ears, America has remained with the proverbial frog in the kettle, joining the denial-driven ostrich with our heads in the sand. Though this inability to receive correction and hear God’s warnings is, at times, unavoidable among those who don’t know Him, it is inexcusable in those who do.

For decades now, a sleeping and egocentric - sometimes narcissistic - church has chosen pleasure over concern, comfort over confrontation, and watered-down messages over wake-up calls. Many Christians became too lazy or complacent even to vote, and numerous pastors were too afraid or deceived to challenge them, thereby keeping out of their pulpits the principles of righteous government established by God on the earth. This led to an ignorant church, many of whom insanely prioritized personality over policy, and slick political charisma over plain truth. Inconceivably, they actually preferred the murdering of babies in the womb and the mutilation of confused children to mean tweets. By doing so, these Christians joined with unbelievers in choosing a woke and weak America over strength, empty lies over bold truth, and radical “green new bankruptcy” over responsible and wise planning. Voting into power weak and corrupt leaders comes at a cost; the cost for America has been great, and when all is said and done, will prove to be historical.

This naivety and deception started years ago, intensified greatly during the Obama years, and hit full speed when Biden was elected. That is when America reached the point that the recovery could no longer occur without the shaking. For years, I held out hope that revival would come without the shaking. I still believe it could have had the church awakened in time. Now, it is no longer possible. Yet God, in His mercy and for His plans, is going to save us, using the shaking to do so.

Our enemies have seen America’s deep dive into insanity, naivety, weakness, corruption, and complacency, and realized they could now act. With our borders open, they could send in thousands of terrorists; with our senseless decisions causing a weak economy, they could outspend us militarily; through multiple wars in the world, they could deplete us militarily; and with foolish, cowardly, naive, and sometimes traitorous leaders, they could make their long-awaited moves. They are now beginning to act. Like it or not, Reagan was right: the only way to peace is through strength. (1)

The good news - and there is good news - is that a remnant in the church HAS heard God’s warnings and risen in intercession, responding to God’s heart for redemption. We have obeyed His instructions. This will prove to have shortened the duration and severity of the shaking. America is anchored and covered with the blood of Yeshua and the oil of Holy Spirit. And, albeit not yet in the natural realm, in the spirit, we have reconnected to our Foreword - God’s decreed purpose for His book titled, “America.” As I have stated several times that our prayers are saving America, I have meant it very literally. They are also birthing the revival held in God’s redeeming heart. Do not yield to fear when the shaking intensifies, and challenges arise. Remain strong in faith, declaring the word of the Lord that God will use it to produce revival and transformation. He wants to see this great worldwide harvest reaped more than we do, and it will be!

Do not forget this!

China won’t stop it, nor will Russia, Iran, North Korea, or any terrorist organization. In America, Marxists won’t stop it, nor will leftists, evil politicians, liars in the media, indoctrinating educators, or demonic principalities and powers. The shaking will awaken us, God will revive us, and a 50-year plan of darkness will be overwhelmingly foiled by Holy Spirit’s activity here and around the world.

Now, I must warn you: expect the pace of all this to speed up. With great anguish, I say that I believe the conflict in the Middle East will escalate. It was spawned by demons, and planned by Iran and her new allies to increase international unrest, not to help Gaza. Without a doubt, they knew that Israel - also without a doubt - would respond by eradicating Hamas. They also knew this would take the lives of many Palestinians, many of whom don’t even like Hamas. These despicable powers, however, don’t care about the Palestinians. They are using them as human shields and pawns. Their goal through the attack was to create more war and worldwide terrorism, producing Iran’s opportunity to destroy the “little” and “great satans” Israel and America. Russia and China see it as an opportunity to defeat the current most powerful nation so they can dominate the world. And satan sees it as a way to stop the great harvest.

God has other plans!

Stay aligned with God. In your love of Israel and hatred of evil, don’t fall prey to satan’s deception by aligning with HIS hating heart. God loves the Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, and other people of the Middle East. Yes, justice must absolutely be dealt to terrorists and perpetrators of evil, but we must pray that light, truth, and salvation be released to the masses. And though the violence there and elsewhere will continue for a time, pray for a minimal loss of innocent life and a supernaturally quick end to it.


Pray with me:

Father, we are anchored to Your heart and hand, surrounded by angels, covered with the blood of Christ, and anointed with the oil of Holy Spirit. America, though she will be shaken, will survive and be revived. We are confident of this. We are also restored to the covenant made with You, which is also the purpose for which You made us. Though this has only been accomplished in the spiritual realm - not yet manifesting naturally - it is no less true and real. We birth Your plans and purposes in the spirit first, and then they manifest in the natural realm.

We pray for courage to rise up in the hearts of Your people during this time. We pray for a strong, unwavering faith and confidence to be sustained in the Ekklesia. We are not those who put their hands to the plow and then turn back. We are not of those who miraculously leave Pharaoh’s labor camps, then fear the giants so much we want to go back. We are warriors. Overcomers. More than conquerors. We are constrained by love, sustained by faith, clean by the blood of Jesus, and anointed with the power of Holy Spirit. We are lovers of humankind, warring for their salvation and deliverance and armed with the gospel. Our greatest days are ahead, not behind, and by Your strength and grace, we will not fail. We do ask You to destroy evildoers, while protecting innocent life as much as possible, in this violent season. Thwart the bloodthirsty plans of the evil one.

We also remember to pray for our government. We sense that this decision regarding the Speaker of the House of Representatives is very important. It is a part of the transformation and cleansing of our government. We need Your choice to be in that seat. We ask for this, and bind every attempt - through demonic persuasion, confusion, lies, and human agendas - to thwart it. Your kingdom will come, and Your will be done, in Jesus’ name!

We ask all of these things in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that as Christ’s Ekklesia, we will represent His heart and plans in this hour of history. And we will do so with His love, authority, strength, anointing, and victory.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.



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